Uncluttered home office design

misodesignkstation2MisoSoup’s K Workstation is an innovative and space-saving desk design. The K Workstation hugs the wall while providing overhead storage in one continuous structure. 

As I write this post from my large desk, I’m a bit envious. On top of the sleek and modern design, the K Workstation would definitely cut down on my desk’s footprint by about 50 percent. This setup would work well in a shared office, dorm room, small apartment, or any minimalist space.

Check out MisoSoup’s website (the K Workstation is in the “furniture” section) for more product information.

(via Apartment Therapy)

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  1. posted by Jennifer Deman on

    That is an amazing desk. I’m completely baffled by how it supports itself. I went to MisoSoup’s website to see if I could see more about how it actually “works.” How does the design work?

  2. posted by Skeemer118 on

    WOW – that is so freakin’ cool!

  3. posted by dan720 on

    Unfortunately, once you start to add useful office “stuff” to it (writing tools, printer, stapler, phone, etc.), you’ve turned it into a very cramped and not-so-nice looking desk :/

  4. posted by Dave P. on

    Looks like it was designed for a kid, not a 6-foot adult. If I had to use this workspace I would be constantly banging my head or my left shoulder on the bookshelf when I stand up. Another example of a design for design’s sake.

  5. posted by Kristen @TheFrugalGirl on

    I was thinking the same thing as Dan…where would you put any of the necessary stuff for office work? There’s not even space for a pen/pencil container. This would be much, much better if it had some concealed storage.

    I think it’s pretty ugly to boot.

  6. posted by anonymous on

    Better as a two or three piece design.

    There is no need to attach the desk portion to the shelf. It just makes it more unwieldy and less flexible.

  7. posted by Alex Fayle | Someday Syndrome on

    As a piece of design, I think it’s pretty cool looking and it would look good in someones small apartment as a non-work space (ie recreational laptop user), but I don’t see it as very practical for all the reasons mentioned above.

  8. posted by Shalin on

    Wow! That is so…simple. I feel kinda relaxed just looking at it 🙂

    Not sure I like the immediately overhead shelf though…


  9. posted by Tabitha (From Single to Married) on

    Hmm… not sure how I feel about this one. it would be a good option if you’re that limited on space. Otherwise, it would be tough to get in and out without bumping your head (for us tall people anyway). Plus there’s all that empty space under the shelf that seems wasted somehow.

  10. posted by Lori Paximadis on

    Interesting looking, but completely impractical unless you never touch a piece of paper ever as part of your work. And are agoraphobic. And have no need for a computer mouse. Or a desk lamp. Or your legs.

    If you are such a minimalist or have such little space that something like this is appealing, give it up and use a laptop on your existing dining table.

  11. posted by sharon on

    Very cool!

  12. posted by Springpeeper on

    This looks like it would need some pretty heavy-duty hardware to attach it to the wall. Not landlord-friendly.

  13. posted by Karl B on

    This desk design is totally impractical for any business setting. Or home office. Or bedroom study. It looks like a senior thesis project, and not something that has any real world application. It’s clean, simple, and totally useless for anyone who needs to work.

    I guess I would need to mount it to the other wall, since I am left handed.

    And never use a mouse. Or phone. Or pen, book, printer, drink coffee. Is there a hard hat to match the furniture, since every time I stand up, I would be whacking my head on the shelf?

    Beautiful design is only useful if it can also be functional.

  14. posted by Jason on

    Now I’m all for clean workspaces, but a couple questions…
    This is a good example of impractical workspace, TOO uncluttered maybe?
    And also, when there are featured workpsaces, does anyone ever NOT work from home, and have a clean workspace? I feel like the only ones ever featured are home offices.

  15. posted by Matt on

    I have to agree with the people saying it looks impractical. Also, the website is one of those awful Flash nightmares that you can’t navigate, see the products on, or direct link to.

  16. posted by Matt on

    Also, the website resizes your browser, so beware. And it’s full of design/marketing BS.

  17. posted by DJ on

    I am attracted to the idea of this, but as many others have said, I need more desk space for phone, lamp, pen and paper.

    And I’m someone whose job is almost entirely paperless. I work almost exclusively with electronic documents and online.

    I’d be the most ideal candidate for a set up like this, but it’s just a tad bit too minimalist, even for me.

  18. posted by Michael on

    Looks nice but, besides all the objections noted above, whoever designed this obviously doesn’t live in earthquake territory.

  19. posted by J on

    Although this seems really cool and seductively simple I get a headache thinking how one would install this. It would take at least two if not three people, and shipping would be a nightmare.

  20. posted by Sarah on

    Cringe…I live in earthquake country. We don’t work/live with heavy (potentially) falling objects directly overhead.

  21. posted by Amy in Ann Arbor on

    My daughter would probably love this. My issue would be obstructed lighting and…is it plastic???

  22. posted by Pete on

    Head… bang.

    Left elbow… bang.

  23. posted by Darren on

    Just one comment – how on earth does that iMac work without a power cable? There isnt a power source in sight anywhere in those pics.

  24. posted by Buzzlair on

    you can only hold on for 1 hour on that kind of seat. 😀

  25. posted by Matt on

    Truly amazing looking !!

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