Unitasker Wednesday: The book brush


All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

I don’t know about you, but I have a serious problem with dust covered books in my home. I’m always trying to dust off my books, but there isn’t an easy way to do it. I usually resort to pounding the books together in the back yard and I end up with a mouthful of dust. There has to be a better way!

Oh, but there is a better way thanks to Book Brush. For just $80 you too can have the ingenious tool that looks like a book, but is really a brush. No really, it’s a brush! The brush is designed to be used to dust off the top of your books. It is so useful you may find yourself buying a couple more just to hand out as gifts.

Note: I have never dusted off the top of my books let alone pounded them together in the back yard. I would think, however, that a clean, dry paint brush would be a MUCH cheaper alternative if you wanted to dust your books.

Thanks to reader Andrew for bringing this unitasker to our attention.

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  1. posted by Cathy W on

    My first thought was “Surely there’s a vacuum attachment that will work here?”

  2. posted by The Original Kit on

    Books get dusty? I’ve never had a problem with dusty books. Even if I did, wouldn’t one of those little Swiffer dusters be at least as good?

  3. posted by crunchycon on

    I just pull ’em off the shelf and blow off the tops 🙂

  4. posted by Real on


    Even if it was useful, they have not even tried to market it well. Why not make it sound like it uses special bristles to prevent damage to expensive books? The title of the book is lame, some snobby book collector wouldn’t want that name. Then the price of 80$ makes it totally ludicrous.

    Anyone that buys this should do it on credit. Ha

  5. posted by Charlotte on

    I mail my dust to others when I send my books off to new readers who request them at http://www.bookins.com! (Just kidding! I blow the tops off before putting them in the mailers!) 🙂

  6. posted by The Daily Click on

    The sequel to the book brush will be the book dustpan, before long there will be a whole series of book gadgets made to look like books, lol.

  7. posted by DR on

    Okay – so yes, my books get dusty and I dust them. Perhaps this is because I have so many of them. The vacuum cleaner brush attachment works just fine. A paint brush, like the one advertised, would simply brush the dust elsewhere (in the air and on other surfaces) – the idea is to get rid of it. The brush attachment also works for dusting off lampshades.

  8. posted by sharon on

    Oh man! This would have made great Christmas gifts. 😉

    But then again, if your books are getting dusty, it may be time to get rid of them.

  9. posted by Alexander on

    It’s not really a unitasker! You can also use it to brush breadcrumbs off your table. 🙂

  10. posted by anonymous on

    Bah! The movie brush was better.

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  12. posted by Shalin on

    wow…you’ve gotta be kidding me… whoever the poor sucker is for buying such a product, well…

  13. posted by Michael on

    Best. Unitasker. Ever.

    Bonus points on the price. Is it made with Unicorn hair?

  14. posted by Tabitha (From Single to Married) on

    $80.00?? Seriously? Oh my – that is hysterical!

  15. posted by Sarah on

    For the record, I’m in charge of circulation at a library at a medium-sized university. We have over 80,000 books in our collection… And this is idiotic. For the record, the janitors run a vacuum over the tops of the books once or twice a year. nothing you can’t do with a dust cloth (that traps dust) or your own vacuum’s attachment, if your house is even dusty enough for it to be a problem (ours isn’t). Light and moisture are far bigger enemies to your books than dust, so position your shelves out of direct sunlight and don’t shelve your 1st edition hemingway next to the bathtub. Of course, it’s harder to sell $80 gadgets to solve those problems…

  16. posted by RJ - Our Financial Planner on

    Not only can I not believe the product, I can’t believe the price, 80?

    Thanks for posting. I look forward to Unitasker Wednesday’s. Always a good laugh.


  17. posted by Tanya on

    I want one of these.

  18. posted by Peter on

    I am somewhat horrified at the suggestion (even in jest) of pounding books together in the back yard. Even in a digital age, books are expensive and precious, and their bindings are delicate. Their owners ought to treat them with respect.

  19. posted by Sheryl on

    Two words – microfiber cloths. I bought a huge package at Costco for chump change, compared to what this thing costs, and I not only use them to dust the tops of dusty books, but to clean everything else in the house.

  20. posted by empty on

    I find our books get surprisingly dusty (so they need to be cleaned every three months, roundabouts, maybe it’s something about this building) but it would never have crossed my mind to use anything but the brush attachment for the vacuum. Pushing the dust around instead of actually disposing of it is crazy.

  21. posted by Steve on

    Of course this crazy product is not aimed at Unclutterer readers because we wouldn’t have tons of books sitting around unread and collecting dust!

  22. posted by Sky on

    Why can’t I think of something like this for $80 and make a killing??
    But wait….there’s more!

  23. posted by Karen on

    I have a lot of books, and the tops of them get dusty. But a brush seems like the wrong approach – it just pushes the dust around. I find that a lambs wool duster works really well for this, since it attracts the dust and holds it until you can shake it off outside. One of the Swiffer dusting cloths also works. (My books are too closely spaced to use a vacuum attachment, but that’s also a good idea.)

  24. posted by sdavis on

    What can possibly justify the cost of this thing?
    We have a Miele vacuum cleaner (by far the best designed vacuum I have ever used) which contains a brush attachment that works just fine for this task.
    My BF also recommends a Swiffer.
    Between us, we own hundreds of books. We weed out books periodically and give them away, but our books are important and we do read a good number of them (or use them for reference) I think that some anti-clutter people are a little hysterical when it comes to books. If you are going to accumulate something, it might as well be books. Now, magazines, that’s another story.

  25. posted by Erin Doland on

    “Bah! The movie brush was better.”

    Ha ha ha!! Brilliant.

  26. posted by Fit Bottomed Girls on

    $80 is beyond absurd. Maybe at the dollar store…maybe.

  27. posted by Sandy on

    Does it come with a USB attachment?

  28. posted by cheryll on

    Well, I was just complaining today that I had finally gotten rid of all those carpets that I hate to clean (because you can’t ever, really, clean them)…and now my books are VERY dusty. Turns out that wood and stone floors do not trap as much dust as carpet does! Who knew?
    I dusted books about once a year (and we have enough to be a library branch) with carpets. Now I must do it about every other month……
    But, $80?! For that much, I could have a Molly Maid come do the entire house. Maybe the windows, too!

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  30. posted by RRR on

    Boy I feel slow. I didn’t get that “The movie brush was better.” comment until I got down to Erin’s reply. Then I had a nice chuckle.

  31. posted by Kara on

    I think books should smell a little musty in order for them to be appreciated. Who wants to pull a book off the shelf without a little dust coming off with it 🙂

  32. posted by Skeemer118 on

    What if I put the book duster on the bookshelf but because it looks like a book, I can’t find it? Does it then collect dust also?

    *sigh* I’m on the verge of tears just thinking about it.

  33. posted by TC on

    Actually, the 3 for $1 from the dollar store not-real-feather dusters I have are fine for the job! (Yes, I have a lot of books. I do not consider them clutter, so no use trying to convince me otherwise. ;-))

    I often laugh at these, but this one blew me away. I mean…for real? This is for real????

  34. posted by Liz on

    Wont the brush push dust down into the pages?

  35. posted by Michele on

    They cost more, but two long-haired cats take care of our book dust just fine, and look much more adorable while doing it.

  36. posted by Gabriel on

    I bought one of these fake book brushes, but I kept mistaking it for the fake book that opened the secret bookcase doorway down to my hidden mad-scientist laboratory.

  37. posted by Kyle on

    Anyone notice that the bristles are different lengths? That’s great if you have books that are just the right height, and arranged properly (as in the picture). Otherwise you’re liable to have trouble trying to get the right length bunch of bristles on the top of a book.

  38. posted by Laddibugg on

    Is this one Unitasker that NO ONE has expressed some sort of need for?!

  39. posted by Jennifer on

    @Laddibugg: oh but of course, i couldn’t live without it XD

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  41. posted by Darrel on

    Best way to clean books is to use a clean Paint Brush, works wonders and does not damage books, I use this to clean my own books and that of my clients books.

  42. posted by Pat Quigle on

    Well, hey!
    Let’s take that big lump in our kitchen drawer, unnecessary mushroom brush, and convert it to a book brush
    Brilliant, yes?
    Grins, pat

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