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funnelOk, I’m not going to claim that this is the most exciting product in the world, but it is one that caught my eye. The Collapsible Funnel by Progressive International doesn’t need much explaining. It is a funnel. It collapses. It is easy to store. 

We currently have a traditional plastic funnel in our kitchen that has to be placed just right in the drawer for the drawer to be able to close. Having to mess with the funnel every time I open the drawer is a pet peeve of mine that this little device immediately eliminates. I can’t express to you how excited I was when I found this item.

Please forgive my relatively high level of excitement for such a bland product, but sometimes it is the smallest things that make life better. A collapsible funnel — genius!

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  1. posted by Tigerblade on

    I’ve seen funnels like this that let you expand them to only the size you need – so if you’re not going to be pouring a half gallon of liquid through it, you can expand it only as far as you need for the quarter cup of salt you’re refilling, or whatever.


  2. posted by Jacki Hollywood Brown on

    I have 2 silicone collapsible funnels, one big (canning) and one smaller (filling spice containers from bulk). I love them. They don’t roll around in the drawer and I don’t have to re-organize the entire drawer every time I take one out our put one back in.
    Great invention.

  3. posted by Mac on

    I don’t think it’s a bland product at all. I wasn’t aware of the funnel, thanks! Their collapsible colander saves me a lot of room in my small kitchen and now I see they have collapsible mixing bowls as well.


  4. posted by Sherri on

    I’m with Mac. The collapsible colanders and mixing bowls are great space savers. Now if they come up with collapsible pots and pans they may be on to something 🙂

  5. posted by Tim Haughton on

    I was going to say collapsible colanders would be great, but I see we’re covered there. Fantastic space savers.

  6. posted by Johnny on

    I’ve been looking to get collapsible kitchen tools (like a colander), but I’m concerned about the durability of the material. Folding and expanding something constantly puts a mechanical stress on the material and wears it out over time. How long do these collapsible items last in everyday cooking use?

  7. posted by Jasi on

    I’m not the agreeable sort, but you’re absolutely right. This is incredible. My funnel is the -only- piece that doesn’t properly fit in my utensil drawer. It always gets stuck and jams it closed. Fantastic, since I use it but not all the time.

  8. posted by Steve on

    Have used something similar in our camping gear. Always trying to save space when camping.

  9. posted by Meridith on

    I understand your pleasure in this but our funnel is Pinnchio and his nose is the tube, it’s wall art that we can use

  10. posted by Linda on

    How could a collapsable funnel ever be bland? My collapsable colander is da bomb and I wouldn’t be without one.

  11. posted by Mac on

    @Johnny The collapsible part is a pretty sturdy rubber. It just has a molded bend in the right place (as seen in the above pic) so it folds uniformly. It’s easy to clean too. I’ve had my colander for a year and it looks and works like new.

  12. posted by allen on

    They also make a colapsable measuring cup. 😀

  13. posted by adora on

    I rarely need a funnel. But when I do, I fold a piece of aluminum foil into a cone.

  14. posted by Alicia C. on


    Just this weekend I got frustrated with not being able to get my utensil drawer open and threw my funnel in the recycling bin. It frustrates me to no end that I can’t ever get the drawer open because of that one thing. Thanks for the solution!

  15. posted by rob on

    i have a round rubber jar lid opener that doubles as a funnel. it’s perfect for dry or wet stuff, and can be rolled tightly (for narrow bottles) or wider (for filling the pepper grinder). and then i just throw it in the dishwasher.

    if you guys really want to unclutter, just double-use something you’ve probably already got.

    i also use my steamer basket as a colander. 1 thing to store, 2 (at least) uses.

  16. posted by College party on

    Reminds me of the ole college days

  17. posted by Patrick Kelso on

    For your Aussie readers Woolworths are selling similar funnel for about $8. As Amazon won’t ship this funnel internationally (trust me, I tried buying one about 10 seconds after this post arrived in Google Reader) that is an easier option.

  18. posted by Jimena on

    great idea! anohter storage tip is to hang it on the inside of one of the cabinet doors… maybe under the sink?

  19. posted by Catherine on

    Years ago I saw a funnel advertised on the internet that lay flat and then you could fold and lock in place for the size you wanted. Has anyone seen this product? I keep looking, hoping to find it.

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