Replace exercise DVDs with video podcasts

I recently cleared out my video and DVD collection and got rid of most of my workout programs. The ones I liked, I watched so often I don’t need the videos any longer to do the routines. And, the ones I didn’t like, never came out of their boxes.

One of the reasons I felt comfortable parting with these tapes is because I have found a terrific replacement with video podcasts on iTunes. Now, I don’t have to waste space storing videos and DVDs, and I can mix up my routines by simply downloading different video podcasts.

For a listing of all video podcasts on iTunes, go to “Power Search.”

Once in the Power Search, type “Fitness” in to the Description field, choose “Health” in the Category field, and check the box “Search Video Podcasts only.” Your search results should include at least 90 programs. Try out which ones work best for you.

Video podcast workouts are a great (and free!) alternative to bringing more items into your home. To get you started, here are two yoga video podcasts that I enjoy:

Title: Yoga Today video podcast
Cost: Free over iTunes
Duration: 5-10 minutes
Notes: I would describe this video podcast as American hipster yoga. Targeted to intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners, episodes range 5-10 minutes in length. The hosts are cheerful and music accompanies the routines.

Title: YOGAmazing video podcast
Cost: Free over iTunes
Duration: 5-25 minutes
Notes: Host Chaz Rough creates yoga classes in response to viewers’ requests. It’s led in the more traditional style and is targeted to the intermediate and advanced yoga practitioner. I think beginning yoga practitioners would easily be able to adapt Chaz’s routines to their skill level.

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  1. posted by Sherri (Serene Journey) on

    Hi Erin, Thank you for introducing me to exercise via iTunes. I didn’t even know this existed (exercise podcasts not iTunes). I too have a few yoga and pilates DVDs that I know by heart.

    I think I’ll give yogamazing a try. I like that he tailors it based on viewers’ requests and that it’s adaptable, I’m not quite at the advanced stage just yet! 🙂

    Thanks again!

  2. posted by Lori Paximadis on

    These are GREAT resources, Erin! Thanks for sharing.

  3. posted by Alex Fayle | Someday Syndrome on

    Glad to see our Twitter conversation sparked a purging of DVDs! 😉

  4. posted by timgray on

    You can also rip them and put them on your pc or better yet your media center computer in the entertainment center or ion a Xbox360.

    Our collection of 300 DVD’s are all available on our media center. I use the free program Handbrake and a pay program called AnyDVD to rip all of them to avi files that gives us our own “on demand” in the living room TV. My wife has her own exercise section, we have a kids section, it works great!

    And all those DVD’s get to live in plastic tubs in the storage never to clutter out living space.

  5. posted by chzplz on

    I had no idea these were available – great resource. Especially since I have my mac mini hooked up to the TV/stereo in my gym!

    Note – not sure if this is a Canadian itunes music store thing, but I had to leave the “fitness” description blank to find the two yoga ones mentioned above.

  6. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Alex Fayle — It was our conversation!! Such a great idea!

  7. posted by Red on

    I used yogamazing frequently in our last home – was easy to just pop it up on the laptop, prop it on the couch, and do a 20 minute yoga routine. Super nice and far more affordable than multiple DVDs!

  8. posted by Avlor on

    spiffy! I’ll be checking out exercise podcasts. (with out itunes.)

  9. posted by Roo on

    Another great resource for workout dvds in netflix. You can keep them for as long as you want and send them back when you are done. Even better than that is if you have netflix AND an xbox online account. You can add workout videos to your xbox instantly without having to physically store them. I have used this service a lot lately and I think they have a great selection.

  10. posted by Maggie on

    There’s also They started with audio podcasts with printable pose-guides (which are great if you have a vague idea of poses) but have now switched into pose-slideshows. 20-25 minute sessions free.

  11. posted by FupDuckTV on

    I love iTunes for this kind of thing. It is amazing what you can find on there. I think we are headed towards a media revolution. Also, Yoga is an awesome workout. I always though it was girly and easy. It is actually very difficult and a great workout.

  12. posted by Stephanie on


    I also use Handbrake and it is great! I think the last issue of Macworld had a lengthy article on how to use the program. You could take you DVDs you already have and put those on your iPod as well with Handbrake.

    I am saving for a large capacity external hard drive to put all my DVD’s on. I put all my CDs on my computer in iTunes which syncs to my iPod and I regularly back up my computer. Once I did that, rather than saving and storing the CDs, I donated them to my local public library. I really enjoy that I can listen to my music anywhere I go but also that other people can enjoy my 100+ CDs for free at the library.

  13. posted by Cecily T on

    I like yogamazing as well, but I guess I’m actually causing clutter with it. I make DVDs of the ones that I like so that I can watch them on my TV in my workout space. Even DVDs that I know by heart, I feel like I need the music to keep the beat for me, and the instructor to remind me not to get sloppy.

    I actually Tivo’d all the Namaste Yoga series from FitTV and burned those to DVD as well. It’s about 26 episodes I think, and I love that I have all of those to rotate through.

    I’ve looked at yogadownload, but only tried the audio podcast and found it too hard to follow and really work out at the same time. Are the slideshows in a format that you can transfer to a DVD?

    For me, the long-term goal would be like Stephanie said, to get all the media on a hard drive somewhere, and have it be accessible anywhere there’s a screen. Unfortunately, this is only for early-adopters, and while we are geeky, we aren’t quite there yet with the wireless streaming, etc. The best we can do right now is move stuff between the Tivo and our computer, but that’s only to the main TV in the living room; I don’t know what we’ll do when the basement is finished and we have a movie room and a workout room that both need access to the media. That’s why the DVDs are sticking around for me.

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  15. posted by Lola on

    I’m sure it’s not as huge a selection as the iTunes, but I know Comcast OnDemand also has a good selection of various workout videos (under the Sports & Fitness category, then Exercise TV).

  16. posted by infmom on

    This is a great idea… but my trust 4th gen iPod doesn’t play videos. 🙂

  17. posted by Fiat Lex on

    Neither does mine, infmom! I’ve managed to get some good ones to try out from the library, though. If I really like one and know I’ll use it regularly, I’ll go ahead and buy it. Being able to test drive them for a few weeks helps me avoid buying ones that will end up collecting dust, though.

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  19. posted by rob on

    I really enjoy — you can make up your own workout routines!

  20. posted by Vince on

    what if I don’t care to use itunes?

  21. posted by shelley on

    I have a whack of yoga podcasts downloading right now — thanks for this tip!

    I’ve discovered that if you follow the steps above, but type “workout” in the description instead of “fitness”, the search results will include some of the same podcasts, but also some different ones. Worth checking out.

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  25. posted by Dream Mom on

    Great resource. I can’t wait to try it. I had back surgery a little over a year ago and can no longer do the treadmill so I am looking for some new things to try.

  26. posted by susan on

    Great tips!
    I will definitely try itunes videos. Can you SAVE podcasts to your computer? I am a podcast newbie.
    I LOVE Comcast On Demand videos. I also LOVE DVRing exercise videos and stuff to watch when running or ellipticalling.
    Also, is there a way to get that to a flat screen tv hooked up to a comcast dvr cable box if I don’t wish to look at the video on a small 15″ screen?

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  28. posted by Barry on

    I would take a look at They offer hundreds of workout videos that you can either download to a myriad of video players (iPod, Zune, Apple TV, etc..) or watch online.

  29. posted by Matt on

    For those of who do not use iTunes, like myself, here are the original websites.

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  32. posted by ash on

    THIS is awesome! I’ve already got it under control, yippee! Yoga for free. Those dvds get so monotonous.

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  34. posted by Julie on

    Just joined this online fitness website and I love it:

    I want to tell the world about it!!! It helps keep me in shape and sane as I do a 30 minute exercise class everyday…..even better you don’t need to go anywhere as its all online!!!

    They have yoga, pilates, cardio, circuit and muscle classes that change on an daily basis – which is great cause if you are like me I like variety or I get bored.

    Enjoy Julie

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