Let board games multitask as artwork

People often ask us about board game storage, so we’re always on the lookout for interesting solutions to that particular organizational challenge. We came across these impressive photos of board game storage systems on the BoardGameGeek.com forums.

Forum user Rick’s wife took some of their more visually interesting games (Clue, Axis & Allies, and Forty Niners) and hung them on the wall. The small game pieces are stored in inexpensive shadow-boxes, which are also mounted on the wall. This second photo shows some wooden game boards mounted on the wall beside a dedicated gaming closet:

This approach provides a dedicated “home” for the games while allowing them to also serve as artwork.

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  1. posted by joanna on

    I totally did this decorating our game/TV/toy room. I got old games via Goodwill and Freecycle, and it ended up being a very economical and fun themed-room decorating project!

  2. posted by joanna on

    I should add: the picture at the end of the post with the games and toys is very cluttered… a new solution has been found for those that looks much nicer and is much better organized! If I’m commenting on Unclutterer, I need that caveat 😛

  3. posted by Erin @ Unclutterer on

    @joanna — Actually, that game closet is extremely well organized. All of the games are grouped together by company and then it looks like they’re stacked according to size within the subgroups. For example, on the third shelf from the top, on the right side, you can see all of the Rio Grande Games together. Puerto Rico (the smallest box) is at the top and Tigres and Euphreties is at the bottom (the largest box). All of the names of the games are facing outward. And nothing is stored in this entire closet except for games. For a board game enthusiast, this is very impressive. I’ve never seen a home where such a large collection is so well stored.

  4. posted by Susan on

    @ Erin, I think Joanna is talking about the last photo in her own blog post about her games room, rather than the Unclutterer post.
    putting games on the wall is an interesting idea, but I’m most impressed with the photo of the games storage cupboard – ours doesn’t look anything like that!

  5. posted by Alexander Forst-Rakoczy on

    The furry pillow in the second picture is especially well uncluttered…


  6. posted by Amy on

    I’ve collected some vintage board games for this purpose, with the idea of someday decorating a game room with them. I’ve got old Charlie’s Angels, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica…. and even this old “What Shall I Be?” career game for girls, in which the choices were essentially: nurse, dancer, model, teacher…. Yikes!

  7. posted by Mac on

    Although this clearly demonstrates my own bias, the glaring problem with the second picture of the game closet is that the cribbage board hanging above the closet is far too inconveniently out of reach for the frequency with which it should be played. 😉

    Seriously though, good job!

  8. posted by Jasileet on

    I saw this on “Decorating Cents”, an HGTV show, 4 years ago. The designer sandwiched the game boards between plexiglass and mounted them. It was a great way to preserve favorites. She even put little felt footpads on the backs. I guess you could use Clip Frames, too.

  9. posted by Jasileet on

    @Joanne: Also, though I’m a minimalist and that closet makes me cringe.. I think it’s been decided a long while ago on Unclutterer that we would not define excess as “clutter” as long as it’s organized and still in use or loved.

    I wasn’t in on that vote, but I respect it. =P

  10. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Susan — Ooooooooh. I get it now.

  11. posted by Vicki K. on

    I really like how the wall and the cupboard look. This could be a practical solution for homeschoolers as many school items end up ‘out’ for ease of use.

    The 49ers game box is particularly charming!

  12. posted by knitwych on

    Argh! I am kicking myself for giving away my Clue, Masterpiece, Monopoly and other games!!

  13. posted by allen on

    I love this idea! I’m in the middle of reorganizing/putting crap away in my place, after putting in my new floors, and this is a great idea, for us game-geeks!

    I just wish i had a closet i could dedicate to just games. :[

  14. posted by tiara on

    The company I work for has eBay as a client. If you’ve ever been in their offices and/or conference rooms, you know they have decorated using toys of various types (for example, the all outside their on-site store is covered in Pez dispensers). One or two of the conference rooms I’ve been in have been decorated this same way. In fact, the first time I ever saw the Forty Niners game was in an eBay conference room!

  15. posted by Celeste on

    Google to find a variety of jigsaw puzzle holders for displaying puzzles you have completed so you can use them for decor. I assume you’d keep any puzzles in the game room; I have mine stored with games since the boxes are a comparable size.

  16. posted by joanna on

    @Erin – Susan was right, I was talking about the last photo on MY post I linked to. Sorry for the confusion! I WISH I had a whole closet to store all my games, like the last photo in this post!

  17. posted by The Daily Click on

    I’d never considered using board games as a form of decoration and although I can’t say I would go for the more modern games I do like the idea of a few vintage wooden board games, looks classy and practical.

  18. posted by mjh on

    Color me skeptical, but the 2nd picture on this post says one thing to me: you have too many games. Get rid of some. To me that closet, even if it’s organized well, is cluttered. Rough estimate: that thing has 200 games. If you played one of those games every Saturday & Sunday it would take about 2 years to go through them all.

    If it were me, I’d just give lots of those games to my game loving friends. That way I could play them again if I ever had the desire, but they wouldn’t be taking up space. And even if I couldn’t convince myself to get rid of them, the ones that I played the least would go somewhere less accessible.


  19. posted by Jack on

    @mjh: A board game collection like that is a serious time and money investment, and anybody who’s got that many games probably plays a lot – I worked in game retail for a while and the serious gamers view it as their primary hobby and do it more than just on casual weekends.

    Any well-stored hobby should be respected, IMO.

  20. posted by mjh on

    @Jack: ok. Still, with 200 games, it still takes the better part of the year to play them if you played one every night.

    But maybe I just don’t get it. To me, it looks like clutter.

  21. posted by allen on


    One person’s clutter, is another person’s passion. You are also assuming you’d only play one game a night. My friends & i have a weekly game-night at their house, where over 20 of us on average assemble, and we break into groups, and play board games. there’s, on average, 3 games going on at a time, and each of us plays, on average, 3 games a night.

  22. posted by Lemur on

    Wow… I really love the 2nd picture…

    I’m a game lover too, and it’s critical to keep them uncluttered…

    Congrats for the post.

    p.S: And, as I see in the pic, you got all the classics!!

  23. posted by kg on

    Love this idea. Thanks for the great tips.
    Enjoyed checking out your pictures, too, Joanna. Looks great!!

  24. posted by terriok1 on

    Just TOO cool. I collect vintage board games. I just would like to know how to hang them without damaging the boards (aside from framing them!

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