Tuesday is the workplace stress day

090420-mondaysI quote lines from the movie Office Space at least once a week. I saw the movie almost 10 years ago, and it’s still running through my head. It’s a good bet that at some point today, I’ll tell someone they have a “case of the Mondays” in a high-pitched, super grating tone.

Researchers in Britain have found, however, that it’s not Mondays we should dread, but Tuesday mornings at 11:45. This is the most stressful time of the work week. We zoom through Monday still on weekend mode and don’t really get down to business until Tuesday.

Graham Waters, whose firm polled 3,000 adults for the study, explains in The Telegraph:

“Traditionally people associate Monday as the worst day of the week, but this doesn’t seem to be the case – coasting through Monday means we’re worse off on Tuesday – both in terms of workloads and stress levels.

“We lead such fast-paced lives that stress naturally runs side by side with this – especially when it comes to work.

“Tuesday at 11:45am seems to be the time in the day when the real workload for the week hits employees and as a result stress levels rise.

“The study also revealed Tuesday as the day when workers are most likely to work through their lunch break due to the realisation they have a busy week ahead.”

The best way to avoid the 11:45 Tuesday stress pile up is to get down to business on Monday. Regular routines can help you be productive even when you’d rather be surfing Facebook.

Do you agree or disagree with the poll’s findings? Will knowing this information change your behavior? Do you have an established routine? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Image from the movie Office Space.

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  2. posted by Amanda on

    I’ve always believed that Tuesday is the worst day. Monday you are flying high from the weekend, but by Tuesday that is gone and there is still a lot of time before Friday. I’m glad I am finally being backed up by a study.

  3. posted by Becky on

    I agree with the study. I realized a long time ago that Tuesdays were when I felt the shittiest about my job. Sure I get the Sunday night blues and hate getting up on Monday morning, but you spend part of Monday catching up with co-workers, so the day goes by pretty smoothly. Then I’m back at work on Tuesday and the full weight of my dissatisfaction crushes me.

    I have to admit that this might be different if I had a job I actually liked, but unless you’ve got your dream job Tuesday is still the worst day.

  4. posted by Tricia on

    I haven’t thought about Tuesday’s as being the most stressful, but I will be more aware. Life is too short to be killed by your job. I have recently been aware of how strongly stress impacts our health and I am trying to limit my stress levels as much as I can.

  5. posted by Elaine on

    I agree whole-heartedly. Monday, everybody’s sympathetic. If things are going badly, you get a ride because it’s dirty, rotten Monday.

    But Tuesday? You’re on your own. It’s almost like everyone’s come completely down off their weekend high; there’s hostility and short tempers.

    I’ve never had an explanation for this; I’ve only known that for me, Tuesday is the worst day of the week.

    I always figured it’s ’cause I was born on a Tuesday…


  6. posted by Em on

    My worst day is actually Wednesday afternoon. My first deadline of the week is at 5 and if I’ve been goofing I have to scramble. (Like today!)

    Though every other Monday is brutal too because a huge report comes out that I have to print up and get to my boss then send out the portions he marks!

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