Surprisingly bad multi-taskers

At Unclutterer, we love touting the benefits of multi-use items. However, there are times when maybe product designers go too far with their melding of purposes. Gizmodo recently identified “10 Gadgets With Too Many Stupid Features,” and we wanted to share a little of their humor with you.

My favorite misguided objects:

Spinning rims with LCD television screens. I definitely think these are a car accident in the making.

The cell phone razor. Just imagine if you accidentally turn on the razor when you intend to answer a call. Oh! Ow! My lip!

Okay, maybe the “Mug-Mouse” is fun, but how would you ever wash it??

Click on the first picture in the series, the “Gun-Knife” to start scrolling through the slideshow. Then, click on the right side of each image to move between the gadgets.

12 Comments for “Surprisingly bad multi-taskers”

  1. posted by Sheryl on

    ACK! Mug mouse?! I have a hard enough time not spilling my coffee all over the keyboard as it is! Besides the absolute idiocy of these particular “products” (are they meant to be joke fodder?? I sure hope so), it’s been my experience that most multi-feature-and-use items tend to not work as well as something that’s dedicated to one purpose.

  2. posted by FupDuckTV on

    The mug mouse is horrible, but I might actually use the cell-phone electric razor. I’d just be worried about the battery life of both of them combined.

  3. posted by Marilyn on

    These were fun gizmos, not practical but I had a good laugh and someone must have a lot of time on their hands to think these up and then make them, unless they are just done with photo shop.

  4. posted by Roshni on

    So funny! Can’t think of any time I would need that LCD spinning thingy and yes, how WOULD you wash a mug mouse?!

  5. posted by SUE on

    Relax, even that website posting these thinks these are dumb products.

  6. posted by knitwych on

    The funniest thing about all of these products is that somebody invested money into making prototypes! I wonder if they had *special* brownies at that investors’ meeting. I know I’d have to be completely wasted to even consider investing in any of these silly things.

    Good for a laugh, though. Can’t you just see someone driving down the highway shaving their pits and talking on the phone? 😀

  7. posted by Chris Gee on

    Great idea for a feature: Multitasker Mondays. There are so many of these awful devices cluttering stores, homes … and landfills.

  8. posted by Sheryl on

    The one that really cracked me up was the mp3 lederhosen. ROFL! I’d love to get inside the mind of the person that thought THAT one up!!! (Or maybe not…)

  9. posted by Lose That Girl on

    The patent office has a lot to answer for! Do they not have enough work? Are they approving these silly things in order to keep themselves occupied between 9-5? Looks like it.

  10. posted by Morning links - Simpler Living - - Albany NY on

    […] A cellphone/razor combo is on Unclutterer’s list of truly awful multitasking devices. […]

  11. posted by Raupe on

    Looks a bit like belated April Fool’s day to me…

  12. posted by Laetitia in Australia on

    What the heck is the leopard patterned thing?

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