Unclutterer on BBC Radio

Earlier this week, in the hubbub of the holiday, I forgot to let all of you know that I would be appearing on BBC Radio. Do not fret, however! The show I was interviewed for, Pods and Blogs with Jamillah Knowles, on the Five Live station, still can be found online.

My segment is only a few minutes long and occurs just before the middle of the program. The whole show is terrific, so, if you have half an hour, I recommend giving it a listen. I talk about how I stopped being a clutterbug and give advice on how to backup sentimental data.


5 Comments for “Unclutterer on BBC Radio”

  1. posted by ellis on

    i thought that was a sporting channel? were you commentating on a soccer match?

  2. posted by Kara on

    Nice interview. Hopefully Unclutterer will get some new British readers after hearing this interview.

    Was she calling you Erin Dolands or was that just her accent?

  3. posted by Paul D on

    Great interview. UK reader via RSS.Keep up the good work.

  4. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Kara — As long as she wasn’t calling me Erin Dumb-Dumb or Erin Dunce, I’m totally okay with it. Also, my name (even with an s) sounds so much cooler with a British accent 🙂

  5. posted by The Daily Click on

    Now having heard your voice on the broadcast, I can hear it as I read your posts, definitely brings the posts to life.

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