Tipke Marine Fold-It Utility Cart

I recently came across this space-saving, folding cart:

It seems like a great way to save space in your garage or shed, but $230 seems a bit pricey for a wheelbarrow. The Amazon reviews are overwhelmingly positive. We would love to hear from any readers who might have one of these, and can comment on whether they’re worth the cost. We would also love to hear about any less expensive alternatives you might be using. A folding wheelbarrow would be a nice way to save space in the garage.

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  1. posted by Hope on

    Our family has one, and it’s worth it. It’s easily stored in a smaller space and thus transports easier as well. Additionally, if you need to dump stuff out of the wheelbarrow, you can just take off the front piece and tilt. It’s great.

  2. posted by Another Deb on

    A less expensive hack for this might me my system of putting a 55 gallon Rubbermain trash can on my hand truck. Both items can serve a multitude of functions on their own but they can work together to haul dirt, yard waste and compost. Heavy materials heep the can in place and bungees do the job if the can is hauling light material.

    Storage of the hand truck (we used to call them a “dolly”) is very easy because it can slide against a shelf or workbench in the garage. The trash container can be used to store other items as well when not on duty for hauling.

  3. posted by Cindy on

    I have had one of these for 20 years and I LOVE it. I got it when I had a small one car garage that I wanted to use for tools and the car. Perfect for that. Perfect for hauling stuff (mulch, rocks, plants), too. It’s durable, well balanced, and light. True, it’s not cheap. But given how useful it is and how long it has lasted, it was worth every penny.

  4. posted by Mark on

    I have owned one of the Tipke Marine Fold-It Utility Carts for several years and they are great. The cart is tough, lightweight, well designed, well balanced, and a true space saver. The unit is stable when tipped on-end vertically to take even less room. It is great for around the house and garden, and because it is narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway was perfect for moving my daughter in and out of the dorm at college. It is a bit pricey but I expect a lifetime of use.

  5. posted by David on

    We have used one for several years. While it does collapse, we have the space in the yard for it to hang about and we are not the type of people to go to the extra effort of folding it up just to fold it up. That being said, it is a fantastic cart because of its capacity, its turning radius, its stability and because it is lightweight.

  6. posted by Lori Paximadis on

    Is it wrong that at least once a week I see something on Unclutterer that I feel like I *need* to have? This would be a great replacement for the ratty, low-capacity rolling cart I use to haul stuff back and forth to the car at shows.

  7. posted by knitwych on

    Wow – this thing is a bit pricey, but if I start saving money now, I’m sure I can afford one by Xmas. DBF, who is in charge of the yard (except for my potted plants and veggie garden) will LOVE this! The fact that it folds up is a big bonus, given that our garden shed is tight on space. Thanks, Unclutterer!

  8. posted by Mindy on

    I am flooded with such happy memories from seeing this!

    My grandparents had one of these (I vividly remember the “foldit” logo on the side). They received it as a gift and were initially skeptical but it became one of the most utilitarian items in my grandpa’s overflowing garage. We used it as a wheelbarrow for yard work, as a luggage cart, and my brother and I took many rides in it too.

    I remember being in charge of the folding of the cart, so if an eight-year old can handle it, it can’t be too hard. As Hope mentioned in the comments above, the end piece comes off for easy dumping. I think after years of heavy wear my grandpa did use a rope to keep the end piece in place (or maybe it was just for decoration; he was very fond of tying ropes to things).

    Thanks again!

  9. posted by DaveH on

    Take a clue from the name: “Tipke Marine”

    I used to live in Seattle and had a couple of sail boats. These carts can stow away in an amazingly small space and when you are coming back from a shopping trip with a couple jugs of water, lots of canned items, etc… having a durable cart to carry your 60 pounds of groceries is a godsend.

    Don’t own a sailboat these days — closest thing to this is standing under a cold shower and slamming yourself against the wall repeatedly while tearing up $100 bills.

  10. posted by Sheryl on

    Nice! I want one! (But can’t afford it.)

  11. posted by Marilyn on

    I don’t have one but am very envious of my friend who does. A group of 5 families vacations at the beach every year and his cart is our life saver. Hauls all the precious cargo…chairs, easy-ups, toys and food.

    Great for when the weather changes drastically and we have to scurry back to shelter.

    I think the cart would be a great present! Please pass the word…

  12. posted by E. Davis on

    I have this cart as does the family I work for. It is wonderful! You can even put it in your back seat or trunk. Lightweight and easy to clean. I ordered the marine version and recommend it highly! I’ve used it for 6 years and it is as good as a garden cart gets! It is worth the price as you don’t ever need another.I would never put the 300 pounds in it, but I do haul mulch, tools, etc. in it. It is the best cart I have ever found for a lady to use and it never has rusted. Storage is wonderful! You know how much space a cart would take up!

  13. posted by Allen Dunn on

    I have (10) of these I picked up from a liquidation. They are used, but in good condition. If you are interested in getting one for a deep discount, $125.00 each, give me a call. I am in the Chicago area.
    (847) 815-5853

  14. posted by Tipke Marine Fold-It Utility Cart | Craft A Craft on

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