Unitasker Wednesday: Electric paper plane launcher

electric-plane-launcherAll Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

If there is one thing you need for your office in 2009 it has to be the Electric Paper Plane Launcher. Seriously, how have you survived office boredom this long without such a useful product?!

From the Launcher’s product description:

With simple assembly, you can discover how spinning motors and plastic discs can be used to launch a plane at over 30 mph!

30 mph!?! You could definitely put an eye out with these flying paper projectiles. Now if only someone could come up with an automatic paper airplane maker, our lives would be complete.

17 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Electric paper plane launcher”

  1. posted by Krisha K on

    hand power was never enough for MY paper planes!

  2. posted by Ken on

    If only this was powered by USB…

  3. posted by Carl Cravens on

    You realize this is a science kit… the purpose isn’t launching paper airplanes, it’s teaching.

    So it’s not a unitasker… it launches paper airplanes *AND* can be used to teach about mechanical laws and conversion of electrical energy to mechanical.

    You could spend all year filling Unitasker Wednesday if you walk down the science kit aisle, calling educational kits “ridiculous unitaskers”. By their nature, science kits are very simple and generally useless as functional items.

  4. posted by Luis Fernando on

    Do I care if it’s a unitasker or not? NO, I DO NOT. I want one now, tonight.

  5. posted by Erin Doland on

    Matt, this is awesome. Great find.

  6. posted by Bobk on

    I LIKE!!! Just the thing for the cube farm.

  7. posted by Bonnie Blackburn on

    Justthe thing when my manager comes in to give me yet another task…

  8. posted by Lily on

    The best part is that a desk or table is really eye-level for a small child witnessing the 30 mph launch of a pointy tipped projectile. A good way to ensure your youngest’s new playground nickname is “Cyclops”.

  9. posted by momofthree on

    Gees, all I need is a job (trying to reenter the work force after being a SAH mom for 18 yrs) with a desk, and with ALL top of desk unitasker items, I wouldn’t have any room left upon which to work!!

    I just love this site and all the tips I have gleaned from the articles and those who post comments.

    Happy Holidays one and all and may we all unclutter our lives for the better in ’09!!

  10. posted by Rob on

    How long before we see a Williams-Sonoma version of this that puts bay leaves in your soup for only $1995?

  11. posted by kate on

    My son who’s now 7 got one of these last year when he was big into paper planes, it’s fantastic! I love your site but you got this one wrong, it’s a toy not a unitasker!!

  12. posted by Another Deb on

    I could have used this with hunderds of students over the past 10 years if I had known they existed. One of the hardest things to control on their paper airplane experiments was the launch angle and force. This would have served me well, but I went ahead and made the kids figure it out for themselves. Possibly the best route at that!

  13. posted by PJ Normz on

    Oh they would love this at the Meadowlands (home of the NY Jets & Giants). All the fans do in the upper deck is throw planes. Some of them have terrible accuracy and could use a tool like this!

  14. posted by Katie on

    I bought this for my nephew this year for xmas…I have not heard the results yet, but if the reviews are good, I will have to get one for work:) I think we can use it in the atrium for some real fun.

  15. posted by Henry on

    Seeing this gave me a reason to pull out my old Lego Technic Boxes. I built a Paper plane Launcher out of Lego Technic (including two lego motors and the lego train’s trafo). 😀

  16. posted by Jenni on

    I was going through some of the thrift shops and saw something that would make it into your unitasker ideas.
    It only seem to make ice cream cones. It is by black and decker, from the past, something like artic blast or something. It was like what you get at ice cream places that make ice cream cones. I don’t know if you could try making snow cones, if it would hold together on that.
    It reminded me of these kind of ideas. Good articles.

  17. posted by My New Obsession — Unitaskers « The Non-Consumer Advocate on

    […] The electric paper plane launcher […]

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