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Better Homes and Garden has some interesting ideas for small bathrooms. Among the many ideas is the hideaway sink (pictured). The sink pulls out of the wall only when needed. The ideas presented in the article can make your bathroom look and feel larger without having to knock out walls or add onto your home’s size.

I have yet to adjust to a smaller shared bathroom in our new home and many of these ideas struck a chord with me. There also is a great list of 22 bathroom storage ideas. Both of these features can give you ideas to keep your bathroom in order, while also making it more relaxing. 

(via Apartment Therapy)

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  1. posted by Spencer on

    Wouldn’t you have to have a thicker wall to house the sink, thus actually making the bathroom smaller?

  2. posted by Ricky on

    That is a really great idea! It still requires the space for the sink behind the wall. Someone needs to come up with a collapsible accordion sink so it could fold into a wall and not behind it.

  3. posted by Rob on

    no offense, but that sink is stupid. instead you just have ALL OF THE PLUMBING sticking out of the wall for people to bang into and break. not to mention the space lost in whatever room the sink pushes into.

  4. posted by STL Mom on

    It’s cute, but not practical. I think a flip-down sink, like on a train, would make more sense. And it would be safer – I hadn’t thought about the faucet sticking out, but now that Rob mentioned it, that’s something I would bump into every day.

  5. posted by Maria Stahl on

    Looks like something one might find in Mal’s quarters on Serenity. :o)

  6. posted by STL Mom on

    Oh, but the idea of putting a medicine cabinet in a half wall is brilliant!

  7. posted by infmom on

    Stop and think about it for a moment.

    A sliding sink needs flexible plumbing. Do you know of any reliable water-pipe material that can take being flexed day in and day out without giving up eventually?

    Also, where does the sink go when you slide it back into the wall? That space has to come from somewhere.

    Just get a nice rounded wall-mounted vintage sink from an architectural salvage yard and forget about sliding it back and forth.

  8. posted by Fit Bottomed Girls on

    Wow, that’s pretty inventive. I’m sure it takes some serious planning though…

  9. posted by Shannon on

    Awesome Maria Stahl… that made me happy today!

  10. posted by Russell on

    @infmom Actually, modern plumbing incorporates flexible plastic tubes. Right now they’re being used in my kitchen.

    I don’t think this is a good idea. Like Spencer said, it isn’t really saving space but increasing wall thickness. Also, you would have to waterproof the inside of you wall.

  11. posted by Carrie on

    The designer of that sink obviously didn’t take into consideration the natural curiosity of a toddler. Stepstool + taps on wall + 2 year old = giant mess!

  12. posted by jon on

    A better product is the sink on the cistern. Here is an example.

  13. posted by Notebook Stories on

    Cool, but I suppose the sink slides back into space that is probably taken away from a closet. And yes, it would be cooler if the faucets retracted into the wall too!

  14. posted by Kate on

    I think you want ‘struck a chord’.

  15. posted by Peter (a different one) on


    interesting link, but it reminds me too much of “sleeping it off” as a guest of the City after a wee bit too much drinkin’

  16. posted by becoming minimalist on

    from what i’m reading, it looks like an idea born from necessity rather than practicality. i’m not sure i would design a home with it in mind.

  17. posted by Korta on

    Sorry, first thing I thought was “eeww, all those dirty hands constantly pulling the sink out to wash with it, then pushing it back in”… I love putting things away and making a room look less cluttered, but sinks in bathrooms? They really should be accessible…

  18. posted by C on

    @Maria Yay for the Firefly reference! I would love a sink like this in our guest bath. I’m just not sure we could afford the renovation.

  19. posted by arianna on

    My first thought was that it would be drippy…I know faucets aren’t *supposed* to be, but I feel like at the very least there are always a few drops left in the spigot once you’ve turned the water off. (Could just be the old houses I’ve always lived in, though…) I wouldn’t want to always have a wet spot on the floor. Plus, I agree with others’ comments about hitting the faucet when the sink was “put away”, and how the interwall space needed for the sink would be significant.

    But I agree that it looks like a Firefly-esque contraption. 🙂

  20. posted by Peter on


  21. posted by Teresa on

    No, the sink on Firefly was a much better design. The faucet was attached to the sink and folded in flush with the wall. You wouldn’t know it was there unless someone showed you. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it in RL.

  22. posted by M.R. on

    Wow, that sink is SO Serenity on Firefly!

  23. posted by M.R. on

    Oops, sorry. I commented before I read what everyone else had to say. I guess I just miss Firelfy and jumped the gun 🙁

  24. posted by gypsypacker on

    I want the new toilet tank with sink on top. Wash hands and the used water flows into the tank so you can flush your toilet with it. No waste, absolute convenience.
    That drawer is a pretty little mildew pit and leak generator.

  25. posted by Amy on

    I like this concept.

    But mostly I wanted to say hi to the other Firefly fans. 🙂

  26. posted by BHSPitMonkey on

    Wouldn’t that handle be used almost exclusively by disgusting hands?

  27. posted by Tabitha on

    wow – cool idea, don’t know how practical it is, but it seems cool
    Tabitha @ http://www.fromsingletomarried.com

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