Ikea’s new Laptop Workstation: A highlight of 2009 catalog

Ikea’s 2009 catalog has hit the internet and people are going crazy talking about the new items. The one thing that has caught my attention more than everything else is the wall-mounted Laptop Workstation.

It’s very similar to the eNook Workstation we discussed in January, and a lot less expensive at $69.99. The front of the Laptop Workstation folds down and has cubbies for small-item storage.

It comes in white or red and matches the other items in the Ikea PS collection.

To pre-order your 2009 Ikea Catalog, follow this link:

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  1. posted by Peter on

    Wow – it an even better deal since the links to IKEA come up with a price tag of $59.99!

    I can’t wait to get my new IKEA catalog – I need to organize my home office now that I’m working from home full time.

  2. posted by Sharon J on

    I shall have to look and see whether they have this here in the UK. Not that I want one, but I think I know somebody who might find it useful.

  3. posted by Deb on

    What, no cupholder?

    I checked my new Ikea catalog and in their picture they show the person standing up to type, which is the beauty of this unit. You can mount it at whatever height you use the computer.

  4. posted by Matt on

    Yeah, they got it in the UK:


  5. posted by Rue on

    That is AWESOME. My only complaint is that it’s not available in black. 😛

  6. posted by timgray on

    It is available in black, blue,green,aqua…

    Just go and buy some spraypaint and sandpaper… paint it before you assemble, assemble, enjoy your new black Ikea item.

    I have done it several times to their stuff. Get a good laquer paint (and primer) and sand it good with a 400 grit paper all over before painting… let it sit a week before use to let the paint harden. surfaces that get used like the desk surface should get a couple of coats of clear over the black to make it more durable… I usually let it sit 2 weeks and polyurethane the desk surfaces for the most durability.

  7. posted by Springpeeper on

    Is this today’s unitasker?

    Haha, just joking. It looks good.

    But is the laptop also stored in this cupboard? How? Vertically?

  8. posted by Fit Bottomed Girls on

    I love ikea…wish there was one closer to me than 6 hours away!

  9. posted by lucille on

    That would be extremely useful in a kitchen for pulling recipes and such. We used to keep an old laptop in our kitchen on a similar shelf to pull recipes, check the weather,listen to the radio etc.

  10. posted by bee on

    I can totally see that in my kitchen! Can’t wait to get my catalog!

  11. posted by Lord Dragon on

    Key features

    Combined workstation and storage for laptop and accessories. Saves space and is easy to place anywhere in your home.

    The cable outlets inside and at the bottom of the cabinet make it easy to organize cables according to need.

    The upper space is lockable for safe storage of the contents.

    An elastic strap keeps your laptop in place during charging.

    The lower compartment is just the right size for hidden, easy-access storage of modem, router and multiple sockets.

  12. posted by Gena on

    We got the catalog in Sunday’s paper and I’ve got that page folded down. What a great piece.

  13. posted by Dana on

    I used to work in a dental office and we had things like this so the doctors could chart and not use a regular desk. They didn’t have to sit to use it, so it seemed to be faster and more efficient.


  14. posted by Ted on

    This is one of those things from IKEA that you will ask yourself why you never thought of yourself. I am typing this comment while my 17″ laptop rests comfortably on top of a white version of this laptop workstation. My only negative comment would be that they raised the price. I purchased mine in the spring for a mere $39.99 which was a total steal. I said after buying it that I would have paid $80 for it. I guess they listened.

    It is a really great solution for me since I wanted both a desk and a storage solution in my living room, but didn’t rant to take up a ton of space. Just pair the workstation with a nice chair and your set.

  15. posted by Emma on

    I went to Ikea a few weeks ago and saw this, I was drawn to it as it looks really useful. However it’s made of metal and it a bit, um, creaky. I didn’t like the quality of it and it’s not something I’d have in my house – that said it looks useful.

  16. posted by Tyler on

    It’s hard for me to get excited about this because my desk is my most important work and play area. Why would I want to make it the smallest thing in my house? I look forward to the day I can buy a huge desk with a large monitor, and in the meantime I will use as large a desk as I can get.

    Maybe this would make sense for kids or something, though.

  17. posted by claudgrrl on

    I just purchased this and I’m going to use it as my landing pad by the back door. I need a spot to dump my electronics/keys for when I get home. It is a good place to have my rechargers in the same spot and ready to go. Being metal, I can put magnets inside for notes/coupons/gift certificates, etc and store all my mountain passes, library cards, etc that I easily grab on my way out the door. It will also be good for storing the checkbook and writing last minute checks or forms (ie. for kid’s field trips). I love how the powerbar is stowed at the bottom out of sight and I can lock up the cabinet, so the clutter is hidden.

  18. posted by [email protected] Awareness * Connection on

    We finally got an Ikea here in Portland. I love this idea. It wouldn’t be the primary place for laptop storage, but it would be a very cool outpost for another part of the house.

  19. posted by Guinnevere on

    I’m going to buy this to use as my vanity/dressing table. Mount it low on a wall and pop a stool in front. Glue some mirrors in there. My flat iron, blow dryer and makeup can all be shut up and stored when not in use, eliminating visual clutter and freeing up valuable real estate on the bathroom counter.

  20. posted by Bradley Greenwood on

    Also available in Australia, but it’s $99.

    I guess we’re a long way from Sweden down here!

    For that price I’d rather ikeahack something together to bolt onto what I’ve already got!

  21. posted by Vee on

    why does everyone love this? it’s awkward, and a workstation that you stand at? weird.

  22. posted by Vee on

    i just realized how stupid that sounds… go me. of course you can mount it wherever you want. it could actually be very useful, like guinnevere suggests.

  23. posted by Erica on

    Oh I love this! I plan to build my own version so it’s wooden, doesn’t have that vent at the front and I’ll drop the pocket at the bottom so it’s suitable for a desktop – I don’t have or like laptops.

    And thanks to the PP for the idea about the cup holder! I might include that too 😉 And make the shelves on the sides a little more practical for what I want to place in them. Maybe A4 sized and at seated height.

    I’m really looking forward to this!

  24. posted by jantzie on

    @Guinnevere – Great idea! I have been wishing for more space so I could create a sit down vanity. This just might fit the bill. You definitely deserve a gold star. 😀

  25. posted by Donna Vershowske on

    How do I get a catalogue sent to my home?

  26. posted by Joshua Harbach on

    Hey guy’s i’ve seen this in my 2009 catalogue it is now 2010 could i still get one or they are limited and don’t sell no more

    I hope they still have them it’s very useful !

  27. posted by Ikea Laptop Workstation | Gadget Wisdom on

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