Unitasker Wednesday: The snowman kit

snowmanAll Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

As winter continues to pound the northern half of the country, it is a great time to head out and enjoy some fun in the snow. My daughter and I have been taking advantage of the snow by building snowmen (one of our creations is pictured immediately at right). She has enjoyed it quite a bit, especially when we use Hershey kisses for eyes, a baby carrot for the nose, and a bunch of yarn puff balls for its mouth and buttons. 

snowman-kitI have since learned that my daughter’s snowmen-building experience could have been much more sterile and manufactured had we used an incredibly ridiculous snowman kit. The one pictured includes everything you need — even a plastic carrot and plastic branches! (Multiple kits will be needed for multiple snowmen.)

Running around the house looking for items for the snowman was pretty fun for my daughter, but if you don’t have an imagination and want to trample on your child’s fun, then the snowman kit may be for you!

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  1. posted by Rhea - Experiencing Motherhood on

    Oh Man – to think I could have used one of these! Then my snow-making experiencing would have been complete!!

  2. posted by momofthree on

    here we go again–someone creating a product where there is no need!!

    Heaven forbid children used their imaginations and used stuff that was already in the house (attire) or in the yard (stick arms) or garage (charcoal eyes, buttons)!!

    And the kicker is, there are people STUPID enough to go out and spend money on this sort of crap!!

    Once the snow melts, you now have this plastic clutter in your yard, and if you can afford to waste money on this set, you must have the money to pay the landscaping crew to clean it all up too!!

    Is it made out of recycled plastic? Can it be recycled?? Can it be washed off and used again, thereby not putting in the unitasker category??

  3. posted by Pete on

    We got a couple of these for gifts over the years. When we got the first one I thought “Oh, what a waste”. But later that winter my three year old and I when out and built a snowman and used the kit and it was great fun. It was all wooden and looked great. I know it may seem silly, but we now use it every time we make a snowman.

    The more recent plastic one we got is not as nice (actually junk) and probably won’t get used.

  4. posted by Michael on

    Everyone, please. You are clearly not seeing the significant advantages of this kit.

    – Real sticks have the real danger of splinters
    – Real carrots contain salmonella
    – Corn based products like ethanol and real corn-cob pipes are raising food prices and not reducing our dependency for foreign oil

    If you do not purchase this kit you are putting your child’s life in danger.

    Forget that it’s probably made in China. Buying this helps free trade.

  5. posted by Mac on


    To engage in the silliness of a counter-argument…

    The plastic like that used in the kit is generally petroleum based and also comes from foreign oil.

    And using a pipe at all, whether corn-cob or plastic, promotes smoking.

  6. posted by Springpeeper on

    Not only a unitasker, this. It also disempowers kids… teaches them they can’t do something on their own but instead must buy, buy, buy…

  7. posted by dana on

    our last snowman had summer sausage half-slices for eyes. Until Lizzy ate them. (not our dog, our 3 yr old).

  8. posted by Rachel on

    Please only take inspiration from the post author’s Hershey kiss eyes if your yard is well-fenced and you have no dog. 1 oz of milk chocolate per one pound of body weight is toxic to dogs, and less still gives them sick tummies. With a secure yard, this is a very cute idea!

  9. posted by Michael on

    @ Mac

    I like what you did there.

  10. posted by Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas on

    I’m glad you guys used your own homemade smowman “kit”. Creative snowmen rock : ). I’m jealous! Not too many snowmen making chances in the Las Vegas Valley.

  11. posted by catmom on


    Yay to your comments! I live in Florida so this kit would TOTALLY be useless to me. If I did live in an area where it snows, I still would not buy it. It would be one more thing taking up space in my house.

    Why not let children be creative and use their imagination? Happy snowman making!

  12. posted by Abbey on

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I received on of these for Christmas at the tender age of 20!!! What is the point of this?? Even funnier is we were moving from MI tat summer to VA where there is rarely enough snow to make a man out of!!! I think I still have but have no idea what to do with it…besides what Unclutterer states about such uni-taskers and that is GET RID OF IT!!!

  13. posted by mstreemn on

    We used to decorate our snowmen with apples and other edible stuff. The birds and other critters would eat them. We’d sometimes coat stale bread with peanut butter and birdseed and hang it on the hands.

  14. posted by mhb on

    The kit is depressing, so I appreciate the inclusion of the picture of your real snowman to alleviate that. Nice job with the colorful mouth and buttons!

  15. posted by Peter (one of many ; ) on

    Why not include spherical molds in three graduated sizes to pack the snow in and make a really perfect snow person? Creativity and originality are overrated…let’s have identical snow people?! While we are at it let’s make a male and female version and children snow people too!!!

  16. posted by Keri on

    It snowed enough here (in TN) several years ago that I went out and made a small snowman on our deck. I decorated it with some stuff of my BF’s that I found in the garage. Since I couldn’t decide if it should face the driveway or the kitchen window, I made it a Janus snowman, with a face on opposite sides of its head. That way I got to decorate TWO faces (both were different) with only one snowman.

    Now THAT’S being careful of space use (and rare snow)!

    BTW, my BF (now DH) thought it was hilarious to see me out making a snowman, and we were able to look at it through our kitchen window for two or three days.

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