A fond farewell to 2008

The Unclutterer staff wants to send off 2008 with a list of our favorite posts from this year. These aren’t necessarily the posts that were the most read or the most commented, but are the ones we treasured for some reason we can’t explain. Most of all, we hope you enjoyed them!

Sue’s favorite posts:

Matt’s favorite posts and unitaskers:

Erin’s favorite posts:

Do you have a favorite post? We would love to know which posts bookmarked a place in your hearts in 2008!

6 Comments for “A fond farewell to 2008”

  1. posted by timgray on

    Ahh some of my favorites are up there! I also love any of the stores or tips on reducing clutter and getting rid of “stuff”. MY goal is to make a move to a far smaller home in the next 18 months. Reduction in size to cut costs and the amount of work and time wasted in the home.

    Many of you have so many great ideas on how to make the most out of less. I look forward to all the great ones to come in 2009!!

  2. posted by Ruth on

    I enjoyed the article/quiz about understanding how you process information to help you get organized, but couldn’t find part II, which would seem to be the helpful part.

    I really searched, too.


  3. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Ruth — Part II can be found here: http://unclutterer.com/2008/05.....ed-part-2/

  4. posted by maxie on

    I’d love to see a Best of Unitasker Wednesdays!

    @Erin, I just saw the post on storing coffee–that post could have been combined with the one on Foodsavers. I store my coffee beans in a canning jar and vacuum seal it. I take out about a week’s worth or so and re-vacuum. They stay incredibly fresh that way.

  5. posted by Another Deb on

    I appreciate the hobby uncluttering post. My job appears to be my hobby since I spend almost all of my free time still doing it. Now I once again re-assess the amount of time I am NOT spending on a leisure life!

  6. posted by chaotic kitten on

    I’ve just found your blog and love it! This post in particular has some fantastic links that I think will be so helpful to me in my mission to dehoard my house 🙂

    Thank you so much!

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