Chalk it up!

Etsy artist Mary Kate McDevitt has three inspiring goal chalkboards for sale that are functional and adorable:

If she sells out before you can nab one (they’re only $25) or you like the idea but they aren’t exactly your style, consider making your own. Get a chalkboard and then use acrylic paint markers to add your favorite text.

Or, you can get some chalkboard paint and paint a square directly on your wall or on the back of a door. We discussed a similar project in “Organize your life on your wall.”

I’m someone who is allergic to chalk dust, so when I was a teacher I always used chalk markers. Even if you aren’t allergic to chalk dust, these are great for keeping your hands and desk drawers clean.

(Mary Kate McDevitt’s shop found via Modish)

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  1. posted by Lori Paximadis on

    These are fun! A great way to keep focus on the essential for those of us who have to have our to-do lists out in the open and get easily distracted. Great find!

  2. posted by Nomi01 on

    If you’re a teacher, you probably noticed that the last one says “I was suppose to”.. but luckily you can fix that with some chalk 😛

  3. posted by Knitwych on

    These are cute! Thanks for the tip on chalk markers. I’ve never heard of them. I’ll have to check them out.

  4. posted by Jeff on

    These seem like more clutter. And $25-75?! Save the money and start a text document on your computer, or – if you must – buy a whiteboard for less than $10 that would come with a calendar AND areas for writing daily goals.

    Remember: Less clutter!

  5. posted by Mike Harris on

    One’s already sold out.

  6. posted by momofthree on

    Cute idea–now I just need to figure out how to do it for way less than $25 being put into some else’s pocket!

  7. posted by sue on

    I have better uses for $75, but the first 2 would be great printed up on business cards.

  8. posted by nikc on

    yes there are a thousand ways to do this cheaper (index card) remember that this is pragmatic decoration for your workspace. and quite nice too. quit being cheap, people!

  9. posted by KW on

    What a great reusable idea! And low tech.. I like whiteboards and I use mine a lot but I do not care for the dry erase markers at all.. they have a chemical smell and they stain the board.. and then they dry up when you’re not looking. :-p Chalk is cheaper and likely better for the environment. Such a cute and neat project, whether you DIY or help support the artist. And for those of you whining “I could make it cheaper” well, what’s stopping you? Uh huh, thought so.

  10. posted by sue on

    “:……And for those of you whining “I could make it cheaper” well, what’s stopping you?…”

    Um, nothing…I made up a set after lunch. (And my parents were married, BTW)

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