Reader suggestion: Use pant hangers and binder clips for boot storage

Reader Lisa sent us the following simple suggestion:

I have a lot of winter boots but I could never store them in a way that I could easily see or access my choices. With pant hangers (locking rod type) and binder clips, I have hung five pair of boots per hanger — easy to view, and easy to access. Put a piece of cloth in between the teeth of the clip to prevent damage to your boots!

If you have the closet space, this is really a terrific solution. Check out the photos that appear below to see exactly how Lisa made her boot storage system.

Thanks, Lisa, for sharing your idea with us!

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  1. posted by TerriLyn on

    I use girls’ skirt hangers for storing pairs of gloves in the winter. They can hang to dry after playing in the snow, and they are hung next to the coats in pairs so they don’t get lost around the house.

  2. posted by Betharu on

    Wouldn’t the binder clip damage a leather or fabric boot – making indentations or marks?

  3. posted by Kevin on

    Spot on. I like this idea for hanging belts!

  4. posted by Fit Bottomed Girls on

    Such a good idea! And cheap!!!

  5. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Betharu — You’ll notice in the article that she suggests using scrap pieces of fabric under the clip to prevent dents in the boots.

  6. posted by Jeanne B. on

    Thank you!

    Ironically, coincidentally, or not–depending on whether you believe in the Law of Attraction–just yesterday when I was inspired to attack my bedroom chaos and organize it, I found I have so many boots the floor space in the closet doesn’t provide quite enough room for all of them. I thought, “I really need to find a better way to store all of my boots”, then promptly let go of the thought and continued working. Today, I read my blogs and find this.

    Of course. 🙂

  7. posted by Alys on

    Putting a piece of cloth between the teeth of the clip will NOT stop your boots being damaged if the clips are left on for a long time. The leather or plastic might not get scratched by the clips but it will develop indentations that likely won’t ever come out. Cloth will never stop the pressure from the clips from being passed on to the boots, and it’s the pressure that causes the indentations.

  8. posted by Michele on

    How many pairs of boots does a body need? Do I see four pairs of boots per hanger, times three hangers, in that photo? Yikes.

    Downsizing the number of pairs of boots may make it even easier to store them . . .

  9. posted by Lisa on

    Hi! I’m the Lisa with the boot hanging suggestion–who, by the way, is going to implement the gloves and belts ideas mentioned here next.

    Michelle, this body needs lots of boots! Boots are my weakness. Guilty as charged. At least I’ve organized them :)?

    Alys, I didn’t mention that with my leather boots I only clip the inside openings together–zipper side to zipper side, where marks would be hidden by the gusset of the zipper. I worry about this also, but so far, so good. There aren’t any pressure indentations, and they’ve been hanging for almost a month.

    I just hope someone else might get some use from my wacky and cheap storage idea.

  10. posted by Christina on

    I’ve tagged you! 🙂

  11. posted by Maura on

    I (only?) have three pair of boots so storage is not really an issue (though if I had more closet space, perhaps I might have more pairs of boots) — Mine stand upright on the floor, and to keep them in “shape” I keep an empty seltzer bottle (1-liter) in each.

  12. posted by Emma on

    A body needs as many pairs of boots as it sees fit…isn’t the point of unclutterer to reduce the things in your life that you don’t need to make room for your truly cherished possessions.

    I love this idea…and boots. I don’t think that living an uncluttered life means giving up everything you love.

  13. posted by One Minute Blogger on

    I store my boots on the floor, but use rolled up magazines to keep them from flopping over. They work great! For more shoe storage ideas, check out my Super Simple Solution for Shoes at…

  14. posted by Leslie on

    I organize my boots also by hanging them, but I use three-inch binder rings, the ones that split apart. I loop them through the holes in the zippers and then hang them up!

    Incidentally, these rings are also a great way to store scarves; loop them through the binder rings, then attach them to the bottom of a hanger. Voila! Instant storage!

  15. posted by Alisa on

    The binder ring idea is brilliant. It would also work well with belts!

  16. posted by Melaniesd on

    I love this idea.
    I also have a great love of boots.

    I keep the centres of wrapping paper rolls and cut them down to fit inside my boots to hold the shape. It works great.

  17. posted by dee on

    Lisa – you go girl, a woman after my own heart with all of those diva boots :-). I love the idea and am going to try it out today. Thanks!

  18. posted by Nicole on

    This is perfect!! I recently moved into a very small studio apartment with one closet and I definitely don’t have enough room to store all my boots. I even feared that I would have to leave my boots at my parents house and only take a few of my favorite pairs but now I don’t have to do that. And I already have extra hangers and binder clips! This is perfect!

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