LendAround is a great alternative to buying

LendAround is a service that coordinates sharing items with your friends. The website is in beta, and currently there is a waiting list to join, but we think it’s worth the effort of signing up for the service now. From their about page:

LendAround is a project to encourage us all to stop hoarding stuff we own, and start lending it to each other.

LendAround is a free web tool that helps people to borrow things from their friends — starting with DVDs.

It lets you keep track of what you own, what you’ve borrowed, and who from.

You choose who you trust, and you choose what to list.

You’re in control all the time. If a friend asks to borrow something of yours, saying yes is always optional.

A website that helps people to keep fewer things in their homes is a pretty good service in Unclutterer’s view. Learn more by checking out LendAround’s tour.

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  1. posted by Tabitha (From Single to Married) on

    how interesting. I guess it was only a matter of time before someone put together something like this – kind-of like a library except online. Pretty cool.

  2. posted by Springpeeper on

    You need a website to lend things to your friends?! How pathetic!

  3. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Springpeeper — I think it’s more about letting your friends know what you have, not about keeping tabs on your stuff. I have no clue what movies even my closest friends have in their collections.

  4. posted by Peter (a different one) on

    Man, now I have to get off my butt and finish the site I am working on for books… Same kind of idea, I have sooo many books, and don’t need more, but I have an awful time remembering who borrowed what.

    Maybe if I ever finish it, Unclutterer will highlight me : )

  5. posted by Springpeeper on

    @Erin – Oh,I get it now! 🙂 This IS a good idea!
    Sorry for being snarky earlier…

  6. posted by Shalin on

    This sounds like a great way for periodic tracking of your stuff. It’s kinda you are your own micro-Netflix 😉

    Also, what a cool way to strike up conversation and fun social events!
    “Hey, I didn’t know you had that movie!”
    “Oh, yeah, I’ve got more by that director”
    “Movie marathon night?”
    “Sounds great!” 😉

    Now…I would looooooooooove it if people would put their tools on here. I’m constantly on the lookout for tool libraries or communal workshops…


  7. posted by Geri on

    I just tried to sign up, but since it’s still in beta version, they have closed the subscriber list for now. I signed up for the waiting list. Great idea, though. I’m eager to see what other types of lending sites appear or are already out there.

  8. posted by Tim Jackson on

    I’m the founder of LendAround.com — it’s great to see people are so enthusiastic and interested.

    To reduce the frustration for people who want to try it out but don’t want to spend too long on the waiting list for our private beta, please click on this URL and when you join the waiting list, we’ll give your request priority:


  9. posted by mstreemn on

    what a great idea
    it would be nice to have a way to share with an extended group. Most of the time people end up renting or buying something instead of borrowing because we don’t know who has what.

    My friend just bought a carpet cleaner when I would have been happy to lend mine she didn’t know I had one…

  10. posted by Eileen Jackson on

    We have a barter and exchange that we are currently developing here on Whidbey Island. We trade everything from piano lessons to duck eggs. I like the name Lend Around though.

  11. posted by Rose Fakata on

    We did this informally when we were in a largely student and post-college environment. Plates, pots and pans, folding chairs, music stands, bicycles, shawls/wraps, costume jewelry and kids formal clothing were just some of the things that I remember being loaned or borrowed.
    I also know of a large family where they have purchased dinnerware (all white), folding chairs and tables, and ($$) outdoor lanterns — all alike. They use it at their (5) respective homes, but whenever one entertains a large group, they pull it all together and have what they need. It works amazingly well.

  12. posted by Michele on

    If people know others can see they’ve borrowed something, maybe that would shame them into returning it promptly. I’ve had people swear they didn’t borrow a movie from me when I know they did. One person insisted it belonged to her brother and gave it to him, and the jerk didn’t set her straight because he wanted the DVD.

  13. posted by Coffee Nuht on

    That’s why movies and PS3 and Xbox games almost *never* leave our house. And I don’t loan books unless I intend on never getting it back. I’ve been burned too many times in the past with letting people borrow my stuff and then insist I *gave* it to them to keep. I don’t loan anything out, ever, anymore.

  14. posted by Leann on

    “You’re in control all the time. If a friend asks to borrow something of yours, saying yes is always optional.” Not if you live in the South. If I said no my mom might find out and accuse me of being unfriendly. Horrors. I never “lend” anything that leaves home. In my mind I’ve given it away, and if it comes back I’m pleasantly surprised.

  15. posted by Tim Jackson on

    That’s a fascinating observation — saying no isn’t an option “if you live in the South”.

    The way we’ve built LendAround is that if you don’t want to agree to lend a movie to one of your friends, your ‘refusal’ is actually silent — a bit like declining someone’s Facebook friendship.

    Since a movie can often be owned by more than one person in your circle of your friends, the chance that the borrower will take personal offence is low, particularly since there are good-faith reasons why you might be unable to lend (can’t find the disk, want to watch it tonight, are away on vacation, etc).

  16. posted by Julie on

    Different Peter – Goodreads has some features for booklending, and if I’m not mistaken it looks like that’s been expanded recently. If you go to the friends section, there is a tab called “Books my friends own”, and an area for bookswaps (not too sure about this part, as none of my friends or I are participating).

  17. posted by to do: lend/borrow videos instead of renting « The Recovering Procrastinator on

    […] Procrastinator under just fun [3] Comments  I learned about LendAround two days ago on Unclutter. I signed up for the waiting list and got “invited” by the owner yesterday. I have […]

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