Lifetick: Goal-setting software that actually helps you achieve your goals

On Thursday, I wrote in my column on Real Simple’s website about a few goal-setting systems that might not currently be on your radar screen. Today, I wanted to talk here in more detail about my love affair with one of the programs I mentioned, Lifetick.

As the tagline on the website mentions, Lifetick is “Goal setting. Made simple.” And, after a couple weeks of using the service, I have to agree that it is simple. It’s also well designed, stable, and extremely useful.

When you first log into the system, you are asked to set up your core values. I based mine on the main areas of my life I address in my Strategic Plan. (For example, three of my core values are health, marriage, and career.) After you establish your core values, you then create goals and tasks for these areas of your life. Each time you create a goal, the system prompts you to write a task and provide a deadline to help you achieve that goal. I also like that the system then asks if my goals are SMART.

If you’re unfamiliar with the SMART philosophy, it states that goals are easier to achieve when they are: S-Specific-State what the goal will achieve, M-Measurable-How will you measure if you have achieved a goal, A-Achievable-Can the goal actually be achieved, R-Relevant-Is the goal relevant to your life’s values, and T-Time Specific-When do you want to achieve the goal?

One of my goals was to plan a weekend getaway with my husband. I assigned it to my marriage core value, and then created tasks for how to plan the getaway. One of my tasks included calling the resort and finding out their weekend availability, another task was to sit down with my husband and coordinate our schedules, and the final task involved calling the resort to make the reservation. When I finished the tasks, the program asked me if I had completed my goal or if I needed to assign new tasks. I clicked the button saying that my task was complete, and it gave me a gold star. Who doesn’t love a gold star?!

You can also set Lifetick to send reminders to your e-mail account before tasks need to be completed, and it will also drop you a note when you’ve failed to complete a task on time. It’s a simple nudge to keep you on track, and keep you involved with the service. It syncs with iCal, Outlook Calendar, and Google Calendar, too, so that task items automatically appear on your daily schedule.

I initially thought that I would just use the system for personal goals, but I’m starting to use it for some of my Daily Grind work goals, too. Since it pushes data to my Google Calendar, I don’t have to enter tasks into multiple locations. Also, it’s helping me to remember that some of my work is done for a larger purpose than just keeping my head above water.

There is also a Lifetick application for the iPhone, and you can keep a private Lifetick journal to comment on your progress with your goals.

You can sign up for Lifetick and create up to four goals for free. If you want to work on more than four goals at a time, then there is a $20 a year charge. I suggest starting with four and seeing if the program helps you to keep on track with your goals. I really like the program and am enjoying putting it to use.

The screen shots used in this post were courtesy of Lifetick. I felt weird about putting up my personal goals for all the internet to see, and they happily supplied me with generic alternatives.

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  1. posted by William Mize on

    It’s simple, yet shiny. Best of both worlds!
    I’m bookmarking it and will definitely check it out. Love that it integrates with another one of my favorite online apps, the mighty, mighty GCal.

    Thank you!

  2. posted by gail gray on

    Great post! I am looking forward to trying it out. Do you use the Free version or pay? Is it worth trying the free account just to see if you like it or is it too limited?

    Also, you mentioned it worked with your Google calendar. Does it sync into Outlook?

    Thanks again for introducing another great product!

  3. posted by Fit Bottomed Girls on

    Very interesting…I think I would really like this. And I love that it works with your google calendar. There’s nothing worse than having tons of calendars that all have different events and goals on them!

  4. posted by Office With a View on

    What a great tool- I just signed up and I am very impressed. I especially love that it sent my goals straight to my iCal. Thanks for introducing me to lifetick- maybe this will help me keep moving with my projects! 🙂

  5. posted by Bee on

    This looks like a great idea so I am giving this a try with the free four goals.

    However, I am having trouble with the calender subscription – currently I use Google Calender online. If anyone has managed to link their Lifetick tasks with Google Calender can you please give a run through on how you achieved this in Google Calender. The instructions on Lifetick are quite vague (or maybe it’s just me!)

  6. posted by Erin Doland on

    Yes, it syncs with Outlook Calendar.

  7. posted by Daisyd on

    Wonderful tool! Just exactly what I wa looking for.
    I tried the free version, and within 24 hours upgraded to the paid version. Thanks for this idea!

  8. posted by Tania on

    AWESOME. I was just using a different goals setting website and I literally just closed my account there with the intent of finding something else. This is sounding like just what the doctor ordered… thanks so much!

  9. posted by [email protected] Awareness * Connection on

    Looks very cool. I’m currently resisting experimenting with new software, just wanting to keep my standard GTD software running smoothly, which runs a large part of my life. I might have to take a look down the road a bit though. Thanks for the review with the screenshots.

  10. posted by julia1060 on

    Just got my new free account and established four goals. Love that it interfaces with my iCal and the iPod touch. It’s easy to use and easy on the eyes. Thanks for the resource!

  11. posted by Sue on

    Come on, now! Cant we set goals & organize our lives without a software coach? Just another useless thing to do that gets in the way of accomplishing the real steps necessary to reach your goals. Not trying to be ignorant or aggressive, but do we as intelligent people REALLY need our hands held like this?

  12. posted by C on

    How did I miss this post!? I’m also stumped as to how to synch it to my g-cal.

  13. posted by goal setting on

    Wow, thanks for the information. I’ll have to give it a try and consider using it with my clients. When everything else is so technology centered, there’s no reason not to have an app that works with Google calendar too.
    Darren Barr-Engstrom
    Coach My Life

  14. posted by RiverKeeper on

    Great post. I can’t wait to see if this is a good fit for me.

    I may dive into the iPod Touch world (I would immediately if someone just gave me one…geeesh) and have a question: Can you use the app on the Touch if you’re not hooked up to wifi? I’m sure wifi is needed to get your updates, but is it needed just to open and scan through the app?

    Oh, and is anyone frustrated or finding it a deal-killer that they can’t edit from the Touch?


  15. posted by harry on

    Great app!

    There is another nice web app specifically designed for
    tracking goals and todo list, and time tracking, etc, it is called It’s free at

  16. posted by Jessiejack on

    I checked out lifetick and like it alot to keep me on track-I have some difficulty sorting out values vs goals so I have alot of categories. For example, strong relationships is a value – but is “develope a strong marriage” a goal with “date nite weekly” a task? or should “weekly date nite” be a goal? This has helped me keep track of tasks for each area without feeling so overwhelmed. Thanks for the tip!

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