Use ScrapBook for online highlighting in Firefox

I conduct a great deal of online research for my job. I’ll find sites that spark ideas for posts, and locate information that I know will help our readers.

A little plugin for the Firefox browser called ScrapBook has significantly improved the way I conduct this research online.

First and foremost, ScrapBook allows me to easily bookmark a web page. This is just the beginning of the useful qualities of the program, however.

Once a page is bookmarked, I can highlight text, create sticky notes of ideas, erase content on the page that doesn’t interest me, and then capture my notes and changes for later reference. It’s an amazing plugin, and one I highly recommend. It completely gets rid of any need I might have to print web pages to write or take notes on them.

Check out this demonstration video to learn more about the wonders of ScrapBook.

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  1. posted by Fit Bottomed Girls on

    This is awesome. I’m routinely printing Web pages out and then highlighting them…this will save me time and paper!!!

  2. posted by eternalvoyageur on

    Thank you thank you thank you ! I’ve always dreamed of a tool like that. I seem to bookmark billions of pages, and often when I read them again it’s not so easy to find the important bits. This is especially true of forums, where you have to sift through 10 meaningless post to get an informative one. So, I saved the forum pages on my hard disk, and highlighted them in my web page editor.
    Now I?l never have to do that again !!!

  3. posted by Molly on

    Yes! ScrapBook has allowed me to have an almost paperless semester (so far) in my academic classes (my legal-clinic work is another story, but that’s the law in a nutshell: if it’s not on tree pulp, it never happened).

    I didn’t know there was a video, though; I’ll have to go watch that to see how one gets a strike-through effect.

    Also worth noting: this is a great replacement for bookmarks, to ensure you’ll never open something vital and find a “404 error.” Sure, the Internet Wayback Machine has a lot of stuff, but not everything. I’d rather save my own non-PDF, totally functional copy, and the disk usage is minimal.

  4. posted by Miguel de Luis on

    Thanks for the link. I’m in eternalvoyageur’s same boat

  5. posted by Sian on

    Thanks so much for posting this-I’ve been using Firefox for a while but haven’t yet got round to using the add-ons out of pure laziness! But this looked too useful to ignore-I’ve added it already, watched the video and done my first save, and am very impressed.

  6. posted by donate furniture on

    I bookmark a lot of pages, but it is not a great way to get back to what you need later. I will try this. 🙂

  7. posted by Putta on

    Thanks a lot. Great!!! Just what I need.

  8. posted by Karen on

    Use google notebook instead – it works with IE or firefox, lets you clip entire pages or just portions and then edit them, as well as integrates with google docs.

  9. posted by Meg on

    Can you access your scrapbook anywhere on any computer then?

  10. posted by st on

    >>Can you access your scrapbook anywhere on any computer then?<< has similar capability (and is awesome), and you can access everything online all the time. i love it.

  11. posted by MIchael on

    Ironically, I can’t figure out how to delete stuff from Scrapbook. It’s awesome otherwise. How do I get rid of saved files and folders?

  12. posted by Joanie on

    Michael – you can delete stuff from Scrapbook by going to the directory (eg: list on the left of page) and right clicking on the file you want to delete. Then choose ‘delete’.

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