Workspace of the Week: Wall writing

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Hillary’s home office:

I chose this office because it does such a terrific job at putting the wall space behind the desk to functional use. The multi-month calendars, the magnetic chalk board, and the bulletin boards act as an information center for their user. The tickler file at the left of the desk is a great idea for organizing outgoing paperwork with time-sensitive information. The lack of a power cord for the laptop confuses me (where is the power source?), but overall it looks like a highly functional and organized space. Thank you, Hillary, for your submission to our flickr pool.

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  1. posted by Another Deb on

    I have a wall color that looks identical to this one, sort of a terra-cotta red. It is so soothing (think “Sedona”. If you are afraid of strong color, try it on the lower third or on one facing wall. This color retreats and does not jar your eyes with too much contrast against wood tones as white walls do.

    I would have placed the wall organizers at chair level since I would want to turn while sitting at the desk chair. Hey, chair spinning is as close as I get to amusement some days!

  2. posted by Rue on

    Maybe she just puts up the cords when she’s not using the laptop, to make it look neater. 😀

  3. posted by Kellye on

    I’m not crazy about the salmony wall color. That carpet color clashes with it to me – I don’t think they are complementary shades. I think the overall effect would be better if the entire carpet was that tan of that floor rug.

    That being said, I love her little blackboard. That’s positively adorable and the whole minimalist feel of the desk is very appealing.

  4. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Kellye — I don’t know how accurate the color is on any of our computer monitors. On my screen, it appears as a deep tan.

  5. posted by Tabitha (From Single to Married) on

    Love it! Especially love the color of the walls (maybe because our living room is a simliar color). 🙂

  6. posted by maxie on

    Attractive, but efficient? I’d want the bulletin boards/calendar where I could see and reach them easily.

  7. posted by Hillary on

    Oh my goodness! That’s MY office! How cool is that!

    Thanks so much for posting this – and to answer a couple of questions:

    Wall Color:
    The color is inspired by a Terra Cotta / Sedona-style piece of pottery – the two windows in the room are both west facing – so, in the afternoons (when my brain tends to slow down) the sunshine on the warm colored walls really wakes me up and creates such a soothing work environment. I love it.

    The cords:
    Being an “unclutterer” – I like to put up my cords when ever I can – so I roll them and place them in the top desk drawer, or in my travel laptop bag. It also helps prolong the battery life on my laptop. Previously, I kept my computer plugged in always, rarely pulling it away from its’ power source – and that really ruined the length that the battery would hold a charge.

    Bulletin Board Placement:
    My chair swivels, nicely – and I tend to like to swing around in it – so the bulletin boards behind my desk work nicely. The information is there, if I turn around – but, I don’t have to stare at it all day, and instead can look out the windows and see the trees!

    Thanks for the feedback, guys! All the best in 2009!


  8. posted by ellathinks on

    Great office! Im not too much into dark colored rooms but your office looked great. I envy your calendar on the wall! Wish I could buy one from here

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