Lofted bedrooms by Tumidei

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays when I’m not blogging over on Real Simple magazine’s website, my counterpart Holly from decor8 graces the community with her insights into the design world. Last week, she wrote about Tiramolla Loft Bedrooms, and I was awestruck.

The lofts are created by the Italian company Tumidei, are perfect for small spaces, and are incredibly inspiring:

Thank you, Holly, for the great post! All images are from the Tumidei website.

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  1. posted by Harris on

    Very cool!

  2. posted by Heidi on

    The trouble with these, is that they require higher ceilings than one would get with some spaces. Still, I think these are pretty darned cool.

  3. posted by Filipa on

    Really inspiring, indeed! Thank you!

  4. posted by John of Indiana on

    Looks good, but what about the area under the far corners of the platforms? Do you go crawling back there like a coal miner to access storage space, or is it just wasted?
    They look cool but I don’t think they’re all that in the space-utilization game.

  5. posted by Vee on

    hm… inerestin’

  6. posted by Tabitha (From Single to Married) on

    Wow – those are so cool! Looks like it would be something good for the teenager set or maybe college. I agree with the previous comment – you’d have to have just the right space i.e. ceiling height for it to work.

  7. posted by Leena on

    These are great! I checked out the website and saw that their products are distributed in canada and u.s. Does anyone know what stores carry their products in Canada?

  8. posted by Erin on

    Very cool…
    The far corners are probably wasted, but currently the top corners of most rooms are wasted and this makes those more reachable, so its not much different.
    You wouldn’t need much more ceiling height. It looks like the tallest platform is about 4 feet, and you don’t have to have a full 8 feet above that (so cozy!) so I’m thinking maybe an 11 foot ceiling max.
    I think these should be the next dorm rooms because you do have to have just the right space and just the right furniture, so if the rooms are designed for it and permanently furnished, that’s not a problem. And dorms generally don’t have more than one window, so you’re free to go up the other three walls.

  9. posted by Fit Bottomed Girls on

    I love how you step up to the top bunk instead of climbing the ladder. Could have used that in college! 😉

  10. posted by Valerie on

    Look great, but very tiny. Look like they are built for kids.

  11. posted by Gena on

    These are so awesome. We waste so much vertical space in our homes these days. I bet we’d be fine with smaller square footage if our rooms were designed this way.

  12. posted by Shalin on

    Wow – what clever design. I wonder if my place (with standard 8ft ceilings) can be modified as such…hmmm…


  13. posted by Sharon on

    Although these are very cool— does no one ever print anything? Where are the printers or where would they be located in the office space? So often when I am looking at photos of or suggestions for setting up an office space, the space needed for a printer is not included. Since this can be one of the larger and necessary items in an office– it becomes frustrating.

  14. posted by Katie Alender on

    These would be perfect for our house! Relatively small rooms and high ceilings. And I’ll be kids love having their own little structure. I know I would have.

  15. posted by verily on

    I would be nervous to sleep on a bed that resides under a desk and drawers as in the 3rd picture.

  16. posted by STL Mom on

    I like the idea of pulling out a trundle bed from under the study platform, as in the bottom photo. Bunkbeds are great, but making the top bunk is such a pain.
    Now I have to imagine these in our traditional-style house with crown molding and baseboards.

  17. posted by Erika on

    I think the bed in the third picture is meant to be pulled out. At least I hope so. It looks like there’s not much space down there. Seems like it would be akin to sleeping in a coffin.

  18. posted by gypsypacker on

    Printer’s in the closet, where mine stays, in a drawer, or behind a sliding door. Electronic mailing and file storage means that I pull out the printer about once a week. Those mattresses look great–are they vinyl or pleather? Much better than cloth for reducing mildew and dust mites.

  19. posted by Lindsay on

    I very much want a setup like this for my room. I’m particularly in love with the blue one.

  20. posted by LBell on

    Why NOT size this up for grown folk? At the very least, I agree that dorm rooms of the future should borrow some of these design ideas. They’re gorgeous!

  21. posted by Andrew on

    Something about the wheeled chairs on an elevated surface doesn’t seem very safety conscious. Especially in that last photo… whoops watch out for the edge…

  22. posted by Someone on

    Most of us don’t have cathedral ceilings in every room of our house/apartment/condo. But for those few that do, these could provide inspiration.

    (Actually, –while I DON’T think that Unclutterer itself falls into this trap–, it gets a bit old how many design books, blogs, and magazines– particularly when doing features on how to live well in a small amount of space– assume that everyone has cathedral ceilings in every room of their home. Most of us are limited to rooms that don’t allow loft-type solutions. )

  23. posted by Sue on

    Love the modern, streamlined look, but O could NOT sleep on beds like that! If they made something that could accommodate a Stearns & Foster pillowtop, THEN we’re talking!

  24. posted by Jammix on

    These are some of the most beautiful space problem solving ideas I’ve ever seen! *floats*
    I simply love the idea!
    THIS is exactly what I’m looking for in a room, since I absolutely love cozy spaces but hate how there is never enough room for my stuff.
    Sure, it does require higher than normal ceilings, but other than that, I fell in love with the design immediately.
    Thanks for posting this article!

  25. posted by Abid Mona on

    salut, j’ai voulu dire que le concepte est trés interressant surtout qu’il résoudre le probléme d’espace moins spacieux mais j’ai une remarque c’est qu’il ya une contradiction entre le nom ” loft bedroom” et le but de ce concept. en faite, lorsque on parle de loft donc de grand espace alors qu’il est destiné au petit espace.merci

  26. posted by Blacklight on

    These homes are amazing, too bad their more friendsly to skinny people! (LoL at USA)

  27. posted by Bill Polm on

    Anyone know where you go to buy these items? And, are they available online?

  28. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Bill — I would e-mail the company at [email protected] and ask where the products can be purchased in the U.S. Their website says that they are sold here.

  29. posted by Horse N Buggy on

    So am I the only one who saw this type of thing is use in college? Maybe because I went to an engineering school? Several dorm rooms had “two floors.” There was a small space of “normal” room that served as a vestibule – just enough room for the door to swing open. Then about 4.5 feet off the ground, there was a fully supported floor system built by previous occupants. The “lower” floor was divided into two “rooms” just big enough for each roommate to sleep on a twin bed with a lamp and a table. I guess they could do some studying and hanging out down there. The “rooms” were made private by a curtain. But the top floor was the living room – TV, computer, frig, sofa, whatever the two roommates wanted. It was pretty smart but some who genuinely suffered from claustrophobia wouldn’t have been able to live there.

  30. posted by aidan0105 on

    i love the last pic its totally cool!

  31. posted by ilginç tasar?mlar on

    Wow. I love that first Loft assembly. For teens? Maybe the colorway.Perhaps in more muted tones or all white I think this would be an excellent solution for any environment that’s small in square footage but big in height…

  32. posted by Mallory on

    Does anyone know where i can purchase one? i really would like one of these.

  33. posted by kelly on

    wow totally cool!! I was wondfering where you can find one of these in Canada? Or does anyone knows of any source online? Thanks

  34. posted by Demi on

    If it helps any, I emailed and they said that they are available in Roche Bobois stores.
    There are 30 or more in the US.
    Not sure about anywhere else.

  35. posted by jinny on

    I very much want a setup like this for my room.
    I was wondfering where you can find one of these in USA? Or does anyone knows of any source online? Thanks

  36. posted by gratis on

    Wow! Very stylish. Nice solution if you don’t have very much space.

  37. posted by Darcy on

    Can you buy these in the US?

  38. posted by Lonely Kitten Lover on

    I like the last picture, it had a ton of storage space and two beds. It would be great for my friends when they sleep over. Personally, I love small rooms so these designs are perfect for my lifestyle. In the last picture, I could have a computer desk and a creation-making desk. There would be a lot of space for my books and clothes. (I am also a book lover) With the rest of the room, (if there is any) you could put a TV or any thing else. I’m just saying, choose one that fits YOUR lifestyle, not theirs. Look on the bright side! 🙂

  39. posted by nadia on

    I just got a quote for a full tumidei room from Roche Bobois and from Tumidei in Italy: $5,000 from Tumidei, $25,000 from Roche Bobois. Same room. I think I am going to get it there and have it shipped ($1,000 max)

  40. posted by emily bed on

    great, i really want one. i am s teenager amd think it would look amazing in my bedroom the problem is im from england and so live in england. where can i get one??? abyone know???

  41. posted by Savanna Goltz on

    I sent an email to them asking about pricing, shipping, and everything else required to get one of these, and I am still waiting for a response!
    These are really cool!
    Why don’t they make things like these in America this cool?

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    […] When space is limited, wall beds are a great way to to get multiple uses out of the same room. These designs also remind me of the lofted bedrooms by Tumidei. […]

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