Christoph Niemann’s My Life With Cables

Artist Christoph Niemann reflected on his relationship with cables and wires on the New York Times blog Abstract City. His distain for cable clutter is right at home with Unclutterer and I’m sure many of you will enjoy it.

The whimsical art that Niemann creates incorporates actual cables with his illustrations. From the blog:


I don’t even want to get started about the endless varieties of cables, chargers and adapters out there. My biggest frustration stems from a much simpler problem: I use a lot of extension cords with multiple sockets. Although these cords are obviously designed to power six cables, I can barely squeeze in three, since most electronic equipment nowadays seems to sport absurdly large plugs. This reminds me of some very inconsiderate folks one so often encounters on the subway.

Power Strip Liberators can help with this specific problem. For more helpful ideas on dealing with cable and wire problems, check out the posts archived in our Cable Clutter category.

Thanks to reader Emily for bringing this to our attention.

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  1. posted by Catherine Cantieri, Sorted on

    Ah, yes. The cables. They’re getting out of hand on the second shelf of my printer stand and I’m planning some kind of revamp in the coming weeks. I’ll definitely check out the Cable Clutter category!

  2. posted by Rue on

    I love the idea of the liberators (have seen other things like them as well), but my problem with them is they just add length to the end of the cord. 🙁 I’ve seen some power strips that have outlets spaced at different intervals that would be more accomodating than your average power strip (and I think I saw them on this site, actually!). Just can’t think of the name of them right now.

  3. posted by Matt on

    @Rue, That was the Socket Sense Surge Strip:

  4. posted by Gustavo Bonato on

    That is SO TRUE!

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