August 2008 wrap up

Let’s take a few moments to remember some of the things that made August 2008 a great month at

August’s most popular posts:

Additional highlights:

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  1. posted by Lynn on

    I no longer have kids at home, but I have been using the “plan your week’s clothing on Sunday” idea for three weeks now. I use a couple of shoe organizers from the Container store. Knit shirt and underwear get rolled up together, scarf or other accessory gets tucked in with them. When I did laundry this weekend, I set myself up for the next three weeks. Thank you!

  2. posted by Anthony on

    Thanks for the Garage Organization article. My problem is that I have too many activities that need to happen in the garage.

  3. posted by [email protected] Awareness * Connection on

    August was a strong month. Lots of good stuff here.

  4. posted by candy @ on

    I’ve enjoyed following your posts – the 10 tips to beat clutter in less than 5 minutes really hit it home for me.. especially points 5 and 6 (“Pause for a moment before you “store” something” and “Beware of freebies”) as I am a self-confessed pack rat! Thanks for sharing.

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