Martha Stewart’s on maximizing your closet space

martha-closetsIn the January issue of Martha Stewart Living, there is a feature on maximizing your closet space. There is a great photo gallery on, which highlights some of the excellent ideas.

One of the ideas I liked was the following:

High Altitude:ย Hard-to-reach areas are a closet’s no-man’s-land. A spring-loaded pull-down rack, which you can install yourself, solves the problem. A light tug on a handle positioned in the center of the rod brings clothes to you. The racks are sold on the web and through some closet and organizing stores.

Be sure to check out the online gallery for even more ideas.

As a final note, I’ve looked for the “spring-loaded pull-down rack,” but have been unable to find a retailer that sells them. Does anyone have an idea of where to find this?

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  1. posted by Emily on

    Your search string should be “pull down closet rod”.

    Hope that helps! I’ll be looking for a more frugal option, since at first glance they seem to be around $120+

  2. posted by Tabitha (From Single to Married) on

    I love the idea of a pul down closet rod – will definitely be helpful!

  3. posted by infmom on

    It’d be a whole lot better if Martha had worked with the average closet in the average house. It’s real easy if you’ve got one of those walk-in jobbies. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You know, in the 36 years my husband and I have been married, only once have we even had two closets to put our separate clothing in, and we got forced out of that house after three months when the landlord sold it to a developer to be torn down. Our current house was built in 1930 and our bedroom has just one small closet with one small wooden door.

    An Elfa system from the Container Store helped us maximize the space so we could give away the stand-alone Ikea wardrobe where I’d been storing my clothes. I’d love to see Martha try to do any better with the space. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. posted by adora on

    :o!!! Pull down rod is genius!

  5. posted by Shanel Yang on

    Great idea! Or, you could just store stuff in boxes clearly marked with the contents on those high shelves and use a sturdy little stepladder whenever you need to get in there again. I put the least used stuff in the farthest corners. Personally, weeding out the old stuff and keeping just what I need easily within reach is a better solution than adding yet more “organizers” to an already full closet. I wrote about how to do that in my post called “How to Organize Your Closet in 5 Simple Steps” at

  6. posted by maxie on

    Ditto, infmom. That closet in the photo looks about the size of my son’s room.

    Just once, I’d like to see someone organize a truly small space. The last few “small” kitchen updates I’ve seen put an island in the middle of the room–that is NOT a small kitchen!

  7. posted by larochelle on

    Suggestion: You’ve got an office space photo flicker group, how about creating a closet photos group? I’d love to see REAL people’s solutions instead for Martha’s rich people with huge homes solutions.

  8. posted by Catherine on

    One of my new year’s resolutions is to organize my closet more efficiently. But it won’t look like that for sure. Ikea’s closet systems are tiny & cheap, but I don’t know much about how well they endure heavy use. Anyone know?

  9. posted by Elizabeth on

    Please look at all of the photos before criticizing! Two of the three featured closets are not walk-ins, and one of those uses freestanding units.

  10. posted by momofthree on

    Echo-ing the concerns of small space living people everywhere:

    Will TV shows/magazines EVER get it thru their THICK skulls that not everyone in the USA lives in a huge house!!
    We are a family of 5 living in a 1950’s post Korean War 920 sf house and we manage just fine. Don’t have a lot of crap lying around the house waiting to be dusted and if there is something we really want to keep, it goes into a container in the garage.

    Let’s definitely see more small closet space organizing for the REAL people of the world!!!

  11. posted by Beverly Williams on

    I’ve found the best way to organize a closet is to get rid of things you don’t, can’t or won’t wear. Also get rid of things that get stuck in closets if there is no other storage place such as multiple suitcases you haven’t used in years and no doubt are outdated. Women don’t need as many shoes as they think they do and men don’t need as many ties and jackets! PS I’ve never had a walk in closet either.

  12. posted by knitwych on

    I have to agree with infmom and the others who have noted that these closets are uncommonly big. I looked through the photos and saw nothing that resembles a standard closet. Nor did I see anything suggested in Martha’s closets that aren’t typical closet organization ideas. What I did see was a lot of modular stuff that likely cost ridiculous amounts of money. I think larochelle hit on an excellent idea. I, too, would love to see how real people approach their closet organization projects.

  13. posted by Emily on

    If you’re monetarily challenged at the moment like me, a cheap stool will do to reach those high spots. I’m 5′ nothing so I need a stool anyway.

    Luckily, my roommate was able to find this collapsible stool that takes up little space. (Similar to this:

  14. posted by someone on

    @Elizabeth — I DID look at the photos. All three are for homes that are far more palatial than most people in the U.S. will ever have the opportunity to live– and yet they still have the gall to call these “small space” solutions. Um, yeah.

    But those articles are never geared towards the majority of Americans– only to the 3% that can afford to spend thousands of dollars on the organizing products sold by the magazine’s advertisers.

  15. posted by One Bag Nation on

    I’d also love to see a closet gallery of photos – great idea!

  16. posted by Lauren Halagarda on

    Hi Matt,
    You can find the pull down closet rod for closet ( and pull down shelving for kitchen cabinets ( at Rev-A-Shelf. They have some great solutions! Check out their appliance lift:

  17. posted by A.T.O. on

    I was going to suggest Rev-a-shelf also. They have some great solutions! I’m a designer and I recommend it to my clients often.

  18. posted by Closet on

    Nice to see the flexible closets. As pointed out by some of our friends, we should come up with ideas for organizing smaller closets as well. Anyway, thanks for the information about the pull down rods.


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