Unitasker Wednesday: Kool dogz ice treat maker

My parents’ black lab used to love playing with and eating ice cubes. It was an easy treat to give her and she seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. I’m certain she would have loved a Kool Dogz Ice Treat. With the Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker a dog owner can now make a huge ice block for his pooch with this six-piece ice making contraption.

Not only will it take up a gigantic amount of space in your freezer, but it also will take up a fair amount of space during the winter while waiting to be used in the dog days of summer. From the product description: 

Each Kit contains a reusable bucket (with lid), bone-shaped stainless steel cap bar and 3 piece steel serving platform. The bucket included will make an ice block about 5″ tall and 7.5″ in diameter. When placed on the platform the top of the ice block can either be 7.5″ (without the extension post) or 14″ (with the extension) from the ground. You can freeze just about anything that your dog loves, but here are a few suggestions: kongs, mini steaks, chicken broth, etc.

Your dog may enjoy an ice treat now and then, but how much are you going to use this thing to justify its storage in your cupboards for at least six months out of the year? I have a feeling your dog will be just fine without a giant ice block to lick. And, even if you wanted to make your dog an ice block, couldn’t you just as easily use a bucket or a bowl you already own to mold the ice?

Thanks to reader Rebecca for bringing this unitasker to our attention.

**Each week, the Unitasker Wednesday column humorously pokes fun at the unnecessary, single-use items that manage to find their way into our homes.

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  1. posted by anonymous on

    With all the starving children in the world, why are we buying animals expensive crap and feeding them expensive treats?

  2. posted by Katie on

    Especially when the treats are just ice?

    I do think it’s hilarious that they froze an entire Kong in the block in the product photo. Now there’s something that would give my dog a nervous breakdown.

  3. posted by [email protected] Awareness * Connection on

    @Katie. Now that’s funny.

  4. posted by Gail on

    Starving children????? OMG. How is this little deal DEPRIVING children anywhere??? PULEEZE. I love this and will buy it (maybe) for my dog.

    I mean if we have to worry about the world’s starving children, lets just wear sackcloth and eat worms.

  5. posted by Toblerone @ Simple Mom on

    So this one little thing may not save the starving children, but with all due respect, Gail, I think we DO need to worry about the world’s starving children.

    Yeah… I don’t get what this does that a plastic container from a tub of butter wouldn’t do.

  6. posted by cdelphine on

    oh dear goodness, this conversation has gone off the rails

  7. posted by Bill on

    I need to try this with my dog. I’m not sure if I could deal with the peeing-every-five-minutes aftermath though. In the winter when we’d toss snowballs with him, he’d be at the door every time I turn around.

  8. posted by Lise on

    Does anyone else picture the dog’s tongue freezing to the ice block?

  9. posted by Bosse on

    First I laughed at the product. Then I thought it was pretty neat. Then I realized how much damage a dog can do to its teeth and mouth with that boneshaped top part.
    Then I thought, why not make something similar with a bowl and a knotted rope frozen into the “icecube”? Then I realized how easily my dog would knock half of his teeth out with a three pound icecube swinging from a rope.

    Dog toys can be very dangerous. LOL

  10. posted by Erin N. on

    I actually thought this would be fun for my giant Newfoundland, but I don’t have a box freezer. To be fair, if I DID have a box freezer and wanted to make one of these for the pooch, I’d probably jsut use an ice cream or other bucket, and not buy the Cool Dogz version.

  11. posted by Jeffrey on

    GAIL — I hope you’re joking. You seriously want to spend 20 bucks on what basically amounts to a stainless steel bucket FOR A DOG? Why don’t you just grab some cups, a pot, or old tupperware from your cupboard to make frozen dog treats and donate that 20 bucks to some starving kids instead? Or if you’d rather not deprive yourself of anything for the sake of the less fortunate (god forbid), go spend that 20 on a book or actual FOOD for your dog.

    The current “oooh shiny, must buy!” mentality is what’s contributing to the downward spiral the world is in, and this useless product is a symptom of that. WALLE was right.

  12. posted by Rue on

    @Lise: That’s EXACTLY the first thing I thought.

  13. posted by Julie on

    Ice causes microcracks in teeth enamel, letting bacteria and other nasty little creatures into the tooth to create more decay. This goes not only for people (Do NOT chew ice, peoplze!) but also your animals.

    Put ice chips in their water instead if it’s that big a deal.

  14. posted by Shelly G. on

    I have seen a few sites this summer showing parents how to freeze little toys in ice and allowing kids to dig at it to unearth the treasure… A way to keep the children entertained and cool at the same time… I am fairly sure there isn’t a kit being sold for something as simple as this for parents and children….but I could be wrong… Someone right now might be marketing one…

    This whole post totally cracked me up… Because it just goes to show that commonsense has been thrown out the window… Imagine our grandparents buying one of these… Ha Ha… I think not… Why? Because it doesn’t take a genius to know that an old bucket or ice cream container would work just fine…A kit to make a block of ice… Talk about selling the emperor new clothes:)~ I can’t stop laughing… I wonder how many times it would get used before it wound up in the thriftstore or landfill…

  15. posted by Skeemer on

    My dogs are too smart for this. They’d just wait for the ice to melt & then eat the yummy mound of treats inside.

    Cat’s must have invented the ice block to attempt taking over the world. lol

  16. posted by Crystal on

    That’s bizarre, but I love your Unitasker stuff! It’s always good for a laugh anyway lol.

    Just letting you know you’ve been nominated:) http://chrys.biz/?p=1307

  17. posted by Sarah on

    And I give my dog ice cubes (water) out of the ice cube maker. Poor Jasmine, so deprived. Huh.

  18. posted by Rebee on

    You’re welcome! Just kidding, I didn’t send that in, but I wish I had, because it’s amazing. I’ll never understand some people, selling a kit to make ice. But it’s big ice! It’s a novelty!

  19. posted by Rachel on

    Skeemer that would be the only reason why I buy/do such a thing. It’s like a time release toy.

  20. posted by amanda on

    This cracks me up. The funny thing is that when I saw this at Target last week I thought I should submit it for Unitasker Wednesday. Ha!


  21. posted by [email protected] Awareness * Connection on

    But my elderly grandfather has to use one….


  22. posted by Doreen on

    @Lise and Rue
    Just like the kid in “A Christmas Story”!

  23. posted by Skeemer on

    Rachel –

    I meant my dogs would lay around, chew on something else, or drive me nuts until the time lasped so they would have soggy treats waiting on them. 🙂

  24. posted by Jeanne Thelwell on

    They give the tigers on Tiger Mountain at the Bronx Zoo things like this in the summer — they freeze bones and meat into them. Somehow, I doubt they bought a special mold for it. I suspect they just freeze the stuff in the bottom of a galvanized pail or something like that.

  25. posted by givemeabreak on

    @anonymous With all the dying children in the world, why are you using power/money with your laptop to view this site. sell your computer and donate the money to the starving children…..geez what a hypocrite.

  26. posted by Michele on

    I laughed out loud at this one – a kit to make a block of ice?

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