More than a tv stand

Sony has come up with a clever television stand that is composed of speakers. It has right, left, center, and subwoofer speakers integrated into the stand. The concept cuts down on cable clutter and doubles as a place to set you television and a few components. 

The concept serves multiple purposes, but I’m not sure replacing the tv stand with this speaker set up is advisable. If one of the speakers are damaged or malfunction, the whole unit would have to be replaced, leaving you without a tv stand or speakers. 

The Sony RHT-G500 is not on the market as of yet and pricing has not been released, but it is an intriguing option for people who want a simple home theater that won’t add unwanted wires and cables to your living room. Is this yet-to-be-released speaker-laden tv stand something you find useful? Let’s read your opinions in the comments.

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  1. posted by Fit Bottomed Girls on

    Hmmm…I don’t think I’m sold on it. Plus if you or your loved one is into the whole surround sound thing, it doesn’t seem like it would work to well.

  2. posted by jb on

    Not really sure what the vibrations from the speakers/subwoofer/stand would do to my TV.

  3. posted by MissPrism on

    Surely no unclutterer worthy of the name has a TV in the first place.

  4. posted by Rue on

    I think it’s really cool! But it’s probably going to be expensive. =\

    @JB – Sony makes TVs. Surely they would have thought about that while making the stand – so I bet it wouldn’t harm your TV in any way.

  5. posted by Erin Doland on

    @MissPrism — All of the Unclutterer staffers own televisions. We’re not against televisions. I record on our TiVo most of the programs I watch and view the programs when it’s convenient for me … but I still watch television. I also go to movies and listen to audiobooks and read and see concerts and many other entertainment activities.

  6. posted by Cady on

    I think this is a fine solution for those who enjoy television and movies but are not really into the whole “theater” experience.(read: me)

    I also don’t like a tv or movie that has the sound set so high that I worry about my hearing…so the vibrations shouldn’t be much of a problem with me.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. My father has a nice tv and surround sound. It’s incredible when you use it. But for me, I’m not going to watch a lot of tv anyway, and I’m not going to have a need for the surround sound / vibrations very often. So this would be perfect for me.

    I like it. And I like the design of the stand itself. The speakers for surround sound are what bugs me the most. It’s difficult to have them integrated in a such a way that will not break the wallet and still be attractive in the living room (or den). Plus this stand looks easier to dust than all those individual speakers. That I really like!

  7. posted by verily on

    I wouldn’t buy this stand, but I guess a person with only 1 or 2 extra components and a desire for exterior speakers might like it.

    I’m not an audiophile and think the speakers on my TV set are fine. For an entertainment center, I would want a back panel for mounting the flat panel TV (jumping dogs and 40 pound TVs are not a good combo) and enough shelf space to accommodate the cable box, the DVD player, and the Wii & its myriad controllers (not talking stuff like a full Rock Band set here, but the 2 Wiimotes, the nunchucks, gamecube controllers, and the classic controllers).

  8. posted by Nora Rocket on

    It isn’t “comprised of” – the stand is *composed of* speakers, and speakers *comprise* the stand. I know this distinction is falling out of favor in typical useage, and that language evolves, but MAN does this ever get under my skin, in a fuddy-duddy way.

    *ahem* Go about your business.

  9. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Nora — Since they’re stereo components, we opted for composed. Comprised is probably “more” correct, but we liked the play on words.

  10. posted by on

    Hmmm… it’s an interesting concept, but I don’t know if I’d go for it for the same reasons listed in the article. Perhaps creating spaces in the stand for speakers of your choice that could be added/adjusted/removed/upgraded instead of building them into the stand would have worked better. Thoughts?

  11. posted by Eve Martel on

    interesting idea, but the final product is not very beautiful.

  12. posted by infmom on

    Ew. No way. It’s a big piece of junk with only one function. I’m surprised it didn’t make the cut for Unitasker Wednesday. 🙂

  13. posted by Peter on

    I’d need to see it in person to get an idea how it might look at home. The legs are very ugly.

    I find the speakers on my HDTV work just fine. Sometimes I look around thinking someone outside is playing their stereo but it’s just the surround from my TV’s speakers.

  14. posted by Gabriel on

    I don’t see why they don’t incorporate the tv screen into the unit. It could sit on the floor like a cabinet. Maybe they could call it a, oh I don’t know…

    A Console TV!

  15. posted by Denise on

    @Erin, “composed of” would actually be more correct, and it would indeed be a cute and subtle pun. But that’s not what’s written in the post. The first sentence reads: “Sony has come up with a clever television stand that is comprised of speakers.”

  16. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Denise — Ack!! We talked about it so much in the office that when I re-read it, I saw it as “composed” already! The mind is such an interesting thing … it is now at composed, the phrase we meant to turn.

  17. posted by Karen on

    Subwoofers should be BANNED if you live in an apartment. My downstairs neighbors’ are driving me OUT OF MY MIND. Why not just use your TV’s speakers- it comes with them.

  18. posted by timgray on

    A cheaper and better solution is to buy the stand you like, and then put a small sub-woofer behind your TV. It is surprising how good a modern TV sounds when you reinforce the low frequencies. I added a thin (6″ thick) advent 5″ self powered subwoofer standing vertically behind our tv and it made a world of difference to the point that we decided to not to bother with sticking speakers all over the front room.

    Plus I dont have this ugly square piece of furniture that does not match every thing else in that room. That alone makes the wife very happy.

  19. posted by Jon Matthias on

    I bought a Sony “sound bar” a couple months ago and it’s a pretty good clutter-reducing home theater solution (search Amazon ‘sony sound bar’). It’s 2 smallish pieces (one speaker bar and a sub the size of a tower computer), has 3 cables including the power cord, does a decent job of producing 5.1 surround sound, and costs under $300 bucks.

  20. posted by Khurt on

    The question for me is this a wise use of money. This thing probably costs thousands of dollars.

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