Real Simple’s Holiday Blogathon, the website that accompanies Real Simple magazine and that I write a column for every Tuesday and Thursday, is currently featuring their Holiday Blogathon: 26 Days of Tips. The series features informational posts from fashion, food, organizing, and decorating bloggers — most of whom are not regular contributors to the Simply Stated community.

Unclutterer’s article “Six Stress Busting Holiday Tips” is today’s entry for the series. All of the posts have tips and tricks to help you survive the season, and here are a few of my favorites:

Contact the people on your long or short list and ask how they might feel about putting a cap on holiday spending this year. — SavvySugar

My Rubbermaid containers play double duty as an ever-so-clever hiding spot for presents. Picture this … you bring out all the bins, decorate like crazy, then place them back in the garage in an easy-to-reach location. When you get home from holiday shopping you quietly and quickly transfer the gifts to the empty bins (so sneaky). — Krista Colvin

Give the gift of yourself this year. Create a gift certificate that entitles the recipient to quality time with you. Make Grandma dinner. Give your kids a movie night with Mom. Promise your husband a date. — Kimberly Petro

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  1. posted by Donna on

    Empty luggage makes a great hiding spot for presents, too.

  2. posted by na0 on

    i like the rubbermaid bin idea!
    i actually have been doing the same thing for a couple years now. 🙂

  3. posted by krista colvin on

    thanks for including my REALsimple holiday blogathon post! Cheers to all the sneeky mamas 😉

  4. posted by Pages tagged "real" on

    […] bookmarks tagged real Unclutterer » Archive » Real Simple’s Holiday … saved by 3 others     ototochan88 bookmarked on 12/13/08 | […]

  5. posted by Joy (from Just Plain Joy) on

    Great tip about the holiday bins! I use mine to store the everyday items that are replaced when I decorate for the holidays (and I hide them under my dining table).

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