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I’m always on the lookout for project management tools that are simple to use and worth their price. I’ve written about a few of my favorites that can be found online, and personally continue to use Basecamp for work projects and LifeTick for non-work goals.

Last Thursday, completed an in-depth review of 15 project management applications — many of which I didn’t know existed before I read the article. The applications are excellent for people working in technical and creative jobs, and can certainly help you to increase your productivity and organization at work.

The article explores basic project management, wiki-based project management, bug and ticket tracking, collaboration and conferencing, invoicing, and time management applications.

If you’re in the market for a new project management system, I recommend reading the SmashingMagazine review.

Do you have a favorite project management application not mentioned in this set of reviews or in our previous article? If so, please let us know about them in the comments. I’m interested in learning about the tools that help you to be an more organized worker.

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  1. posted by Harmony on

    Hi Erin 🙂 I was recently looking for a good project management tool and ended up settling on Google Sites – – where I can build my own system from the ground up.

    If I was going to pay for one I think it’d be Basecamp, but for now I don’t want to bother with any features I won’t use and I’m trying to keep it all as simple as possible. Google Sites let’s me create what I want, and leave out what I don’t want, plus it’s free, secure, and has file versioning.

  2. posted by Harmony on

    Oh sorry, regarding the above I forgot to add – I only use Google Sites for my own system, I don’t know how it would perform in terms of collaboration (probably not very well to be honest). But since I don’t collaborate online with my client’s it works fine for me.

    It would also be a good app to use for tracking personal details, to-do lists, etc, all in one place.

  3. posted by Indrek on

    I think visual planning rocks eg. you need to draw your plans instead of writing. Best way to draw your plan is by using gantt charts. Altought both gantt and PERT charts can be done using pen and paper, specialized software packages are more handy. 2 main problems with charts on paper are rescheduling and sharing your plans. Again, most of the software packages are too complex and hard to implement or too expensive. Well here’s one which doesn’t have too many bells and whistles and can be used free of charge –

  4. posted by Priyanka on

    Hi, I use DeskAway for managing my projects & sharing the tasks with my team & clients. DeskAway has great features embedded with simplicity & is much more affordable than other pm tools.

  5. posted by Mark Phillips on


    Thanks for opening it up to mention other applications.

    For project management, check out Vertabase at
    This is an easy to use, full featured project management application that either the company can host or customers can host internally.

    For time tracking, Vertabase makes a free time tracking widget called the Vertabase Timer at

    Besides running on Windows and MAC, developers can set-up a URL on to get a JSON post from the Timer (which means they can collect information from people in their company using the Vertabase Timer and use it for their own reports or applications).

  6. posted by Sahil Parikh on

    Thanks for the pm post. Your blog name says it all 🙂
    Anyways, you should check out DeskAway as well – simple yet powerful.


    Founder, DeskAway

  7. posted by Steven on

    Manymoon is a free web based project and task tracking tool which apart from having all the regular features which an online task management tool is expected to have, has a special feature – it allows you to easily attach your documents and sheets in your Google Docs account from within its interface. It also allows you to create private tasks, collaborate with co-workers, turn email into tasks and track the completion of projects.

    # Manage your private and shared tasks.
    # Simple tracking and completion of projects.
    # Find out what other people are working on.
    # Collaborate with co-workers, customers and partners.
    # Turn emails into tasks.
    # Attach Google Docs to tasks and projects.
    # Integrated with Google Calendar
    # Daily Email summary

    Its the facebook for work. Very easy to use !!

  8. posted by Satya on

    this is the nice site that can help you.

  9. posted by PM Hut on

    It should be noted that all the tools currently on the market are Basecamp clones, which is sad really, as the innovation level is restricted to just changing (or enhancing) the interface. The difference between these tools (besides the minor aesthetics in the interface) is just pricing plans.

    Here’s an article on the ideal project management tool, written by the CEO of one tool (the article is still fairly objective).

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