Built NY lunch bag for kids

I highlighted Built NY’s uncluttered lunch bag a while back, so I figured I’d point our readers to their new lunch bag for kids called the Munchler. The Munchler is a lunch bag that can also be carried like a backpack. It also unzips into a placemat for easy use and stores flat. Made from polypropylene, it will insulate your child’s food.

Munchlers come in four varieties including a dog, panda, tiger, and bunny. These are fun, practical, and, most importantly, reusable lunch bags. Built NY has some great designs while offering very affordable products.

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  1. posted by Tabitha (From Single to Married) on

    These look great – has anyone used them? Do they work well? I wonder if the kids are able to put them back together once they’re folded flat. If that’s not a problem, then they would be a good gift item.

  2. posted by Another Deb on

    Great concept, creepy faces.

  3. posted by lemma on

    Er… I’ll pass.
    Unwrapped they look too much like a Techno-Diaper for me to think of eating off ’em. I’m with Deb, the faces do look creepy.

  4. posted by Sarah S. on

    I am a full blown grown up who happens to own the tiger. Great little lunchbox that keeps food warm from the microwave to my desk. The flattening element is handy for eating as well as storing. It is small though which can be great for portion control but don’t expect to cram a Hungry Man dinner in there.

  5. posted by Rue on

    The little dog is cute…the other ones are kind of creepy. Neat idea though!

  6. posted by Meghan on

    So cute! My favorite is the tiger. I’m forwarding this to my kid-having friends. And I don’t think they’re creepy at all!

  7. posted by SewingGirl on

    I’ve got the little dog one, use it for bring-fruit-only days. It’s not big enough for a full salad lunch. But it cleans up nice.

    Had no idea that it completely unzips and looks like a diaper, that’s a little unsettling…

  8. posted by Battra92 on

    For something a little less creepy, check out the Japanese tradition of Furoshiki.


    No clutter there and you can carry everything from books to lunch to bottles of Coke safely and easily with them. 🙂

  9. posted by Greenish on

    I agree these look creepy and more importantly where are these things manufactured and what’s that icky silver material? Looks pretty unhealthy to have your kids eat lunch off of?!

    For an Eco-friendly lunchbag solution check out the Hero Bags lunch bags – made in USA out of organic cotton it’s also machine washable and was selected as ‘the green lunch bag’ favorite by the SF Chronicle check them out at http://www.herobags.com

  10. posted by Get Free Discount Coupons on

    Wow, Cool Stuff

  11. posted by LS on

    Try this: the one-piece stainless steel Planet Box. My daughter uses it, it works great, no lids to wash, no trash is generated. Gender-neutral red (thank god no blue and pink) and will hold a variety of snacks and a sandwich as well, all without wrappers. US company.

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