Unitasker Wednesday: The Fizz

I’ve never been a huge fan of ice cream floats, but apparently there are enough people out there who love them so much that they need the ability to have one on-the-go. The Fizz is a contraption that you fill with ice cream and then attach to a bottle of your favorite soft drink. There is no need to use a glass you already have when you also own this new, very specialized device! The Fizz allows you to mix your soft drink into your ice cream and sip the contents as you go about your day. The kids in the video seem like they just can’t get enough!

The Fizz can make your child as happy as the kids in the video or make us adults feel like a kid again. Either way, your ice cream float will never be the same. You can purchase a six-pack of these cups for $10, or go crazy and opt for a case for $108! 

Thanks to reader Brooke for bringing this unitasker to our attention.

**Each week, the Unitasker Wednesday column humorously pokes fun at the unnecessary, single-use items that manage to find their way into our homes.

17 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: The Fizz”

  1. posted by Fit Bottomed Girls on

    A case? LOL.

  2. posted by MB on

    I’m relatively new to the website. Have you ever featured the “Tiddy Bear” on Unitasker Wednesday?


    I saw it on The Soup a few years ago and apparently Ellen Degeneres has had it on her show as well. You can’t make this stuff up.

  3. posted by Peter (a different one) on

    Wow – now we can Unitask our children into obesity.

  4. posted by infmom on

    Even if I liked ice cream floats, I would still give this one a resounding EW!!!

  5. posted by 14k on

    Wow, more businesses for Weight Watcher Company.

  6. posted by Ren on

    Interesting…. Just what the world needs; another novelty device!

    Meaningless trivia: In Australia we call ice cream floats ‘Spiders’.

  7. posted by ellis on

    but i loved my soda stream… it made sad things fizzy!!

  8. posted by Tracy on

    That video – that music – I’m getting serious flashbacks to video production class in jr. high!

  9. posted by Demis on

    Buying a case of specialized plastic cups instead of just pulling a glass out of the cupboard seems a little wasteful and cluttery to me…

  10. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Demis — All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes.

  11. posted by becoming minimalist on

    that many teenagers on the hood of a car can’t be wrong!

  12. posted by Vicki on

    We had these when I was a kid in the early 1960’s. They didn’t screw on, of course, because the pop bottles were glass then. They were fun the once or twice we got to use them, but then they disappeared! Smart adults lurked around our house… LOL

  13. posted by Melanie A. on

    I *love* Unitasker Wednesdays! I expect many of us laughing at this junk do indeed possess some of the items, if only because somebody clueless or desperate gave them to us as holiday gifts.

  14. posted by Marilyn Bohn on

    What will they think of next? How inovative!

  15. posted by cv on

    I love Unitasker Wednesdays, but I think the fun is from laughing at the ridiculousness of the junk we all accumulate in our homes and the absurd fact that the American economic system has allowed these items to develop into profitable products, not from the fact that the items featured only perform one function. It’s too entrenched to change it, but if you were just starting this now I might suggest calling it something else.

  16. posted by Nancy on

    I love Unitasker Wednesdays too. My favourite part though is the comments from people who admit to owning and frequently using, or coveting one of the items. Not because I want to judge or laugh at them, but because it’s interesting to see how something that is junk to many people, can perfectly fill a need for someone else.

  17. posted by Another Deb on

    Gosh, some of these Unitaskers have sparked me to actually buy them. I now own and use a purse hanger, for instance.

    I will pass on this fizz thingie but perhaps a Tiddy Bear…

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