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no-cords1Out of all of the products that I’ve seen from the Consumer Electronics Show this year, the Powermat may be the most technologically uncluttered. According to Powermat’s creators, they “bring safe, simple, and efficient wireless electricity to surfaces including walls, tables, floors, and desktops. It is designed to replace the need to access multiple electrical sockets.”

One of Powermat’s products is the “electric” counter top. The video below shows a stand-up mixer running on nothing else but the Powermat technology. The mixer has no power cord and is equipped with a Powermat receiver on the inside. The option of running non-Powermat equipped products is also possible by using a wireless outlet that is equipped with the receiver. The technology is safe when exposed to water and can power the 300 watt mixer on full power with no problems.

Watch the video for a better idea of how Powermat can change the way we power our small kitchen appliances. I’m looking forward to this product hitting the U.S. market.

(via CNET)

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  1. posted by Another Deb on

    Wow! To have a cordless desk, kitchen counter or workbench! I love the idea that you can take a portable outlet onto the surface and use any existing wired object as well.

    I first thought “Power Mat” would somehow harvest the energy of waking around in the kitchen work area on a special mat. Wouldn’t that be a sweet bonus?

  2. posted by stephanie on

    Oh wow! I want one – to cover my home with!

    Now I just need a treadmill to power it and I’ll be totally green!

  3. posted by Alex Fayle | Someday Syndrome on

    Wow – a whole house wireless! That would be cool.

  4. posted by Sapphire on

    I think whoever designed my kitchen cackled evilly while placing the outlets in the most inconvenient spots they possibly could…I WANT that!!!

  5. posted by eternalvoyageur on

    Won’t that mean more electromagnetic energy everywhere though ?

  6. posted by timgray on

    The “powermat” is highly inefficient. that 300 watt mixer ends up using 350 watts. plus the mat it’s self radiates waste energy as it sits there.

    It’s not new technology, I remember seeing it decades ago in college, It’s just impossible to get the 90 or so companies that make stuff all to standardize on one system.

  7. posted by no thanks on

    By adding overhead onto power consumption over the lifespan of the product, it could end up being an extremely expensive (and environmentally unsound) convenience. I think this mania for getting rid of all cords at any cost is going a bit far.

  8. posted by gypsy packer on

    So—how do you stop the vampire power drain, without power strips?

  9. posted by Marissa on

    Amazing! I can’t wait for the future!

  10. posted by Keter on

    eternalvoyageur is right – that thing is going to be putting off some pretty powerful electromagnetic fields, not something you want in regular close proximity to your DNA. Bad idea.

  11. posted by Wireless kitchen on

    […] Wireless kitchen: […]

  12. posted by Murawsky on

    I smell Tumors in the making.

    Honestly… this seems so dangerous, or at least ‘potentially”

    …say hello to the next falidamide generation.

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