Unitasker Wednesday: The batter dispenser

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

I haven’t hit up Williams-Sonoma for a good unitasker for some time due to all the great suggestions that have been sent to us from our readers, but I had to stop that break and nominate this Batter Dispenser. Yes, you could simply pour the batter out of a measuring cup or bowl — but would you get the perfectly poured batter that the Batter Dispenser promises? I don’t think so. You also wouldn’t create even more dishes to wash!

This contraption is large and it is very similar to the jumbo jerky works gun, but do you have any other ideas on how to perfectly pour waffle, pancake, or muffin batter? The end to your batter pouring horrors is here. The Batter Dispenser will make breakfast a treat again.

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  1. posted by Sheryl on

    I must confess…I don’t make pancakes, but if I did, I’d be all over this! (That is, as long as you could clean the whole thing in the dishwasher.)

    No more messy, drippy measuring cups or batter dripping down the side of the bowl.

  2. posted by Carey on

    My sister-in-law got me one of these as a gift, and it works really well. It has three “sizes” for pancakes and waffles. Definitely recommended.

  3. posted by Taryn on

    It strikes me as odd that a batter dispenser would even be helpful for waffles–pancakes maybe, if you’re really messy. But could it even affect how waffles look? Of course I’d put the waffle iron on the unitasker list too…

  4. posted by ClumberKim on

    I don’t think of this as a unitasker. I would use it fill muffin or cupcake cups. I always make a mess when trying to do it with a spoon or ladle.

  5. posted by Ray on

    While this certainly is a unitasker, I gotta say I enjoy this weekly feature much better when you come up with the unitaskers bordering on absurdity. A number of the recently posted unitaskers, including this one, seem like legitimate though specialized tools. Of course everyone’s opinion will differ on what’s legitimate and what’s absurd, just sharing mine…

  6. posted by Rue on

    I would totally get one of these. My husband loves pancakes, but I hate the mess and the many bowls and spoons involved, not to mention all the drips on the stove!

    Also, agreed with Ray. 🙂

  7. posted by JulieLyn on

    This gadget could end my career as a bona fide pancake artist. I can just see my family sitting down to plates of perfectly plain uniform pancakes. Alas, no more turtles, moose, bears, amoebas, or sunfish wandering across the breakfast plate.

    For eliminating drip trails, simply hold the bowl over the griddle while using a soup ladle to scoop out the batter and then move the bowl back to the counter top when done.

    ClumberKim: Rather than a messy spoon, I use an ice cream scoop to fill muffin tins.

  8. posted by Tim on

    1. Pancakes
    2. Waffles
    3. Muffins
    4. Funnel Cakes

    There’s four tasks right off the top of my head. Besides, some unitaskers are worth putting up with out of necessity.

  9. posted by Courtney on

    Since I normally use nested measuring cups anyway when I make pancakes, I just dip in a 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, or 1/4 cup and pour it out. Perfectly uniform-size pancakes, and you have to wash the cups anyway, so no additional dishes. This thing looks like a nightmare to clean.

    HOWEVER, here in Buffalo NY we have a wonderful local chain called Mighty Taco. They use caulk guns to squirt sour cream onto tortillas. It’s fun to watch the employees make 10 to 20 tacos in under a minute by taking the caulk gun and going squirt-squirt-squirt-squirt-squirt.

  10. posted by Fit Bottomed Girls on

    This one really cracks me up. I wonder how big of a pain in the arse it is to clean that thing!

  11. posted by Springpeeper on

    Let’s not forget what a nuisance – and mess – it must be to FILL this dispenser and that it doesn’t appear to hold a lot of batter, so you’d probably have to fill it several times for one batch of pancakes.

    Sure, the batter dispensing part of the process might be neater than using a ladle, but filling up this contraption probably requires using a ladle anyway! The makers of this device don’t show THAT in the photo, do they?

    You have to consider the WHOLE process in determining the usefulness of an object. This one just adds complexity to pancake making. A unitasker of the worst kind!

  12. posted by Brett on

    Rather than buy this, why not buy Batter Blaster?? (www.batterblaster.com) The stuff is amazing! No messy bowls, measuring cups, etc. Tastes great too. Great for a busy morning!

  13. posted by alpha on

    another use we could use this for is to make “slim jim” or “hot rod” sized jerky 😛

  14. posted by Katrina on

    This reminds me of annual summer pancake breakfasts (hosted by the volunteer firefighters in my town). Those firemen are like a machine, with huge bowls and crazy batter funnels – like a regular funnel, but its got a hand trigger to open and close the hole.

    Some devices should be left to the professionals.

  15. posted by jgodsey on

    i find this posting antithetical to the unclutterer objective. this item IS one of those things we buy with good intentions and ends up in the yard sale box. it has ONE use and it’s an occasional one at that.
    please don’t let this be a sign of a downward spiral.

  16. posted by Celeste on

    This seems “green” in comparison to what I saw at the grocery store last week–pancake batter in an aerosol can (just like whipped cream and in the same area of the dairy case). I don’t know how many pancakes are in a $5 squirt can, though. Just throw the can away when you are done! ::OY::

  17. posted by Kalle on

    Some of these commenters HAVE to be trolls. I mean, how clearly can you spell out that these posts are ironic in nature? The huge disclaimer at the beginning of the post almost insults my intelligence and waters down the humour way more than the old one did. But apparently nothing is enough. Oh, humanity…

    All in all, Unclutterer has by far the funniest and most useful comments of all the blogs I read.

  18. posted by Bertie Ranger on

    That is too funny! I definitely need to go back and read your other unitasker jokes:)

  19. posted by kay_dee on

    @jgodsey: missed the big disclaimer at the beginning of the post, did you?

    Ahhhhh, there’s always one . . .

  20. posted by Kirsten on

    I have a mixing bowl with a handle on it and a pouring lip. It’s plastic, so it’s not heavy when it’s full, and it’s just the sort of thing to use when making pancakes, muffins, or anything that I need to pour without dumping it all over the place. One bowl and easy cleanup.

    I love some of the stuff you feature on Unitasker Wednesday!

  21. posted by Cathy on

    We have frequent pancake breakfasts at our church and have a similar kitchen device. It guarentees minimal mess and uniform size so that everything cooks quickly and evenly.
    I would not have one at home, but anyone cooking for a crowd would love this.

  22. posted by jocelyn on

    pancakes, waffles, cupcakes, and muffin batters (as well as cookie dough) are easiest to portion with the ice cream scoops that work by squeezing the handle. much easier to clean than this thing must be.

  23. posted by jocelyn on


    I wonder if people miss it because it is in a different font. In skim-mode, their eyes probably pass right over it to get to the obvious meaty part.

  24. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Kalle and @jocelyn — One of the Unclutterer programmers and I made a bet about the new “disclaimer” at the top of the posts. I said that there was NO WAY anyone would miss it now, and he said they would still happen. He was right. Every time we’ve run the disclaimer at the top of the post there have been comments from people that indicate they missed the disclaimer. I think that even if we went with a huge text size in extra bold that the comments would still exist. If anyone has a suggestion of how to make it more obvious, please let us know! Honestly, we wish we didn’t have to run any disclaimer at all.

  25. posted by Re on

    Courtney – how I miss Mighty Taco!!!

  26. posted by Sue on

    Aren’t “troll” posts just clutter, too?

  27. posted by Missi on

    @ Erin, maybe you could just include the word “Joke” as part of the heading of the post. “Unitasker Joke: ______” But someone would probably miss that too. I have to say, my favorite part of Unitasker Wednesdays is reading to see who missed that it was a joke and took you guys for serious. It always makes my day to find at least one.

  28. posted by Yurei on

    Im going to have to get two, so I can cleanly pour batter into the batter-pourer!

  29. posted by Julie on

    My friend’s mom actually has something similar for cookies. You put a little stencil-like circle on the bottom, and the cookies come out in interesting patterns or shapes. It’s actually really cool!

    Of course, it’s hardly the first thing I’d buy for my kitchen. But it’s a fun novelty.

  30. posted by Viv Evans on

    I could see using this if I had 17 kids and made a lot of pancakes. However, like my juicer and spice grinder and a lot of other stuff that seemed like a good idea at the time, cleaning it would be a real pain.

  31. posted by JPLemme on


    RE: Waffle Irons as unitaskers.

    What did it feel like when your soul died?

    ///I loves my waffles

  32. posted by chat on

    I actually use ziplock bags as good batter dispensers for pancakes, cupcakes, and others. I pour the batter in the bag, and then cut a small hole in one of the bag corners. Cleaning up is a breeze since I can just dump the plastic bag. No need for these newfangled devices.

  33. posted by Another Deb on

    I used to have an anecdotal list of “Stuff You Can Always Find At Garage Sales” as I could catch about 20 on a Saturday morning back in the days I was outfitting my house.

    Waffle Irons topped the list. And they were ALWAYS dirty.

  34. posted by Mo on

    Don’t know if Bisquick still makes it, but they used to sell pancake mix in a plastic bottle. It was sized so that you just added water and shook it to mix the batter and poured it from the bottle onto the pan. Hideously wasteful, but great! Well, I just cleaned the bottle out and figured out a recipe to fit the bottle. My husband is not a pancake eater, so I think it got used to store paint at some point, but I think I might use a mason jar for the same purpose.

  35. posted by Kate on

    Julie – I grew up with one of those (we always called it a cookie press). Maybe it’s just because it has a sentimental place in my heart, but I love them. And everyone is always very impressed by the cookies that they make because they’re different. A unitasker, yes, but the cookies are definitely different than just using a cookie cutter.

  36. posted by Tracy on

    I keep a cleaned out ketchup bottle to squirt pancake batter.

  37. posted by Christina on

    I got one of these as a gift. What a mess. Drips everywhere. Getting batter into it is a huge mess in itself. The batter that comes out is not in fact particularly uniform. And it holds almost no batter, so plan on filling it up 3 or 4 times.

    To be fair, cleaning it is not hard.

  38. posted by Valerie on

    Dear Unclutterer: It’s not your fault that people don’t ‘get’ that unitaskers are jokes. You try. People should take the time they spend writing a mean comment to double check that they understood what you said.

    I was also thinking that thoses dispensers would be a pain to fill. When I was a kid, my Dad used to make either pancakes or waffles every Sunday. We used to ‘fight’ over the bonuses from him dripping batter on the griddle making mini-pancakes.

  39. posted by Rob Lewis on

    Um, a ladle works for me.

  40. posted by koz on

    I’m with Valerie… If people don’t get it, who cares? They’re obviously not diehards like us, anyway! 😉

  41. posted by karen on

    please do NOT add ‘joke’ to the title. i find the troll posts amusing ; )

  42. posted by Rachella on

    This is hilarious. Do people actually buy these types of products.

  43. posted by Leonie on

    I find these posts fascinating :-). Yes, a lot of these items are silly and seem to be worthless or unitaskers. In this day and age of trying to find multitakers, or being more conscious of the environment (less stuff to buy, less packaging to get rid off…resources can be allocated elsewhere) the fact that unitaskers exist is very interesting.

    I lived in several developing countries in the course of my work (not sure china would appreciate my calling Tibet a developing country…), and I would find people going through trash – gathering paper and cardboard to sell,plastic to reuse, glass etc…

    I’d love to take some of the unitaskers you’ve shared here and ask people in India, China, Indonesia….what they think…

    I mean can you imagine? A specific tool JUST for pouring batter? When you can use a bowl – multiple uses!! including but not limited to:

    1. if it’s aluminim – a good drum to bang on for kids…or a space helmet…
    2. using as a salad bowl…soup bowl…etc..

    So please, do continue with the unitaskers…and yes…those who don’t get that it’s a “joke” (roll eyes) .who cares…

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