Another option in space-saving ladders

A little over a year ago, I highlighted the telescoping ladder as a space-saving option. The other day, I found another collapsible ladder via Apartment Therapy. The 5-Foot Compact Ladder (pictured) collapses down to roughly the size of a 61″ long 2″ x 4″.

Apartment Therapy dubs this as the “world’s most compact ladder,” but I would argue that the telescoping ladder is a bit more compact. At a length of 61″, this would still be tough to carry through tight corners.

Either ladder would be a much better option than the traditional ladders that many of us own. The space saved by either of these is well worth the replacement of a clunky, old, space-hogging ladder.

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  1. posted by Eli on

    Apparently there are a few ladders of this style. A company named “Global Product Logistics” makes a few sizes of them for RV use.

  2. posted by Filip on

    The one at Apartment Therapy looks slightly more sturdy than this one, but I’m not sure I’d feel entirely safe on either one of them.

    And what about it being “tough to carry through tight corners”? Holding it vertically should do fine, shouldn’t it? Unless you’re crawling through tight ventilation or something. 🙂

  3. posted by Jacki Hollywood Brown on

    I have 10ft ceilings in my apt. so I keep my 6 ft aluminum step ladder handy. I’ve hidden it behind the kitchen door which is almost always open. It takes up space that isn’t used for anything else and it’s always handy when I need it.

    If I was in the market for a new ladder, I’d definitely look at one of these models.

  4. posted by J on

    Actually, it would be easy to get around tight corners. Just hold it straight up and down.

  5. posted by Peter (a different one) on

    A neat idea. I have a Gorilla Ladder – I got it at Home Depot or Lowes and it only cost about $100. It collapses enough to fit in the truck of my ’97 Saturn and it extends to a 6 1/2 ft step ladder or a 13′ straight ladder. The website is

  6. posted by Danno on

    This is great! Storage is always a problem for me but I’m curious though as to the weight limits? That’s a huge(pun?) concern for me as well as stability… I love the idea of spacesavers though.

  7. posted by timgray on

    I have one very much like that. Bought it from Home Depot for $29.95 and hides in the back of the closet. it has nice yellow plastic ends with handles to make it easy to carry and not mar the wall if you bump it.

  8. posted by Rue on

    Interesting! I agree that it looks like it wouldn’t be sturdy…I’d want to try it out in a store first. But it would take up so much less room than a regular ladder. 😀

  9. posted by Springpeeper on

    This is cool but…there is no shelf on this ladder! Where do you place your bucket of wash water or your paint roller and tray? This means it has limited uses! Horrors! Could this be a Unitasker?

  10. posted by Louise on

    We have both these different styles of collapsing ladders in our RV. They are invaluable space-savers. The telescoping one is much sturdier and heavier and we use it to climb the 13 feet outside to the roof of the RV (ours has no built-in ladder). The one similar to the one pictured above is used for a much shorter distance inside the RV to access that roof hatch.

    The cats climb this ladder with its very skinny metal rungs, which is always funny to see. A photo of the cat on the folding ladder:

  11. posted by Jake on

    It’s nice, but I’m a pretty big guy so this would make me a little nervous.

    @ Peter (a different one)

    I got that one as well. The one I got is VERY sturdy (holds up to 350 pounds)!

    But one thing to note is that it’s also quite heavy.

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