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My daughter is going to be three years old in less than a month. The amount of clothing and other baby products that we have gone through in those 36 months is pretty extensive. We have donated a lot of items to local charities, consignment shops, and friends, but it seems like we still find ourselves behind the curve in the accumulation battle.

Reader Tina wrote us to recommend a website that focuses on swapping baby goods. From the Swap Baby Goods site:

SwapBabyGoods.com is the first web site of its kind, providing a friendly place for parents to swap, buy or sell baby items that are no longer needed. Our philosophy is very simple – Why buy when you can swap? Our product focus is baby items; for this reason, our users can enjoy the website, knowing that they are part of a community. Our primary goal is to provide a platform that brings together willing sellers, buyers and swappers in an online marketplace, benefiting everyone involved.

Babies grow so fast and so do their needs. Before we know it, the cute little outfits, baby toys, and other baby items we once could not live without become outgrown and underused, taking up an inordinate amount of space in our homes. The baby item one family is ready to put in the attic or out in the garage sale might be just what another mom or dad is looking for. Our ultimate goal is to help parents all across the nation save money and the environment by providing them an online venue to swap baby items.

While there are many options to buy, sell, or donate items, this looks like a pretty good resource for tracking down some must-have baby products. It also looks like a place to get rid of clutter that your little one no longer wants or needs.

Do you know of other baby goods swapping websites? Let us know about those resources in the comments.

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  1. posted by Stacy on

    Freepeats is another one.

  2. posted by Khürt Williams on

    My son’s clothing was passed along to my daughter (assuming it was not boy specific). My daughters stuff was passed on to her cousin. Within the family and circle of friends/coworkers someone was always having a baby and we could pass stuff along. Once my daughter out-grew her crib we found a local family who needed a crib for a child they were adopting. We made new friend and were able to help out someone in need. We’ve never had a need for any of these sites.

  3. posted by Michele on

    Some social networking sites have in-house swap groups and used sales groups. There are a bunch on LiveJournal, and I think The Knot has some as well.

    Generally they are an extension of the “social” aspect, so they usually prefer to deal with known, long-term members. It’s worth a look, though.

  4. posted by Michele on

    Our local Freecycle has been full of baby clothes requests for a family that just lost everything in a fire. If you keep an eye on your local news, you could be a huge help to someone in desperate need.

  5. posted by Rita on

    I think Zwaggle.com is pretty similar. They both look promising.

  6. posted by adora on

    It is my family tradition to swap baby items, even if money is not an issue. For generations, we believe that it is a blessing to get belongings from another healthy baby. (To absorb the good mojo?)

  7. posted by Nunya on

    My only kids are the furry four-legged kind, but that website really is such a good idea I’m surprised that it “is the first of its kind.”

  8. posted by Jeri Dansky on

    There’s also freepeats, at http://www.freepeats.org/.

    You could also try http://www.handmedowns.com – but the web site seems to be having problems at the moment.

    Not a swapping web site, but perhaps also worth noting: the Once Upon a Child stores, at http://www.ouac.com/aboutus.aspx.

  9. posted by Declutter on

    My 2 year old son seems to be going through so many clothes that we wouldn’t be able to go through them all. That site is great to be able to swap clothes. I can’t wait.

  10. posted by Tina on

    As an active user of swapbabygoods.com, I highly recommend it to new moms. All the moms are very freindly.

    Nunya: It was first of its kind when it was started initially a couple of years ago, I know there are a couple more new ones as of now. But I like this original one best.

  11. posted by Kay on


    I found this site and have been a member for over a year now. I have gotten so many wonderful things for my kids by trading their unused items. Its a great way to recycle what they have grown out of.
    Right now, they are hosting a new member drive, so please check it out. You can use my referral code, but its not necessary. It’s free to join and no money is ever involved. My Referral Code is 657A7E2B

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