Unitasker Wednesday: Small apple dish

I’m not sure about you, but when I finish an apple I’m in desperate need of somewhere to place the core. Yeah, I can stroll over to the garbage can and dispose of it there, but I like to sit back and admire the core for a bit. Thankfully for me, there is a perfect product for just this specific use. The small apple dish is kind of like an ashtray for apples. It has a convenient spot to place the apple and the core. From the designer’s site:

By creating an appropriate place in the dish, your fruit waste becomes an esthetic part of your meal.

See? Admiring an apple core is esthetically pleasing to some people, and what better way to put it on display than with the small apple dish? I defy you to find a better way to present your apple.

Thanks to reader Vinod for bringing this unitasker to our attention.

**Each week, the Unitasker Wednesday column humorously pokes fun at the unnecessary, single-use items that manage to find their way into our homes.

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  1. posted by Eve Martel on

    The Emperor’s new bowl!

  2. posted by Sandy Jones on

    If you’re trying to reduce trash, you can also toss the apple core outside for the assorted wildlife.

  3. posted by Shanel Yang on

    Too funny! This one made me laugh!

  4. posted by Samir on

    I always love UW, but I must say, this one is especially ridiculous.

  5. posted by Sue on

    This item is from an industrial design internship program. Check out some of their other projects! This one would would be great for a Halloween cookout for your boys and ghouls!


  6. posted by Gayle on

    OK, THIS is actually ART.

  7. posted by Sarah on

    This seems like something people will dig up in a hundred years and spend thousands of dollars in research trying to figure out how it was used in our society.

  8. posted by Meghan on

    I think this is actually the LEAST useful unitasker I have ever seen! I can’t believe somebody got paid to design that!

  9. posted by maxie on

    Yeah, just what I want to look at–a browning apple core with teeth marks.

  10. posted by Peter (a different one) on

    All I can say is “Wow”.


  11. posted by steenbok68 on

    Well, around here we are not allowed to throw an apple core in the garbage, as it needs to be composted.

  12. posted by Peggy on

    Who would actually pay for that ? And how much are they paying.

  13. posted by Robert on

    I was driving with my father-in-law one day while he was eating an apple. When he got to the core he just kept eating, seeds and all. He might have tossed the stem out the window. Since then I haven’t thrown away an apple core. It’s a little tougher, but it’s perfectly edible!

  14. posted by becoming minimalist on

    i would like a dish that can hold my used peanut shells (or sunflower shell seeds). i’m kinda kidding, but now that i think about it…

  15. posted by Gabriel on

    Ok, this one I refuse to believe. Can’t be real. WTF?

    And what happens if your apple height is longer than the apple core holder. Then it won’t fit perfectly in its little insane spot.

  16. posted by Gabriel on

    Robert, my grandfather that ate every part of the apple but the stem, just like your father-in-law.

    Of course, he slaughtered his own hogs when he was younger and claimed that they ate every part of the pig but the squeal.

  17. posted by Michele on

    The description is hilarious – “your fruit waste become an esthetic part of your meal.”

  18. posted by infmom on

    My husband eats the whole apple including the core. The very thought of it makes me gag.

    I did get a smile out of this one, though–one of my parents’ treasured wedding presents was a Steuben glass dish in the shape of an apple, with a divider down the middle. It was designed to hold olives at a cocktail party. Talk about yer 40s-era frou-frou unitaskers. 🙂

  19. posted by Tiffany on

    Wow, this is like, new heights of unitaskery-ness. And I’m the girl who will argue passionately that an apple slicer isn’t really a unitasker as it encourages me to eat more fruit. 😉

  20. posted by Suzie on

    Because of course every apple is a regulation size and shape, and when you eat them you always bite in such a way that they’ll fit perfectly into the core-holder.

    Ever heard of a plate?

  21. posted by jocelyn on

    i like that is looks a bit like a skull and crossbones (or like the Jack in the Box dude wearing a bow tie).

  22. posted by MHB on

    I’m not anyone’s grandfather, but I eat apple cores, too. I might change the habit, though, now that I’ve seen this useful item…

  23. posted by Faculties on

    Funny. But it should be “what better way to put it on display THAN with the small apple dish.” Not “then.” It’s distracting when the wrong words are used. Other than that, nice post!

  24. posted by Sheryl on

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This would be great if you had Monk-ish OCD tendencies!

    My grandpa used to eat the core, too.

  25. posted by Deb on

    I had always heard that apple seeds (pips) contain cyanide and was writing to warn everyone not to let their grandpas eat the cores.

    Luckily, I first checked this out and am able to confirm that the compound in apple seeds does indeed metabolize into cyanide, but is in very small amounts that the body can detoxify on its own. To do any harm, a person would have to ingest a larger number than even a dedicated apple core cruncher would get.

    Perhaps we could suggest that the inventor of this ridiculous device eat more cores.

  26. posted by Jennifer on

    I have something more utilitarian. It’s called a plate. It’s already in your cabinet and it holds an apple core. Stuff like this seems a little like useless “clutter.” Which, as we all know, is what we are trying to avoid.

  27. posted by Ashley on

    This totally made me laugh!!

  28. posted by cv on

    So is there a large apple dish?

  29. posted by Mindy on

    Jennifer? It’s called sarcasm. Unitasker Wednesday is FUNNY. That’s the whole point!

  30. posted by Christine on

    Ok, this is pretty funny. However, I could totally use this for my DH…who can’t seem to make it to the trash with that freakin’ apple core, which I then find later in the day (or week! ew) and I have to pick it up and throw it away. Not that he would deign to use such an item. He won’t even use a plate for his apple and we have plenty of plates

  31. posted by Kil on

    This is ridiculous. Can’t one just place the core on a plate or paper towel? A lot of people actually learn to just eat the core.

  32. posted by Kate on

    Man… the core pictured isn’t even a core, it’s still half the bloody apple. No wonder half the world is starving when rich westerners take a couple of bites and throw the rest away.
    Eat the whole apple!

  33. posted by louisa on

    my friend Ron from graduate school used to eat every last bit – seeds, core, twig part, and all! it was entertaining to say the least.

  34. posted by Anne on

    if it had a little dimple in it for salt or lemon seasoning, I would buy 6! My kids would love it, as they have yet to learn not to put a pile a salt on their napkin with the fan on.

    just kidding, but then it would be more multifunctional?

  35. posted by Ken Burns Effect on

    Chew the seeds of apples, pears, apricots, bitter almonds and sprouts of alfalfa and mung beans!

    Because they contain vitamin B17 (leatril) wich helps the body kill cancer.

  36. posted by Plaid Ninja on

    I have no problem with unitaskers as long as they fill a specific and legitimate need better than a multitasker.

    Still, this seems like more of a niche product, and not something that’s made for the mass market. There may be people who are just happier knowing that EVERYTHING has its place and/or live a life in which all of their actions are governed by very strict and specific rules. Not my lifestyle, but I can imagine that there are people out there that would LOVE this.

  37. posted by working toward minimalism one day at a time on

    I have to say that the other products seem just as useless – except for the wine cooler – that’s just brilliant because I hate it when i remove a bottle from a bucket of ice and then have to fight to get the bottle back…but then I wouldn’t need the cooler cause the contents of a wine bottle never last long enough at my house to warrant the use of a cooler!


  38. posted by Celeste M. on

    If you’re just going to put it back in the dish to sit there, why wouldn’t you use a regular bowl? It doesn’t even seem like a unitasker to me, more like a nontasker!

  39. posted by Albert on

    There’s this trend among design students of making absolutely useless things. I love it.

  40. posted by KT on

    I think this is a wonderful idea.
    I eat apples every day in front of the TV and never want to get up in the middle of the show to throw the core out.
    I was very disappointed that this was not available for order.
    I think it is both artistic and functional. If we executed more ideas like this the world would be a better place.

  41. posted by Ninni on

    I absolutely love the Unitasker series! I discovered this blog only yesterday, and today I have taken steps to get rid of the waffle maker and the fondue set. I never use them, so why should they take up space in my home?

  42. posted by Cali on

    Oh, I love this. Unitasker, yes, but the desing is beautiful, like some of the other stuff in the page. The Salt Squad? LOVE.

  43. posted by Frank on

    This is the best unitasker in quite a long while. Simply excellent find.

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