Out of Sight Out of Mind modular desk

An industrial design student by the name of Thomas Broen has created a concept for a modular desk that has caught my attention. The desk is based on the idea that the materials you need to do your job can easily be a part of your work surface — for efficiency and for organized storage.

From the Bornrich blog:

There are modules for office supplies, paper trays, pen holders and insulated food storage that can be put into the table. The modules can further be customized to hold power outlets for your gizmos. With a push on the top, storage compartments appear on the table surface. The table has two work areas, both of which can be placed at any angle to enhance ergonomics and comfort.

For now this modular desk is merely a concept, but it’s a concept I hope becomes a reality. A desk such as this would make keeping an uncluttered desk a simple task.

(via Bornrich blog)

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  1. posted by whyioughtta on

    This is a great concept, but I suspect a key issue is the knee-banging factor, with all of those compartments lurking below one’s sight line. I’m very tall and my knees are magnets for any hard, sharp object (table legs, desk supports) hidden underneath a table-top.

    I especially like the idea of building in a “gadget garage” for electronics. This is an organizational problem that hasn’t really been solved satisfactorily yet. But when you think about it, your home office desk is probably the best location for recharging gadgets. (Why do we charge ours in the kitchen? Sigh…)

    Having some kind of built-in cable management system would also be good.

    I’m with you–I hope this concept takes flight. Maybe they should try selling it to IKEA…

  2. posted by Tabitha (From Single to Married) on

    very cool! Definitely has a modern look so it wouldn’t be for everyone, but could be a practical solution to uncluttering. Please keep us posted on any updates

  3. posted by lemma on

    Unfortunately, I can already see this thing breaking apart due to fractured plastic.That, and given its white exterior, you’ll see smudgy pencil lead or eraser marks & scratches in no time (much like the post on the white Mac laptop stains).

  4. posted by Adrian Short on

    It looks like the desk is the clutter. What’s wrong with a bit of wood with four legs in the corners? If you need anything else, simple drawers or cupboards will do the job just fine.

    This design is too complex, too specific and overengineered.

  5. posted by Sue B on

    I don’t know that much about web based advertising but do you know that your website is running Yes on Prop 8 ads? That’s the proposition that would write sex discrimination into the California constitution. Are you sure you want to take money to support this? Sue B

  6. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Sue B — Actually, we are not running those ads. The ads that are currently running are about “The Clutter Diet.” So … you may have a virus on your computer. If you’re on a PC, I would have your hard drive scanned.

  7. posted by Alice Harris on

    @Erin – Your site is displaying ads about a lot more than just The Clutter Diet (Ikea, job seeking websites, ebooks, stock trading, etc, etc). These are all appearing in the normal advertising strip on the right-hand side of your site so they are NOT caused by a virus. If the ad that Sue B saw was there too, then it also was not from a virus.

    I realise this is off-topic, but the bigotry and intolerance displayed by the supporters is despicable and should be rejected wherever it appears. If any of your gay readers saw that ad they would have been offended and hurt. I believe it’s worth your time to investigate the possibility and apologise if necessary.

  8. posted by anonymous on

    I’m using Firefox 3 on Mac OS 10.5, and all of the “Ads by Google” in the right-column are anti-clutter, organizing related.

    The Clutter Diet

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  9. posted by Krisha on

    i like the idea of the desk, as long as out-of-sight doesn’t become a haven for the mess.

    ditto on the comments by @anonymous (above).

    i’m ONLY seeing google ads for related items: closets, storage, desks, clutter.

  10. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Alice — The ads aren’t ours. We’re not going to apologize for a virus on a reader’s computer. Our programmers already inspected the situation and concluded that indeed it is a virus on the person’s computer. If we wrote an apology for every virus on every reader’s computer, then this blog would not have anything to do with clutter. Obviously, we’re sorry that @Sue was offended by the ad. We clearly don’t support its message. But, again, it’s not ours.

  11. posted by Fit Bottomed Girls on

    Huh. Makes sense. I like it.

  12. posted by Sue on

    I see nothing but the decluttering ads on the right.

    The desk looks interesting. I’d recommend that the designer make the removable parts replacements available separately. Things do break, and I’d like to not buy a whole new desk.

  13. posted by Jack on

    I don’t expect you to apologize for the ad, but it’s one impressive virus if it (a) got onto my firewalled work computer and (b) is somehow written specifically to overwrite ads with other ads in your source code somehow. Does your tech guy know what sort of virus it is? I think my office’s IT department would be interested in that info.

  14. posted by Jack on

    Incidentally, yours wouldn’t be the only site where the google ads were bought by this group without your knowledge: http://www.pvponline.com/2008/.....nd-comics/

  15. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Jack — My programmers assure me that they blocked all pro 8 URLs through Google AdSense. If you honestly see the ad on our site, can you take a screenshot and e-mail it to us? I promise to throw a fit and yell at our programming team and call them awful names.

  16. posted by John Ek on

    Sue B, are you in California?

    Erin, have your developers checked from a computer located in California and using an ISP from California. It’s very easy for a developer to get boxed in and say because if I can’t see it, it’s not happening. It would honestly not surprise me that Google Ad’s in California are showing Prop 8 Ads. And I think that the possibility that someone would write a virus to affect a browser and to only replace Google Ad’s as pretty absurd. I would lose a lot of confidence in a developer that got in front of a team that even suggested it.

    If I were to write a virus that support Prop 8, I would have it email everyone in target address book asking them to support it. Come on, virus replacing Google Ads. Get better developers.

  17. posted by Amy in Ann Arbor on

    This is a great idea, but one of my criteria for an excellent work surface is that it be smooth. To interest me, this system would have to have *secret* compartments, with gapless transitions.

  18. posted by Sue B on

    Me again. I am in California. It may be why I was (underline WAS, it seems gone now) seeing the Yes 8 ads. I ran 2 different virus scans and a spyware sweep, but nothing showed up. Thanks for looking into it Jack. I’m sorry if this ad concern hijacked the blog. But it really does say something about some of the interests behind the Yes side if they resort to underhanded spamming/virusing behavior like this.
    Desk pretty, clutter bad (I have two small kids, I know from clutter.) Sue B

  19. posted by DanGTD on

    Nice concept, but I believe the chair is much more important for productivity than the desk. A simple table with four legs is enough as a desk.

  20. posted by Jack on

    Erin: I’m not seeing the ad anymore, presumably because it’s election day and they’re not running it anymore. My IP is southern California, so that’s probably why I was seeing them. Thanks for your time.

  21. posted by Sara on


    Came across this article about Google ads and prop 8. Might clear up some of the confusion.

  22. posted by Sara on

    Obviously I forgot the “h” above. Let’s see if this works:


  23. posted by gypsypacker on

    If you are using XP, go to Allume website, download free trial of Internet Cleanup 5, and run the advanced scan. Check every entry through a virus and spyware database–CA website has a great one, just put the entry into search box. Then delete any spyware and adware. I love freebies but purchased IC after the trial, and am not making money for saying this and have no relatives working for them. CA also works OK but it heats up my cpu for some reason.

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