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Thanks to the website How To Clean Stuff, I now know how to clean the terminals to my car battery and the 10 dirtiest places in my home (ew!).

If you are looking to clean anything in your home, check out this site for solid directions. The comments are extremely helpful, too. Something I’m going to do this coming weekend is take Casey’s advice:

Apply Rain – X (typically used for vehicle windows) to your shower doors and you won’t have the water spots/scum/build-up from your water. The water will just run off of the glass like it does in your vehicle. I’ve also applied a coat of car wax to my shower walls (not the floor) and it has the same effect. The water just beads up and runs off. Saves A LOT of time in cleaning and elbow grease.

My shower stall is the hardest place to clean in the house. I really hope the Rain-X helps. Check out How To Clean Stuff for more great articles and tips.

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  1. posted by brian evans on

    hey, just a comment on keeping shower doors clean- if you switch from bar soap to a body wash (liquid) there won’t be any soap scum build-up either. -b

  2. posted by Lori Paximadis on

    That’s a great resource!

  3. posted by Michael on

    You need to be careful applying RainX to anything non-glass, especially the original formula. It’s only designed for use on glass, so if your shower doors are plastic be careful and make sure to try it in a test spot first. It is possible to ruin plastics with it.

  4. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Michael — Good reminder! Our shower stall is glass … but darnit, if something happened to it, that would be a shame. And when I say “shame,” I really mean “AMAZING excuse to finally get rid of this piece in my house.” 🙂

  5. posted by green LA girl on

    Michael’s comment makes me think RainX may not be the best thing for the environment…. Anyone know the ingredients? I’m a bit afraid the stuff might offgas and may not be good for one’s health — esp. when I’m in the shower & all my pores are open….

  6. posted by infmom on

    When we moved into an insufficiently-cleaned rental house years ago, I learned that the very best way to get soap scum off glass and ceramic tile is to use a paint scraper with a single-edged razor blade in it. It shaves the scum right off without hurting the surface underneath (but for obvious reasons you would not want to use it on plastic or fiberglass).

  7. posted by supersocco on

    toxic car chemicals in the shower? no thanks.

  8. posted by The Chatty Housewife on

    Do you think you could apply the Rain-X to the plastic shower walls as well! I am going to try this!

  9. posted by Rachel on

    I would NEVER put Rain-X on something indoors–especially a shower, where I would be exposed to it on a daily basis.

    Here is the MSDS:


    Car wax–surely not the best thing, either.

    I’d rather spend more time cleaning than be exposed to these chemicals, and I would never use such products indoors if I had children.

  10. posted by Sunny Paris on

    Websites like these turn me into a unproductive citizen.

    “so what did you do today? Are you CLEANING your laptop?”

    “It was dirty so I cleaned it. Look, I took all the keys off and everything. Isn’t it pretty?”

    “Um, did you write anything? Or get anything useful done?”

    “No, but it’s pretty. Pretty and shiny. The website told me it needed to be clean.”

    Don’t get me wrong. My house is pretty darn clean (and clutter free) but most standards. But if I actually read this website, (as opposed to using it for a reference) I would just clean all the time and be completely unsatisfied with my life.

  11. posted by Stephen on


    Forgive me for my ignorance, but what on that site warns against using it? All I can see on there is it says make sure there’s proper ventilation when initially applying it, but after that it seems like there isn’t much there.

  12. posted by Melinda on

    I cannot stand misinformation, particularly that which implores me to be afraid of chemicals. Common sense will prevent any injury from chemicals, anything applied to your shower should be done with good ventilation – ie. an open window. Please do not apply car-wax of rain-x to your body! but applying to the shower should be fine and indeed *is* fine. It is a great idea.

  13. posted by Zora on

    Shower curtain instead of door. I use a water-resistant nylon curtain; I have two and swap them occasionally so I can wash the one I’ve been using.

    As for the shower walls, no soap build-up if you squeegee after each shower. I have an Ettore squeegee I’ve been using for years. You can buy replacement rubber blades for it.

    Clean, no chemicals, no real cost.

  14. posted by Keter on

    I use RejeX, which is a car finish sealant, on my fiberglass surround and glass door, and it works very well. It restored a 20+ year old surround to like new condition. RejeX is low odor straight out of the bottle and odorless and inert when dry. Don’t put it on the floor – it can be very slippery!

  15. posted by Leonie on

    Wait…what’s the best way to get the scum off first before you apply the Rain-X? I assume you have to get it clean before you coat it with Rain-X?

    Let us know how it went Erin. I have a glass door and would like to try this.

  16. posted by Rachel on

    @Stephen and @Melinda – The MSDS is a Material Safety Data Sheet. It is not a scaremonger website. The federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration requires companies to provide an MSDS for all products containing hazardous materials.

    Please look at SECTION VI – Health Hazard Data, which indicates that the product is expected to result in only single, short-term exposure. It does not go away after you apply it, since it is working to repel water, so one is still exposed to it.

    This product is meant to be used on the outside car windshields, not in a shower where you will undoubtedly have close contact with it after application.

    @Zora, thank you for providing some alternatives, which I neglected to do.

  17. posted by Kean on

    Also note that the previously linked MSDS is for the automobile wiper fluid product, not the windshield treatment most people use. That MSDS is here:

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  20. posted by Lisa on

    Best way to remove the soap scum is to use a old dyer sheet (Bounce or similar) as a scrubber. Only use a sheet that has already been through the dryer. The residual softeners make short work of soap scum. Dryer sheets also work well for burned on food, just soak the pan for a couple minute to overnight and voile.

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