Ask Unclutterer: Call for entries

Many of our best posts are a result of questions from readers. Plus, these posts are fun to write. It’s nice to know that what we’re creating will be helpful to someone.

In 2009, we want to create a weekly feature called “Ask Unclutterer.” The Ask Unclutterer post will run mid-morning on Fridays, in the second content slot after our Workspace of the Week article.

We are looking for questions relating to organizing, cleaning, home and office projects, productivity, and any problems you think the Unclutterer team could help you solve. To submit your questions, go to our contact page and type your question in the content field. If you feel comfortable sharing images of the spaces that trouble you, let us know about them. The more information we have about your specific issue, the better.

We’ll have our first Ask Unclutterer column on Friday, January 9 — so start submitting your questions now! Let the experience of the Unclutterer team go to work for you!

8 Comments for “Ask Unclutterer: Call for entries”

  1. posted by gypsy packer on

    Any multifunctional solutions to organize that bane of the Dixie gal’s existence, the trailer kitchen. I have a combo chair/ironing board/step stool. I cannot use a pot rack because the ceiling fan gets in the way.

    I have a substitute for a pot rack–a disabled roommate who is a PACK RAT.
    Any organizational solution must be accompanied by an airtight unarguable reason for purchase of the organizational tool and/or discard of clutter. Open to any and all suggestions, including smarta** retorts.

  2. posted by Amy Crook on

    I’d love to see some advice on what to donate vs what to sell when clearing out the clutter!

  3. posted by Soup on

    I just moved into my first apartment, and I am faced with the opportunity to start living from an uncluttered mindset, rather than trying to apply it to an already-made disaster zone.

    What are the central ideas and/or recommended furnishings to for _preventative_ uncluttering?

  4. posted by Lia on

    How to organize all the computer stuff. I have a ton of installation CDs and disks, along with post-it notes with login IDs and passwords. How to organize all the software? I can’t get rid of them because I will need them again (and I paid for them) but how to organize them so they don’t make such a mess and I can find what I need?

  5. posted by Stephanie on

    I’ve recently become intrigued in finding household items that do (at least) double-duty — the opposite of the unitasker. So far I’ve found a napkin ring/place card combo and a cake plate that also works as a relish tray or punch bowl. Help me find some more so I can turn my whole house into a precision multi-use tool!

  6. posted by Jennifer on

    How to unclutter the fridge? What should really be in their? What’s the best way to store things? What goes on the top shelf? On the bottom? Do those veggie drawers really work? What can/shouldn’t go on the door?

  7. posted by tay on

    I stumbled across a closet organizing solution: “cluster” organizing, where the person groups outfits together. I thought this was a very good idea however I started thinking about how my closet would actually look. How could I achieve a closet with a neat organized appearance while using this technique? I also wondered what does one do if for instance a top or a bottom can make up 3-4 different outfits for example…

    I would love to see information on various closet organizing tips and ideas and start to see pics of this like you do the best workspace. After all your closet is how your morning begins!

  8. posted by Gabriel on

    A little late, but still relevant:

    “What unitasker were you given for Christmas? And, are you keeping it?”

    I got a citrus juicer – one of those counter top press jobs. But I am keeping it.

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