Table in a box

The website Style Files in April featured a dining set perfect for small spaces:

Unfortunately, it looks like the design is only available in Japan right now. Until it heads to this side of the Pacific, we’ll just have to drool over it. Or, maybe we could encourage a U.S. firm to start carrying it … c’mon, you know you want to!

Thanks to reader Patricia who tipped us off about this great space-saving design.

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  1. posted by Karyn on

    I love the concept and the way it looks. It does seem, though, as if one chair’s seat is higher up than the other. So one chair is like a bar stool, while if you sat in the other chair, your chin would be rather close to the table’s surface.

  2. posted by Sheryl on

    Yes, it looks really cool and it would certainly save space, but with all those straight angles & sharp edges, it just looks so UNCOMFORTABLE!

  3. posted by Bex! on

    Ikea has a 4 chair table set that similarly tucks away to take up no more space than the table’s footprint; it’s called Fusion. I didn’t find it particularly comfy on my recent Ikea field trip and would rather go for eating on the floor or for a folding table and chairs. Also it does not look nearly as cool when put away as this one.

  4. posted by L on

    Ick. Sorry, but ick.

  5. posted by tehKenny on

    it’s a nice thought, basic idea and everything but the japanese simply aren’t ones for comfort are they

  6. posted by Tracy on

    Personally, I’m not sure the space-saving aspect of this is worth the ugliness. I’d rather have a larger, attractive dining room table than a weird cube hanging out somewhere in my house. And the differing heights of the chairs is definitely odd!

  7. posted by C on

    Seems like it would be an awesome piece in a play room or other kids area!

  8. posted by steph on

    I actually like one seat being lower than the other. I’m a petite woman married to a tall man, so one of us is usally uncomfortable in traditional dining sets.

  9. posted by afburd on

    Ok, so it’s not for everyone…but I dig it nonetheless. This seems like a really cool idea for a father-son lunch for example. This definitely fits the Unclutterer theme and is a neat piece for the right customer.

  10. posted by Tania on

    Agree with “C” – very cool for kids…

  11. posted by tay on

    C and I are on the same wavelength. I really like the idea for my daughters playroom especially because the playroom will double as an adult place. I can put it together when she’s not playing and it won’t look like I’ve walked into playzone. I’m going to try and get her dad to make it…he makes custom cabinets and kiddie furniture…I’m thinking with a different stain this would be fabulous.

  12. posted by Maria in Iowa on


  13. posted by Jasi on

    Would be great if:
    -your partner is 6″+ taller than you
    -you could find custom chair pads
    -it came in other finishes
    Otherwise, it’s okay. I much rather the bench foldaway and the Ikea Fusion (as someone else mentioned).

  14. posted by Keter on

    That looks like a weekend table saw project. ;o) Yes, the design can be improved, but it’s still a great idea.

  15. posted by Daffodil on

    Given that you eat every day (and multiple times a day at that!), wouldn’t you spend all your time assembling and disassembling this set? I don’t need to save space so badly that I lose a bunch of time in the process. And I agree with Tracy — I’d much rather have something easier on the eyes, even if it were larger!

    And as for using it in a playroom, that low chair looks like it could tip if a tiny one started climbing up by pulling on the seat. Plus, all those sharp corners are just looking for an eye to poke, too.

  16. posted by Annalea on

    This looks like something that would be very simple to build. Good-looking plywood, a right angle, careful drilling (or a drill press), and attention to detail, and you can build your own, to your own specs.

    I’d love to see a high-end version with a round table & four chairs. Now that would be cool.

  17. posted by Kristi on

    Hmm – cool concept but does it actually save space? How about a lovely Danish design where the chairs tuck under the table?

    Who wants a big box with no real other purpose sitting in their small space – it takes up a lot of room visually!

  18. posted by Sarah on

    I’ve seen both the IKEA model and the Japanese model, and I can tell you… they’re not designed for adults.

  19. posted by [email protected] Awareness * Connection on

    I like the look of the box better than the furniture when its pulled apart.

    I would leave it whole. When people ask what it is for, mysteriously reply, “I can’t tell you”

    Just because you can make it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

  20. posted by Duncan on

    I’ll never be able to read the phrase “in a box” the same way after that snl skit…

  21. posted by Karen on

    Looks perfect for two kids of different ages, maybe in a playroom. Otherwise, you’re much better off with a table with two fold-down sections. Mine sits at the side of the room all the time (it’s less than a foot into the room and about 3′ to 4′ along the wall), where it takes little space and can be used as a side table. When both wings are unfolded, it is roughly 6′ in size. Underneath it holds all the chairs, folded up (and all the same height), as well as has a drawer at one end for storing your silver (or whatever). Plus it doesn’t look like an ugly cube the rest of the time (it came in one of two finishes, is all wood and has wheels to make it easy to move as well).

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