Unitasker Wednesday: Toothpaste dispenser

toothpaste-dispenserAll Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

A streamlined morning ritual is always a good idea. Planning a morning routine is key to being on time, and the Toothpaste Dispenser is just the thing to help you with that time-wasting, strenuous task of putting toothpaste on your toothbrush. I can’t think of a single other method you could use to extract toothpaste out of the tube. This wall mounted dispenser not only saves you from extreme stress, but it also takes up a lot of space! We’re so lucky to live in 2009.

The dispenser comes in chrome (pictured) and white. So choose wisely on which color matches your decor the best. Also, don’t be afraid to invest in two (or more!) of these dispensers if your roommate, wife, husband, or child uses a different toothpaste. Your friends will be envious that you have cracked the code on how to get toothpaste out of the tube.

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  1. posted by Mike C on

    I actually think this is kind of cool… and it would help to unclutter my bathroom drawer…

  2. posted by Tiffanie on

    Clicked on link and this product is No longer available! How can that be? Either the company wised up and couldn’t sell any or these things are selling like hotcakes.

  3. posted by Peter (a different one) on

    Hmmm, the link takes me to a page that says the product is no longer available. So – did they sell out, or did Unclutterer shame them into hiding?

  4. posted by Sheryl on

    Oh darn – I clicked on the link and it said,”We’re sorry, this product is no longer available”. Maybe so many people just had to have it that there was a run on it?? 😉

  5. posted by Quill on

    Might be good for folks with arthritis who can’t squeeze hard, but other than that…

  6. posted by Shalin on

    Is this an automatic dispenser? If so, it may be a sanitary way to dispense toothpaste… probably best only for communal areas for 10 or more people…

    Seriously though…I’d nominate this to a top-10 list of “Best” (i.e. least value for the $) Unitasker of the year.

    Maybe we could have an annual awards thing, yes?


  7. posted by Matt on

    Hey all,

    I fixed the link. The prior link was no longer working. It probably sold out due to high demand…

  8. posted by scott on

    I thought the unitasker item was supposed to be mostly useless. I actually think this is pretty cool and would help organize my bathroom. Anyone know where we can get it?

  9. posted by Roshni on

    oh! This is such a wonderful way to relieve stress…install one, use it in the morning and then laugh all day!!

  10. posted by Yolanda on

    It’s definitely a unitasker…

    but it fits my design aesthetic better than a tube of half-used Crest Pro Care. It also seems a bit neater. And, since my toothpaste a brushes currently sit in a cup on the counter, this would free up some our very limited counter space.

    If you have room to keep your toothpaste in a drawer or medicine cabinet, this is definitely a waste of money. But if you have a pedestal sink, minimal storage, or an otherwise tiny bathroom, I could see why someone would consider buying this.

  11. posted by shris on

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants to unclutter a bathroom drawer. I only have one microscopic drawer in my master bathroom. How ridiculous!

    But the display of the toothpaste gadget plus a suctioned steel cup for the brushes actually looks nice to me. Nicer than having toothpaste and water spots on my hairbands. 🙂


  12. posted by Stasi on

    I guess it’s no more ridiculous than having a napkin holder on your table. Seems silly to pay that much for it though.

  13. posted by JVM on

    I’m curious as to how it works, their animation says no batteries or power required. The animation seems to suggest that you just put your toothbrush under the opening and it dispenses toothpaste.

    The only way I can see that working is if your toothbrush moves something to dispense the toothpaste… that would mean that everyone’s toothbrushes are touching the same piece on the dispenser over and over again, that makes the germaphobe in me cringe.

  14. posted by KurtMac on

    I saw the infomercial for these, and no, its not “automatic.” You need to press the head of your toothbrush against a lever at the back of the product which then dispenses the toothpaste onto the brush. This brings up a whole slurry of germaphobia issues, since everyone’s toothbrush head is pressing against the same lever, presumably sharing all the fun residue and microbes that are left over from our mouths after brushing. Enjoy you slightly more convenient oral hygiene routine!

  15. posted by momofthree on

    I can see it now…picture a house with toddlers or just silly little kids…little fingers activating the dispenser and toothpaste spewing everywhere!

    Why, it could be fun for the whole family!!

    It’s not a unitasker, it’s got two uses: toothpaste dispenser and TOY

    IF you are that desperate to spend money, send it to my oldest who will need $ for life at the university she’s heading to in the fall!!!

  16. posted by jrochest on

    I think that toothpaste tubes probably take up less space in the drawer than stuck to a wall…

  17. posted by Hippolyta on

    I’m with Yolanda. It’s a unitasker and a fancy luxury, but it’s also tidy and nice-looking. For someone willing to spend money to make their living space pleasant, I can see this item having a place in an uncluttered home. The germ issue is one to consider, but it’s not necessarily any worse than sharing a tube of toothpaste. That, too, is only sanitary if everyone does it right.

  18. posted by Maura on

    I am fortunate to have plenty of sink-area vanity storage but I also have/use a toothbrush and toothpaste in the shower. If the price was right I would consider one of these to mount in the shower area — all it would need is an attached toothbrush holder and I’d be sold.

  19. posted by Molly on



  20. posted by Lia on

    Sorry Unclutterer, I want one! As an adult with a nerve injury in my hand, I have had to learn to do many things with the opposite hand – and this would be useful!

  21. posted by becoming minimalist on

    no more of my wife complaining that i didn’t put the toothpaste back… this may save my marriage.

  22. posted by Anita on

    This is probably one of the most un-useful posts in a long time. Thanks for the laughs!

  23. posted by gypsy packer on

    I’ll stick with the little plastic gadget you pull over the end of the tube. $1, when you can find them, and I’m happy to relocate another object to keep the tube above the sink.

    BTW, you can use antibacterial dish detergent on a toothbrush. Just rinse well. The same active ingredient is now being used in some toothpastes.

  24. posted by No1_vern on

    Since my wife is handicapped, being able to use only one hand to put toothpaste on a tooth brush would come in handy.

    AS great of a joke as this item is, something that would help my wife in this situation would be nice.


  25. posted by Lisa on

    I see this as a decent-looking, although stupidly expensive, means as keeping the toothpaste out of my toddler’s reach, high up on the mirror. And even if the toddler managed to figure it out (presuming installation at a lower level), at least the toothpaste would be in the same area, instead of all over the bathroom, and child, as happens now when my son gets ahold of a tube of toothpaste.

  26. posted by Robin on

    What a wonderful idea! My mom has MS and (like many of those that have suffered a stroke) does not have the use of one hand. She often neglects brushing her teeth just because she can’t get the paste out of the tube. If it weren’t for the high price, I’d buy this immediately. Thanks for posting this.

  27. posted by kb on

    It’s ~$20 at the infomercial website (with which I am NOT affiliated — just saw it during my four year-old’s allotted “SpongeBob” viewing …). My four year-old is understandably messy with his toothpaste, and my two year-old thinks it’s fun to play with the tube — I’m seriously thinking about getting it (which is how I came to this site — couldn’t remember the informercial’s site).

  28. posted by HoppingBunny on

    This is the frst Unitasker I’ve wanted. It’s too pricey, but I actually like the design, and I can see this in my bathroom (tiny). Toothpaste tubes are so ugly, and I like the idea of gettig _all_ the toothpaste out.

  29. posted by gail gray on

    I actually just purchased this. It is actually a big help when you have two young boys who make a mess of any type of toothpaste. My boys bathroom drawer was a sticky blue mess and now it is not! Unitasker maybe, but and effective time saver for me!!!

  30. posted by Mary on

    How much does each one cost with S&H? It seems like a lot of money to spend when you have 3 different toothpastes used by your family, or more than one bathroom.

  31. posted by Juliet on

    After looking at the archived unitaskers I realized;
    5 I own
    11 I own a version of, not the one pictured
    15 I have thought about buying and didn’t
    5 I want, but can’t afford and my new category
    4 I want as a result of seeing them on this site. I can relate, I have a unitasking mind. Send all the gadgets my way people. I’ll be in the hoarding sites. Thank You.

  32. posted by Penny in Australia on

    I’m embarassed to admit it, but yep, I want one. Never seen them before, but I reckon they look cool! So neat and tidy!

  33. posted by Vanessa on

    I don’t like unitaskers anyway, but this is disgusting. Pushing your brush head against the dispenser grosses me out to no end. Having my own personal toothbrush would become pointless if I kept taking the germs of my family’s toothbrushes. There’s a reason every person has their own toothbrush. I completely understand this for people who are disabled, and have trouble with using two hands or squeezing the tube, but for me, it’s a terrible idea.
    @ Hippolyta: You wrote “The germ issue is one to consider, but it’s not necessarily any worse than sharing a tube of toothpaste. That, too, is only sanitary if everyone does it right.” I’m sorry, but if you use this product correctly, it’s still not sanitary.

    Great unitasker item!

  34. posted by Kristianna on

    Sorry, but I want this one. It’d be great for the kids, who are FOREVER squeezing inches of paste onto the counter.

  35. posted by Kathy Watton on

    Has anyone purchased this and used it for an extended period of time? My Mother had a stroke and only has use of one arm. She wants me to purchase it for her but before I spent $30 I’d like to hear from someone that it has worked for them through an entire tube or two….. Tahnk you!

  36. posted by FosterB on

    My 13-year-old son REALLY wanted one of these for Christmas after seeing the infomercials. They are available at Wal-Mart for $20. It’s not very child “friendly” – it’a always a mess… wasted toothpaste gunking up the dispenser. I haven’t tried it, but not good for 13, 11 and 5. sorry.

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