Unitasker Wednesday: Tiny toe towel

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Everyone has a routine as to how they dry off after taking a shower or bath. Those routines usually only involve one towel, or maybe two if you wrap a second around your hair. These two towels are completely insufficient for your drying needs, however, because they’re so big and cumbersome and easy to use. Thankfully, there is now a product on the market that will meet all of your drying needs. The Tiny Toe Towel reaches between the unreachable areas of your toes. No more wet socks because your toes are soaking wet because you don’t own the tiny toe towel. How else does one dry off between your toes? From the product description:

This thirsty little towel reaches between toes for quick, thorough drying — keeping them comfy and healthy! Easier to use than a bulky bath towel, its unique shape fits comfortably between toes to gently whisk away wetness. Easy-grip handle prevents bending or straining.

There you have it. No bending or straining (assuming you don’t dry your ankles). The marvels of modern technology never cease to make our daily lives easier!

Thanks to reader Amy for bringing this unitasker to our attention.

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  1. posted by I HEART Tiny on

    LMAO! I love the absuridty of unitasker Wed! Tiny Toe Towel !!! Say that three times fast.

  2. posted by Tabitha (From Single to Married) on

    What I want to know is where people get the money to produce these “inventions?” Tiny Toe Towel indeed!

  3. posted by hillary on

    shut up. that’s fantastic. (not really, just really damn funny) where has this been all my life?

  4. posted by Sandra on

    Actually, not to be a party pooper, but if you had diabetes, you could actually use one of these. You know, to prevent infections/fungas and such that can lead to gangrene and amputation.

    *clears throat*

    Back to your fun.

  5. posted by adora on

    I’m amazed that you never run out of materials for Unitasker Wednesday!

  6. posted by manischewitzbacon on

    i always use the top part of my socks for this. there’s never enough water between the little piggies to even feel it on your ankle once the sock is on…

  7. posted by Gumnos on

    Easy-grip handle prevents bending or straining.

    Yeah, according to the picture, the hand is already close enough to the feet that I’d be bending and straining. What’s with all this physical stuff. A *real* toe-towel would be battery operated, I’d just stand on it and it would dry my feet for me, maybe while massaging them (but that would actually make it useful). 🙂


  8. posted by Shay on

    Am I the only one that has never noticed my toes being wet at all? I dry the tops and bottoms of my feet with the towel, but…

    Man, now it’s gonna bother me.

  9. posted by Sarah H. on

    Oh boy! A tiny toe towel…now that’s unique. I just use my fuzzy bathroom rug!

  10. posted by christa on

    Excuse me? I think wet sock is one of the worst things in the world…not to mention that it’s extremely difficult to get socks on with wet feet or toes. The simple act of putting on the sock would dry them. I don’t really think that drying between your toes is that difficult of a thing…seems like stepping on the bath mat pretty much dries them anyway. I dunno…I guess if I were grossly overweight or something and couldn’t reach my feet to dry them, but then that means I wouldn’t be able to use the toe towel either. hmmm. stupid product. (yes I know it’s a joke…just thinking about it analytically) 😉

  11. posted by Anne on

    woo woo
    this is just so funny..
    I don’t like to floss my teeth, I am sure not gonna floss my toes!

  12. posted by Plaid Ninja on

    Consider that the spaces between the toes are breeding grounds for athletes foot and all other kinds of fungal & bacterial growth. Some people might not want to dry the rest of their body off with the same towel they use for their toes.

  13. posted by Mr. Sparkle on

    @Plaid Ninja

    Well hopefully the reason your feet were wet was that you were cleaning them.

  14. posted by Fit Bottomed Girls on

    Wow. It even looks absurd.

  15. posted by 14k on

    Wow. tiny toe towel is so useful. I can use it to clean between my two cheeks.

  16. posted by Dorothy on

    I’m with Sandra on this one. The operative word here is “healthy”. For diabetics, moisture between the toes can lead to medical problems, and many diabetics do have trouble bending and reaching their feet.


  17. posted by Bee on

    I could actually see this as helpful if someone had tinea or a fungal infection on thier toes and didn’t want to spread the germs onto their regular towel. That would be worth the “clutter” then for sure.

  18. posted by Nikki on

    Would it fit between the fourth and fifth toes? You’d need a tinier toe towel for that!

  19. posted by Another Deb on

    Do they sell them in pairs marked “L” and “R”?

    Hmmm. This might be a good stocking stuffer for a gag gift.

    Or it might make a good gag, period.

  20. posted by Commandant Uno on

    Looks perfect for the Sky Mall catalog!

  21. posted by george on

    I can see this being useful for elderly people if it was longer.

  22. posted by Bonnie Blackburn on

    Can you imagine beng the copywriter who had to come up with that glowing description? The tiny toe towel can “gently whisk away wetness.” Ah hah hah ha!

  23. posted by Anita on

    Um, or you could just make sure you don’t put your socks on until your feet are dry-I do have to do at least a couple of things in the morning before I put my shoes on. The socks and shoes usually go on last, right before I go out the door!

  24. posted by Karen on

    Trying bending over to do anything for your feet if you are 89 years old, with diabetes and congestive heart failure and very unstable. My father has a long-handled scrub brush for using while he’s sitting on his tub seat and showering. Now that I have seen this, he will also have a tiny towel as soon as I can order it (or several) for him. It would be nice if we were all 25 and still physically in great shape, but there are more and more folks who would actually benefit from this rather practical item.

  25. posted by Sarah on

    I agree with Sandra & Karen. Not a joke. If you have physical problems (whether temporary, weight, disease or age-based), this could be quite useful. For people with foot problems, it looks heavenly. Looks like it might also massage while drying which stimulates blood flow to the toes.

    As someone who just had her big toe’s toenail removed, it looks better than my kludge – I am supposed to soak my foot multiple times a day and I don’t want to use my normal bath towel for a potential bloody toe. But I need totally dry toe for medicine application.

  26. posted by Erin Doland on

    As we have said hundreds upon hundreds of times, SOME people may have use for the Unitaskers we feature. But, for the MAJORITY of our readers, the items we mock would be nothing but clutter.

  27. posted by Amy on

    I’m sorry, but no matter who you are or what ailments you have, this is ridiculous! Why not just use your hair dryer to blow-dry your feet dry? Then you wouldn’t have to bend over at all to get this contraption between your tootsies!

  28. posted by M.R. on

    Who knew that taking a shower at night could solve so many problems? My feet are always dry by the morning!

  29. posted by aurelia on

    “As we have said hundreds upon hundreds of times, SOME people may have use for the Unitaskers we feature. But, for the MAJORITY of our readers, the items we mock would be nothing but clutter.”

    Clearly, you think the majority of your readers are self-centered hipsters.

  30. posted by Erin Doland on

    @aurelia — Wait a second … you can call me many, many things (I’ll even take the hipster comment as a compliment, although I am much more nerd than hipster), but you cannot call me self-centered.

    For starters, if you regularly read this blog, then you know that I am handicapped. Handicapped people enjoy laughing — especially at ridiculous products that non-handicapped people seem to think we need. As one of the previous commenters so aptly pointed out, a hair dryer would be much better to do this job because it wouldn’t involve bending over and many people already own hair dryers. The best solution is already in your home.

    Secondly, if I were self-centered, would I get up every morning and write FREE content for YOU? You pay nothing to me to read what I write. I don’t know many people who dedicate their lives to helping others without payment. I’m not a saint, but most people I know at least get a hefty paycheck for the work that they do.

    Finally, I know exactly who reads Unclutterer. I get monthly marketing reports and audience analysis statements that tell me who you are. The majority of our readers are male, between the ages of 25 and 45, who work full time, and live in urban areas. For the MAJORITY of our readers this product would be clutter. Yes, we have other readers in other demographics. However, in my previous statement I said that the majority of readers would find this product to be clutter, and that statement is true.

    You do not know me or Matt or the other Matt or Teri or Sue or Gary or PJ or Brian. If you did, I significantly doubt that you would call any of us hipsters or self-centered or any other negative comments (although, I still don’t think hipster is as negative as you intended it to be).

  31. posted by Jennifer on

    I want to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU. Thank you for all you do on this Blog. My husband and I read it on a regular basis and you and the rest of your readers have inspired us to dig in and start uncluttering our house – yes I will admit I was the one who wanted to hang on to stuff, “just in case,” well I am now reformed. Thank you.

  32. posted by Lord Dragon (^Jen's Hubby ^) on

    “Hipster, as used in the 1940s, referred to aficionados of jazz, in particular modern jazz, which became popular in the early ’40s.”

    OK, I found this definition of Hipster on Wikipedia (the first result I got on Google) and I have to ask. What does Erin’s taste in music have to do with whether she finds this to be clutter or not?

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  34. posted by Lola on

    I think aurelia might need Tiny Toe Towel after she removes her foot from her mouth.

    I usually don’t read the Unitasker posts, but this one is awesome! Just saying the words “tiny toe towel” had me rolling. Alliteration for the win!

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