Unitasker Wednesday: Bed Made EZ

bed-made-ezAll Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes β€” we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Making the bed is one of my least favorite household chores. Is the chore difficult? Not really, but it does seem like a waste of time, especially since we don’t have pets. Hardly anyone ever sets foot in our bedroom, so we simply let the sheets and blankets be most of the time.

All of this bed-making procrastination may come to an end if I invest in the Bed Made EZ. This tool is “an ergonomic device that slides easily between the mattress and the box springs, raising the mattress so linens are easier to put on.”

If you have back pain that is a hindrance to your bed-making skills, maybe this has a purpose for you. Maybe. You’d still have to bend over quite a bit to shove the device between your mattresses. For able-bodied people, though, it actually looks like it takes more effort than tucking the sheet into the bed normally.

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  1. posted by Brad on

    Based on the shape there it looks like you could use an old Dustbuster for this also.

  2. posted by B on

    what? why does making a bed “seem like a waste of time, especially since we don’t have pets”?? what does pets have to do with making your bed? If you had goldfish would you bed look better?

  3. posted by Lori Paximadis on

    @B: Furry pets that snuggle up on the bed during the day can leave fur on the sheets, so if the bed is made, the fur is relegated to the outer cover and not the surface you actually sleep on.

    I hate making the bed. I’d rather let the sheets air out during the day and smooth them into some semblance of order before climbing back in. But that’s just me. And our cats don’t shed all that much.

  4. posted by lina on

    what does pets have to do with making your bed?

    um, if you have furry mobile pets such as cats, dogs, or rabbits, they are generally happy to shed all over your pillow and bottom sheet if you leave the bed unmade. making the bed also keeps toys of various types out from under the covers(for cats: dead mice, for rabbits: sticks and jingly balls, for dogs: squeaky things, rope, etc etc), cat puke, that kind of thing. it also ensures that when you sit down on the bed you will not accidentally squish a snoozing pet.

    I may exaggerate slightly, but seriously, making the bed is a critical activity for pet owners.

  5. posted by Molly on

    I LOVE making my bed! It’s one of the easy, quick, and very visibly satisfying chores!

  6. posted by Rue on

    I also find making the bed to be a waste of time, although in the last year or two I’ve started doing it more – just because I like how making the bed instantly makes the room look cleaner!

    I find this gadget to be a complete waste. It’s harder to stretch a fitted sheet across the entire bed than it is to simply tuck the flat sheet between the mattresses. Unless your sheets are way too big for your bed, there shouldn’t be a whole lot of “extra” sheet that you’d need assistance to tuck anyway. And if that’s the case -buy the right sized sheets! πŸ˜‰

  7. posted by falnfenix on

    RE: pets in the bedroom

    here’s an easy solution – shut the bedroom door, and one will never have to worry about excess pet hair on one’s bed.

    that said, i still make my bed daily as part of my morning routine…it helps keep a sense of cleanliness, and starts the mornings off with a fresh slate. i have found it also serves as a great foundation for daily clutter management. hospital corners, of course, aren’t for everyone – this just works really well for me.

  8. posted by Erin Doland on

    @B — I love the idea of a goldfish being really irked that someone didn’t make the bed. “Stupid humans, first they need a BED to go to sleep, and then they can’t even make it!” Hee hee … I don’t know why this image humored me so much …

  9. posted by Sheryl on

    I have arthritis and a degenerative disc condition, so I think this sounds great. We have a 100% latex mattress, and that sucker’s heavy; instead of bending, I could squat while keeping my back straight, and it would give me the leverage I need to get the mattress up far enough to get the top sheet tucked under.

  10. posted by Jessiejack on

    I like to make my bed every morning because it makes the whole room look neat but mainly because I LOVE the ritual of pulling the covers back to get in at nite. Sleep is such a pleasure esp on clean sheets. If I was Oprah I’d have someone else put clean sheets on every nite-Or would that diminish the pleasure?

  11. posted by kari on

    Making the bed is your least favorite household chore? Really? It takes all of 2 minutes. I dare you to time yourself and see. Laundry? Now THAT’S a household chore to despise!

  12. posted by Jessica on

    Re: the pets and bedmaking thing: I once squashed my mom’s cat in a made bed. She likes to crawl under the covers and sleep. Not sure how she breathes in there… After having a suitcase dropped on her, she has retained the habit. Our solution is to keep the bedroom door shut.

  13. posted by Elizabeth on

    Without meaning to pick on the ‘unitasker’ idea too much (after all, they are just meant to be funny, and almost any unitasker could be worthwhile for the right person) but yes, this could be useful to someone with arthritis, like me.

    That being said, my usual response to this problem is, if my hands are too achey to shove between the mattresses, either a) have hubby do it b) don’t make the bed at all and close the door so no pets or others see it or c) make it, but just let the sheets hang down loose.

    Another alternative would be to use a duvet and no top sheet, though I like having a top sheet for sleeping under on hot nights.

  14. posted by Karyn on

    When I had a separate bedroom, I rarely bothered to make the bed, and never really saw the point. Who’s going to look at my bed? If someone’s going to see it, chances are they’re not in there to see if my flat sheet is tucked in according to military-inspection standards. πŸ˜‰ Huzzah for rumpled sheets!

    Now that I live in a studio, I “make” the bed by storing the flat sheet, pillow, and (if I’m using one) blanket in the closet, and then fold it–it’s a futon–into a chair so I have room to do yoga and stuff. If I leave the bed flat, I might spread a nice looking blanket/quilt/afghan over the top, but I don’t tuck anything in. Aesthetically, it looks fine to me.

    More important, in my opinion, is how often do we WASH the sheets? Laugh if you want, but I’ve known people who leave the same set of sheets on for MONTHS without changing them. Bleh. πŸ˜›

  15. posted by Sapphire on

    Hooray for a fitted bottom sheet and a fluffy down comforter with a washable duvet cover! It takes me literally 30 seconds to make the bed in the morning, and that includes the time spent chasing the cats and dogs off the bed so I can pull the comforter up. Not to mention that it eliminates the “need” for a unitasker that looks like the skeletal remains of a Dustbuster…

    I don’t know why, but somehow having the bed made makes the bedroom look cleaner and less cluttered, even though there’s really no difference in the amount of “stuff” in there. It also gives me a quick and easy jump-start to my morning housecleaning.

  16. posted by Kate on

    Long ago I stopped using a top sheet opting instead for a duvet with a sheet-weight cover. Making the bed takes all of 90 seconds, and I have to do it everyday or it makes the bedroom look too messy.

  17. posted by Celeste on

    I love seeing the bed made; it makes a wide open space in the room and that pleases me. It also keeps the cat from tracking cat litter onto the sheets–infinitely worse than cracker crumbs!!!

    My hands hurt too, but I I’m not sure clutching and shoving this would help.

    I like to look at these UniTaskers and think, what if somebody couldn’t find it in all their clutter–however would they complete the task? LOL!

  18. posted by Annamarie on

    I have post a third duvet, bottom sheet post. I wouldn’t do it any other way. Not only does it take less than two minutes to make my bed, it fluffs up the down for ultimate comfort. Also, my children were able to make their own beds at a much younger age than most children.

    Now on the pet issue, I love my dog, but she has her own bed. Our deal is: I won’t sleep in her bed and she won’t sleep in mine. πŸ™‚

  19. posted by Jen on

    This wouldn’t even work on my bed; because there are side rails the point where the mattress meets the box spring is lower than the rails. After all the whole point of side rails is to hide the box spring.

    If you’re going to design a Unitasker, at least make it one that all potential clients can use! πŸ˜‰

  20. posted by momofthree on

    Thanks so very much for the hearty reason to laugh!!

    Will this come in other colors to coordinate better with the bed linens or general room decor? Can Right-ies and Left-ies use the same tool? Does it come in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes? Is it truly a one size fits all?
    Will men equally use this tool? How about kids?
    And the BIG question: Will be all be seeing Billy Mays shouting about this on TV anytime soon? (or Vince from Sham wow?)

  21. posted by nma on

    ha ha ha. West Point taught us to use a clipboard to tighten the sheets!

  22. posted by Andrea on

    I would actually try using a wooden spoon from your kitchen if you need a helper tool to do this task. A wooden spoon works great for tucking sofa or chair slipcovers into those tight nooks and crannies of furniture. Plus you’re likely to have a wooden spoon in your kitchen already. Just borrow it and put it back when you’re done. πŸ™‚

  23. posted by Shay on

    Since my husband and I don’t get up at the same time, making the bed becomes the job of one person who has to walk around the bed 6 times to complete the job. Not worth it, imho.
    And there’s another answer to pets – at least, the trainable ones (I don’t know about cats): don’t let them on the furniture!

  24. posted by Shalin on

    wow, how…ridiculous. Yet another overpriced doorstop. Nice find though! πŸ˜‰

  25. posted by allen on

    a) that “tool” is a TOTAL waste

    b) i live alone: i do not make my bed. No one sees it. if i DO have someone over, i can CLOSE MY BEDROOM DOOR if i am REALLY worried.

    of course, i never have anyone over for “special time” so it’s not like it’s a concern.

    an no, having it “made” does not make me feel better. it feels like a waste of my two minutes. two minutes i could have been spending with my morning coffee… Mmmmmm

  26. posted by allen on

    a) that “tool” is a TOTAL waste

    b) i live alone: i do not make my bed. No one sees it. if i DO have someone over, i can CLOSE MY BEDROOM DOOR if i am REALLY worried.

    of course, i never have anyone over for “special time” so it’s not like it’s a concern.

    an no, having it “made” does not make me feel better. it feels like a waste of my two minutes. two minutes i could have been spending with my morning coffee… Mmmmmm
    Should add excellent post! Looking forward to seeing the next post!

  27. posted by Mike on

    Maybe it’s for women with really long fingernails?

  28. posted by Kate on

    Those of you who just use a bottom sheet and a duvet – don’t you freeze? It sounds like a quick easy way to make the bed, but I’d just be far too cold! My bed has fitted sheet, flat sheet, woollen blanket, continental quilt, patchwork quilt with wool batting, and bedspread. And last night I was really cold…probably time to switch out of the summer sheets into the flannelette!

  29. posted by Laura on

    @Kate: No, I don’t freeze, in fact I have a fan blowing on me at night. I live just north of Los Angeles, where it gets no colder than 30 during the winter nights, and sometimes no cooler than 80 on summer nights.

    The cotton duvet cover is lightweight, and my comforter insert is for mild climates; you could get a heavy-duty down comforter.

    I just sleep better in really cold rooms.

  30. posted by Janet on

    Improvements Catalog is a GOLDMINE of things you didn”t even know you “needed”. My mom gets it regularly, and it never fails to make me laugh.

  31. posted by CJ on

    I rarely make my bed. My excuse is that I’m letting the sheet and duvet air, but in reality I’m just not awake enough at that time of the morning to make my bed before I leave for work. Yes, I like the look of the room with the bed neatly made, but I also like crawling into an unmade bed at night – it makes me feel like I never actually left it, and the day was just a dream πŸ™‚

  32. posted by David on

    +1 to nma’s post about West Point & clipboards

  33. posted by Ganzygrl on

    Reading all these posts makes me want to crawl back into bed — with or without it being made! Sleep rules!

  34. posted by biscuitx on


    I’m with you! I could never get along with just one duvet cover – most of time, I sleep under about 5-7 blankets and comforters. With 2 dogs. And I am still cold! (can’t turn up the heat, too expensive!)


  35. posted by Miracle Maxine on

    @Kate and biscuitx – I’m in Canada so no one can blame me of living in a humanly tolerable climate. A nice quality down duvet and a simple cotton Ikea duvet cover work wonderfully.

    Another nice thing to do is sew a cotton bag filled with buckwheat (bag fabric: remnant bin, ~$0.50, 1 pound of buckwheat at the bulk section of the grocery store: around $1), sew the bag nice and tight, then sew a removable cover using an old sweater or fleece jacket or some flanel remnant from your stash, which was what I used. You could also use an old towel, pillowcase or anything cozy.

    Microwave the buckwheat bag, covers and all, on High for 3 minutes. Get into bed. Warmer than a cat and more dependable.

  36. posted by D on

    lol, at least one person made a comment like “making your bed is not a chore … LAUNDRY is chore!”.

    Laundry? A chore? Please! My wife says this, too … but let’s be realistic here, you’re not HAND WASHING your clothes are you? A *MACHINE* does both the washing *AND* drying for you. The only chore is folding the clothes, and that’s not hard, either, just tedious.

    Group laundry night! Booyah! Laundry done!

  37. posted by Organizing Your Way | Surfin’ the Net: 4/5-4/11 on

    […] finally, Unclutterer shares this (tongue-in-cheek) review of Bed Made EZ, a product that helps you make your bed faster and […]

  38. posted by Elizabeth on

    This tool is simply silly to me. Possibly if I had fingernails worth caring about I might want to protect them from being damaged by the terribly traumatic job of sliding my own hands between the mattress and the base, but I suppose if my fingernails were that good I’d have maids to make the beds anyway. Making the bed however is an uncluttering activity: the room looks better, which matters to me even if I am the only one to see it, it is part of my morning “the day has started now” ritual and it is so nice to get into a made bed at night.

  39. posted by Annie on

    This product was first put on the market for housekeeping departments in hotel. The maids have to lift mattresses about 40 times a day to make beds in every room. And now, the average mattress (in hotel) weights about 100 to 200 pounds. So instead of lifting and trying to tuck the sheet, they can just use that and make it go much faster. That was the purpose of the product.

  40. posted by Andi on

    What I like about Bed MadeEZ is how it helps to tuck in the sheets. They look perfect – like one of those beds in a magazine — and I didn’t even break a nail!

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