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Eye-FiLast fall, I posted about the new Eye-Fi memory card, which wirelessly uploads your photo files to your computer. Eye-Fi has now released a more powerful version called the Eye-Fi Explore and a lower priced Eye-Fi Home. Also included in the new lineup is the Eye-Fi Share, which can upload photos to the photo sharing website of your choice (like Flickr).

The Eye-Fi memory card has been out for less than a year and noticeable improvements have been made in that time. These new cards offer faster upload speeds, online sharing capabilities, and geotagging. I’m surprised that they didn’t increase the storage space, which is still at 2GB. It is only a matter of time before that is doubled or even tripled. And, for those who have a camera that uses Compact Flash cards rather than an SD card, you can use an adapter for use with the Eye-Fi SD cards.

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  1. posted by Peter on

    2 GB is still a lot of room for pics, no? I would think the benefit of this is not the storage, but rather the ease of use.

  2. posted by Fit Bottomed Girls on

    That’s an awesome idea, but I’d still like the price to come down…

  3. posted by Plaid Ninja on

    Peter, 2GB isn’t all that much space for people who take a lot of photos. When I take photos I’ll sometimes take 5-10 shots at a time of the same thing. I do this so I can review them at home to find the best shot. 2GB would fill up FAST.

  4. posted by Some Dude on

    I bought the Home version a while ago and I found it to be nothing but a gimmick. Obviously since your camera is not integrated with this device there is no indication on the camera that that a transfer is taking place. You have to sit there with a folder open and watch the photos appear on your computer to know they’re transferring at all. The range is terrible, but what can you expect from a wireless device as thick as a dime?

    The two worst things though, it KILLS your camera battery and it really is much slower than using a usb cable.

  5. posted by Marc on

    How is the geotagging on these? That would be the feature that gets me to buy one.

  6. posted by Marc on

    Update: I guess geotagging doesn’t work if there’s no wireless network in range? Well that’s pretty limited, isn’t it?

  7. posted by steve on

    While 2 gigs is a bit on the shrimpy side for anyone serious about photography, the purpose, and genius, of the card is not to store the pictures on the card but to transfer them immediately to a computer.

    That is probably not much of a big deal for a proud parent or casual user, but for a professional user, having images display on a computer for an editor in almost real time is awesome.

    Who cares if the card is only 2 gigs? This isn’t a storage card. If you are just looking for storage, there are MANY larger, and cheeper cards available. This is a transfer card.

  8. posted by Seriously. on

    Seriously crap card. The range is pathetic, they drain your camera battery and rarely post the pictures to your computer as they claim. It’s amazing tech. but it’s just not there yet. Buy a couple of 8+gb cards instead of this.

    ….and steve.. wtf is a “transfer card”. Is that a term you just made up perhaps? Based on your comments you have absolutely no experience with the product too.

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