Folding kitchen island

folding-islandDo you have a small kitchen, but want extra counter space to prepare your meals? Unfortunately, a small kitchen has limited options for improvement. Either you make more room by taking advantage of a table in another room, or you move to a place that has a larger kitchen for your meal preparation. The Folding Kitchen Island is a much more convenient option.

As you can see from the picture, the folding island can be folded flat and tucked away when not in use. This a great space-saving option that serves up more counter space when needed. It measures in at  23″ x 22-1/2″ x 36″ high when unfolded and ready for use.

(via The Kitchn)

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  1. posted by gypsy packer on

    Too short for average-height Americans. At 36″, almost guaranteed to create backaches where none have gone before. It’s too small for quantity food prep, and at $199, too expensive for an object used only occasionally.

  2. posted by Tabitha (From Single to Married) on

    I think the price would be worth it if you lived in a small apartment with limited alternatives. When I lived in my studio apartment downtown, I would have loved this since I didn’t have any counter space or shelves at all.

  3. posted by Shalin on

    G-E-N-I-U-S! This totally gets a “Why didn’t I think of that!?” award! 🙂


  4. posted by Erin Doland on

    @gypsy packer — The height measurement, I think, is without the wheels.

  5. posted by Peter (one of many ; ) on

    We would normally use the lower shelves for permanent storage. This is impossible when you have to fold this up and put it against the wall. So, this boils down to a folding cutting board with two unusable lower shelves.

  6. posted by maxie on

    Besides being too short, wouldn’t it roll away from you while you’re working? Or do the wheels lock? (I’m too lazy to click on the link to read the description)

    Anyway, I just open a drawer and put a cutting board across it for more space. Plus, my house is old enough that it has those pull out cutting boards for more surface space.

  7. posted by Mac on

    I second Peter’s comment. I have an island similar to this that doesn’t collapse. It acts as extra counter space and storage in a kitchen with very little of either.

  8. posted by Denise on

    Also, it folds up to something that is still fairly large.

    I literally have one linear foot of counter space in my kitchen, so I am extremely sympathetic to space issues. But I would not use this. I would either have something fixed or something that would fold much more compactly. I’ll stick with my Intermetro cart from the Container Store and my TV trays, I think.

  9. posted by Matt on

    My Mum would bring out a small picnic table around Xmas to give extra space for sitting and peeling potatoes and other prep, and also to thaw the (UK Xmas) turkey for what seemed like days. The cat would guard it.

  10. posted by Gena on

    Reminds me of my favorite dining table from IKEA:

  11. posted by Peter (a different one) on

    I agree with “Peter (one of many ; )” The lower shelves probably add stability, but the utility is minimal if that.

  12. posted by Lori Paximadis on

    When I lived in a teeny place with just about no counter or floor space in the kitchen, I did exactly what @Maxie did: Put a cutting board across an open drawer. It gives you about the same amount of space as this does for a heck of a lot less money, and you don’t have to find an empty corner to store it in.

  13. posted by mstreemn on

    I have a pull out cutting board by the stove. We fit a small microwave in an upper cabinet after we removed the cabinet door to keep counter space free. I have a double sink that I cover with a cookie sheet and a cutting board when I need extra counter space too. Much easier to store.

  14. posted by Vanessa on

    Though this is way too expensive for me, I actually think this is a pretty good idea. My counter space is literally 1 square foot in my tiny apartment. I love to cook, but it is a definite issue to not have enough space for more than one cutting board. I have a large gap between all my appliances, so this could fit there when not in use. But I totally understand how this would be useless for some people.

  15. posted by RRR on

    Regarding the height: the “standard” kitchen counter height is 36 inches. Most every island cart I have seen is 36 inches tall.

  16. posted by Wayward on

    My mom has created 2′ of extra counter space in her current and previous home by taking a measure of wood, covering it with laminate to complement the existing countertop, attaching it to the end of the existing counter with hinges, and adding a support strut that folds back when not in use. Her stove is near the end of the counter and this is where she has placed the “new” space.

    Think of that section of a bar counter that folds back so people can pass through, except this one folds down. I’ll have to take pictures next time I’m at her house.

  17. posted by Quatrefoil on

    I have an old wooden topped ironing board I use for temporary extra bench space. It works a treat and hangs up in the broom cupboard. It cost $15 at a second-hand shop.

  18. posted by Rue on

    I think it’s an interesting idea. However, I don’t think it’s too practical for small spaces. My last apartment had virtually no counter space (at least, none that wasn’t taken up by the sink, stove, or other appliances). But the kitchen definitely wasn’t big enough to park this in, even if only for a little while. You would’ve been able to set it up, but definitely not move around the kitchen too.

  19. posted by Jessica on


    I can’t wait to get that table, it’s on my list of upgrades for my apt.

    Personally I have the IKEA island. Exactly the same except it doesn’t fold down at a third of the price (Cdn Prices)

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