Do you have the messiest master bedroom in America?

The Oprah Winfrey Show is looking to help someone declutter his or her master bedroom. Is your bedroom in need of some tender loving care? If so, e-mail their representative with the following information:

Are you willing to have Peter Walsh, Oprah Show Producers, and camera crews in your home for at least a week within the next month?
Do you own your home? Or do you rent?
What are the dimensions of your bedroom?
Is there a connecting bathroom? Walk-in closet?
How long has it been this way?
Is your master bedroom the only room in your house that’s messy? And everything else is spotless?
Why do you think your bedroom is such a mess?
Do you have emotional attachment to all of the “stuff”?
Did something happen in your life, maybe something in your childhood that makes you want to have such a messy bedroom?
Are any of your other family members like this?

Are you married? How long?
Have children?
What do you and your spouse do for a living?
Have pets?

Tell us everything!!

In addition to the questions above, please include in your email photos of your master bedroom!! — the more the better! Also, please include a family photo and/or a photo of yourself. You can also give us a guided video tour of your home/master bedroom and send it to the address below!! Please include your contact information.

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  1. posted by Eric C on

    I always wonder when I watch shows like this if people “ham it up” for the camera. For example, my bedroom is really pretty organized (and this site does help keep me on task, even just having it bookmarked keeps the idea of staying uncluttered in the front of my mind). I guess there are times I wonder if all of these people are for real, or if some of them just play it up to get on TV. Call me overly suspicious, I suppose. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. posted by Deb on

    @ Eric,
    I get your point but I think it might be possible that the type of people who volunteer to be on the show would be the type who would not mind having people see how they live. I think you are suspicious after one too many Anna Nicole Smith-type characters appear in prime time.

  3. posted by Kristin on

    Funny – my master bedroom is the one room in my house (as well as the bathroom attached to it) that is always cleaned up. I refuse to let anything into those rooms. The rest of the house is a mess, but the masterbedroom is my haven. I guess I’ll have to wait for Oprah’s segment on the home office intervention. LOL

  4. posted by Merry on

    If you’re chronically unorganized, it’s easy to get discouraged and wish for someone to come deal with the clutter. Even at the cost of appearing on nationwide television.
    I think what would be harder is knowing that the cameras will be coming back for a follow-up visit.

  5. posted by [email protected] Awareness * Connection on

    Interesting, and not too surprising that you can see from the OP that the Oprah rep already has the possible story trajectories outlined prior to knowing who they work with. The possible story lines are roughed out… then they go and see if they can find approximations of one of them. Interesting to get a glimpse of how business is done. You gotta make a profit to stay in business, so I’m sure this makes things more efficient. I bet blogs are becoming more and more central to this process as they are places where you have ideas about who is there and who they might know that is of interest to you.

  6. posted by Eric C on

    Deb, you’re right, I guess I don’t always trust the people who appear on TV shows – like the couple that appeared on “The Moment of Truth”, and they made it out like the husband wasn’t aware of his wife’s infidelity, but of course he was, and 10,000 other examples…

  7. posted by Deb on


    I was going to write virtually the same thing about the home office v bedroom mess! It probably stems from spending MUCH more time in the home office than in the bedroom, although I work outside the home. I get 5 hours of sleep a night if I am lucky.

  8. posted by Tabs at Levnow on

    After what Peter and his crew did to the shopaholic mum’s house, I believe in miracles now. I think a master bedroom will pale in comparison. Thanks for sharing the information.


  9. posted by JenK on

    My bedroom used to be the worst room in the house. Then I read Home Comforts and got inspired by the author’s description of the bedroom as “The Cave of Nakedness” and her focus on keeping the bedroom clean because you spend more time there than anywhere else.

    Now my bedroom is the cleanest room in the house..even under the bed, thanks to the Roomba ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. posted by Charles on

    Hrm, do we really think that readers of this site are going to have a shot? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Seriously though, the bedroom is the worst room of my house. I tend to keep the areas clean that I know others are going to see, and the bedroom just isn’t one of them. So it tends to be where stuff goes to die.

    Shoot, now that I have thought about it, I have to go clean it.

  11. posted by Sue on

    I would love to have Peter Walsh come to my home and declutter my master bedroom. Would I want this to be broadcast on national TV? Never.

  12. posted by Ann at One Bag Nation on

    Despite my struggle with clutter and messiness, I don’t think our bedroom is the messiest in America by far. I do wish it were more attractive, but it’s also home to my office and that is a real challenge.

  13. posted by maxie on

    I used to think our bedroom was the messiest in the world until I watched a couple of episodes of How Clean is Your House. That show turns my stomach.

    I also realized that we do pretty well with unnecessary junk, considering we don’t have a garage, an attic, a basement; we have few cupboards and no extra closets.

  14. posted by cheesie! on

    why is Oprah smiling like that?

  15. posted by Andamom on

    How about Oprah focus on helping us live in a 907 square foot, 2 bedroom apartment with a teen and a toddler where the toddler shares our room? Our issue isn’t mess or clutter — but creating a space that works for everyone.

  16. posted by Leslie on

    My bedroom has a few issues, but I’m pretty sure there’s worse out there. What I could really use help with is my office! I have “before” pictures, but I can’t bring myself to post them to the Unclutterer group until I have some “after” pictures (or at least “progress” pictures) to balance them out. I think I’d want to skip the national TV spot, however.

  17. posted by Erika on

    My bedroom is the least scary of the rooms in my apartment. One reason is that I simply don’t do much in there, so not much dirt or stuff gets tracked in. Another reason is that I really need a safe haven to sleep and recharge.

  18. posted by Anne on

    I am envisioning a breakdown of someone with childhood trauma (not diminishing anyones trauma), but seriously…clutter caused by a bad childhood or an event???
    I want to put things away…but I am emotionally unstable??
    I love Peter Walsh and his outlook on clutter taking control of your best life…
    but alas…no tv here so no orpha clutter either…

  19. posted by Marge on

    Okay so I love the idea of helping people and I love even more the idea of helping people who can’t de-clutter themselves and I REALLY love that Oprah is working with Peter Walsh again (he is my favorite to watch) however I kind of despise the fact that I am not one of these people that need this ‘help’. I feel left out that since my bedroom isn’t cluttered I don’t get the opportunity to have a ‘professional’ come spend time, money and effort on me. Okay so maybe I should stop complaining but whatever…

  20. posted by Oprah’s Coming to DC! | Organize to Revitalize! on

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