Unitasker Wednesday: Poop Freeze Aerosol Freeze Spray

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

I was hesitant to pick this interesting product as a unitasker selection. My trepidation wasn’t because of the product’s “delicate” nature, but because I honestly have no clue if it even has one purpose. I’m afraid it might be a “no-tasker.”

The Poop Freeze Aerosol Freeze Spray is supposed to do what its name suggests — freeze your dog’s mess. But, what I don’t understand is WHY?!! Why would you want to freeze it?! At what point in the process? And, what does one do with it after it’s frozen??

At $11 a can, I’m also a little skeptical that this is the best solution if you would wish to use such a thing. A quick peek at the product reviews and I learned it’s not the best option. Apparently, hairspray and a can of compressed air (simply held upside down) will do the exact same thing. (The reviews of the product are actually some of the worst I have ever seen on Amazon.) Too bad Vapoorize isn’t a real product.

However, if you can find a reason for this product, you may also want the Poop Freeze Carry Tote. There is nothing cooler than walking around the dog park with a tote that says “Poop Freeze” on it! (No pun intended in that last sentence.)

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  1. posted by InfoMofo on

    What ever happened to the white dooty from the seventies?

  2. posted by Bethany on

    This unitasker and the spin-the-bottle unitasker have been great!

  3. posted by Steph on

    I agree it’s a unitasker. But to answer “why,” you apparently have never walked a dog whose solids weren’t so solid. It’s hard to pick up that stuff!

  4. posted by Kathryn on

    “Cools surfaces down to 62° F”

    Interesting definition of freeze.

  5. posted by John on

    You know, I had a similar reaction, but a dog trainer friend – who has to pick up a lot of poop outside her facility – says that it’s actually quite useful. Sometimes it can be, um, not the right consistency to just scoop into a bag. So… I can see the utility of this, believe it or not.

  6. posted by Sian on


    I’ll take the above word for it (and that’s why I only keep herbivores as pets!).

  7. posted by Michelle on

    Ditto on the… um… “consistency issue. I a pet with a sensitive digestive system and a friend who was pet sitting that didn’t understand about it. So if they don’t close the container very well and ants get into the pet food, they can’t just buy any ol’ brand of food that might have wheat or corn in it because that will make things hard to pick up in the usual way.

    I understand that you can hold canned air upside down, but since you’re using it for a purpose it’s not designed for you run the risk of, you know, spatter.

    Personally, I’d rather pay attention to what my pet eats so I don’t HAVE to buy a product with “poop” in the name.

  8. posted by Rue on

    Yeah, according to the reviews it’s made to aid in picking up loose stools (read: doggie diarrhea) that isn’t so easy to just pick up with a baggie. I suppose that makes sense.

  9. posted by Wendy on

    And people ask me why I prefer cats…

  10. posted by Amy on

    People could use this product, or they could do what I used to do, which is wait a while until it’s “cooled” itself and pick it up later.

  11. posted by John on

    Herbivores don’t poop?

  12. posted by Jen on

    In the house, I would prefer to pick up right away rather than wait until its cooled, because of the off-gassing and accompanying aroma while it’s cooling!

  13. posted by Karyn on

    I saw this and thought, HA! I’d just love to see someone come up with a defense of *this* unitasker.

    Ask, and you shall receive. So far, it appears the mechanical Spin the Bottle is the only Unitasker nobody’s defended. 😉

    Gooey poop. So, wouldn’t a poop scoop do the trick? Slip the baggie over it, scoop with the nice firm surface, then wrap the baggie over the poop. Ta. Da.

  14. posted by John on

    Karyn – it sticks to grass. enough said.

    Jen – in the house?!?!?

    all that said… this doesn’t seem wrothwhile to me, but someone who is pretty hard-headed and budget conscious said nice things about it, so there you go. I find that this whole process is basically a good way to make use of plastic bags that accumulate around the house :).

  15. posted by gail gray on

    You come up with the most “unique” products to review. Some I agree are unitaskers, others I find could be useful. I am just impressed you chose this “nature”. Thanks for a great laugh!

  16. posted by Matt on

    Cats are preferable because they just do it out of sight on your neighbour’s lawn 😉

    I can see the idea behind this – if you walk your dog on grass, and it’s a squishy one, this could be useful. Could be. Kind of.

  17. posted by ErinM on

    I’ve also seen people bring frozen poop in to the vet when a stool sample was needed.

    Though I would still consider this a unitasker, considering the “old-fashioned” way is only a tiny bit more effort, and FREE.

  18. posted by John on

    Some people are better neighbors than others.

  19. posted by Erika on

    I think a portable pressure washer would be more effective, relatively speaking.

  20. posted by momofthree on

    I AM NOT a pet person and reading about “less than solid” pet waste cracked me up today! Hummm…ya know all those leaky diapers from the past….another use???
    so many be not so “unitasker” after all…

  21. posted by Sheryl on

    John – re: “Jen – in the house?!?!?” We have a couple of little Italian Greyhounds that we adore, but unfortunately, the breed is notorious for randomly deciding that they won’t trouble you to let them out…

    We knew that when we got them, we don’t have carpets, so we just deal with it.

    That said, I would never buy this. I’m with whoever said to watch their diets (though dogs are known for sometimes helping themselves to incredibly disgusting and indigestible objects.)

  22. posted by Yolanda on

    Any idea how this product affects the ozone?

  23. posted by Pages tagged "hardheaded" on

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  24. posted by Another Deb on

    @Yolanda, The blurb claims that it has no CFC’s.

    This column has made me laugh with every post! Then I went to the link and found that it comes with, no, you can BUY, a TOTE! Wahoooooo!

    Also, it is branded “As seen on TV”. WHAT have I been missing by not watching TV all these years? Not only that, but HOW have they been …er… promoting something like this on TV?

  25. posted by Peter (one of many ; ) on


  26. posted by Jan D - Fibrowitch on

    Oh man, I gotta get this product. It would be great for loose stools and dog barf. Or spills of a non doggy nature.

    Ah the joys of owning pets… Luckily they give me way more joy than they do problems.

  27. posted by Ray on

    Not to defend this particular brand, but the product does have some multi-tasking qualities. This type of product can also be used to freeze carelessly discarded chewing gum making it much easier to peel away from whatever surface it was stuck to.

  28. posted by Karyn on

    @ John – “Karyn – it sticks to grass. enough said.”

    Your point being… what? That the dog owner is obliged to get every last scrap of goo off every last blade of grass? I suggested the bag-covered scoop on the assumption that scooping up the majority of the crap would suffice. (I am aware that gooey poop sticks to grass.) Just how, um, anal do we have to be about the organic matter, here?

  29. posted by Savia on

    Here’s another unitasker for you: http://www.delight.com/No-More.....eter-Timer

  30. posted by Claire Tompkins on

    That’s about as icky as Mom Spit, a no-rinse hand cleaner. I thought it was a joke, but it’s not. Who would buy that???

  31. posted by catmom on

    Whether or not you could use this product, it’s still good for a laugh! With all the negative news surrounding us, we can look forward to Unitasker Wednesday to lift our spirits.

  32. posted by caro on

    anything that can’t be scooped should be hosed in! If it’s in a park and ya can’t scoop – Run!

  33. posted by Sean on

    I’m reminded of a Seinfeld bit where he suggested that when the aliens land on Earth they’ll assume dogs are the master race, because we’re the ones walking behind them picking up their crap (after freezing it first, natch).

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