New baby products from Built NY

builtny-changing-padBuilt NY has some great products that I have highlighted in the past. The lunch tote for kids and the lunch tote for adults are both useful, durable, reusable, and well-organized lunch sacks.

Built NY has recently unveiled a couple of useful baby products that can be helpful to new parents. Of all things that are indispensable to parents, the diaper bag is something that goes everywhere during the first year of a child’s life. The Built NY Diaper Bag looks rather reasonable in size and, like other Built NY products, is constructed of durable neoprene and water resistant nylon.

Another item that goes hand-in-hand with the diaper bag is the changing pad. The Built NY Changing Pad (pictured) has a built-in compartment for wipes and extra diapers.

If you’re welcoming a new child into your family, you may want to consider these durable products.

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  1. posted by momofthree on

    Wow–even tho the diaper changing days are long gone for me and mine, I think this is a pretty good idea. I would also tuck in a plastic bag or two, just so that I could put the dirty things in it. Rather than buying specially made, toss the diaper away in it bags, I just used the plastic bags that our morning newspapers came in. Two bags a day, and if away from home, I could knot the bag with diaper number one, and then, place in diaper number two, and then toss the bag.
    I can’t stand seeing a diaper tossed into some sort of trash bin without being wrapped in anything when out in public. Even at home, I would use the newspaper bags. The plastic really cut down on the odor in the changing area.

  2. posted by FupDuckTV on

    This would be a great gift for someone, but I dont think I’d ever buy one myself. I see this as a quick trip to the store, but don’t want to take the whole fully-stocked diaper bag.

  3. posted by Jessica on

    I’m not sure it would be great on a public changing table. Things would be hanging down, or sticking up. Plus, when I’m out, I’m into the wipes all the time. Wiping hands, wiping faces, cleaning other things even when the diaper is clean. This has them tucked too far out of reach.

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