The old new is the new old

Every once in a while I stumble upon a company and think, “I like how this company sees the world.” Last week, I learned about Fusion Furniture, a company that repurposes industrial furniture for private use.

In this case, Fusion re-designed and re-purposed a never used medical supply storage unit and turned it into a portable bar.

Even if you don’t like the industrial design of these pieces, anyone can appreciate the idea of finding a new, useful purpose for an older piece. If you have furniture items in your home that are clutter because they’re not being used, think about transforming the piece yourself or maybe selling it to a company that transforms furniture — your clutter can become someone else’s treasure.

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  1. posted by Fit Bottomed Girls on

    I think it’s a great idea…makes me think twice about just throwing out things.

  2. posted by Jamie Phelps on

    This is a fairly common concept called “upcycling” in craft cultures like Etsy. Here’s a link: This is just on a larger scale. Still, I love it!

  3. posted by Shalin on

    Awesome – love repurposing things! That’s it, I’m getting a cut-out tool to do some light-duty projects! 🙂


  4. posted by JJ on

    Very cool. I think that it is only common sense to reuse things and/or adapt them when needed. This can be done on a large scale such as the flooring we have in our home that used to be the siding on barns. On a lessor scale my parents had a captains pedestal water bed frame. When they later switched to a normal mattress, we cut the old frame apart to make a chest of drawers and a freestanding headboard. A lot of reuse depends on how much effort people are willing to invest in doing so.

  5. posted by Julia1060 on

    Up/re-cycling is one of my favorite habits – working in the theatre, we often repurpose items for surprising uses – why not at home? It’s a great exercise in thinking out of the box and problem-solving. While it can make decluttering a challenge – e.g., “this has the potential to …”, with intentionality and elbow grease, it’s a surprisingly satisfying way of seeing.

  6. posted by Tabitha (From Single to Married) on

    very cool idea – I love seeing how people refinish and reuse items, especially furniture. It’s so inspiring!

  7. posted by MAM on

    Unfortunately the “I could do something really neat with this old thing” mentality (and its cousin, “this might come in handy someday”) are major contributors to my clutter situation. Need better follow-through on the repurposing, I guess. –Mary

  8. posted by Dennis on

    I was very jazzed about seeing this, but then inquired about pricing…ouch! In today’s economy, and the fact that I was laid off about 6 months ago, I’d love to find something just like they are offering, but at a more ‘laid-off friendly’ pricing schedule.

    I love this site, it’s been my inspiration- because of this site, I’ve organized, re-organized, purged junk, did it again, and am getting ready to do it again. I never though I’d do it – growing up everyone I knew was pack-rat.

    Kudos on a well done site and being my inspiration as I am sure to many others as well.

  9. posted by Another Deb on

    Last week’s “Charging station” for $199.00 is a perfect example of something you could find as salvage and retrofit it for your own launch pad. The Goodwill has a plethora of odd shelving pieces that could work for the same purpose.

  10. posted by George on

    I’m currently in Africa – they are the masters of repurposing here through sheer necessity. You should see what the kids use for toys. Empty bottles are always reused for holding oil or fuel. Old newspapers and magazine pages make great wallpaper. Every scrap of cloth is reused for cleaning purposes. Plastic bags are a problem (aren’t they everywhere) but broken ones are now being used to stuff soft toys.

  11. posted by Katie on

    I love reusing items in a new way. A neighbor was getting rid of a 1950’s tv cabinet with the space on top for the record player and I converted it into an outdoor bar. The top holds the bottles and the bottom has the glassware hidden behind a curtain.

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