Brando 4-in-1 desk lamp

When I first read about the multifunctional Brando 4-in-1 desk lamp I was intrigued. I like it when I find items that have utility and can complete more than one task. But, then I studied the product details, and I was underwhelmed. It is hectic and distracting. And, a desktop fan is useless to me. (When was the last time you used a desktop fan?!) It felt like the fan was thrown in just so it could say it had four functions. I also have no use for a webcam or a microphone since both come installed on my laptop.

It is USB powered, which takes away one of your computer’s USB hubs, but it does provide a LED light, fan, webcam, and microphone. I’m not excited about this product, but maybe it’s just me. I’m interested in hearing from our Unclutterer readers in the comments section. Are there other multifunctional items that you had high expectations for and then were disappointed by the reality of the product?

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  1. posted by Mo on

    Desk fans are popular in dorms in the Northeast, which tend not to be air conditioned. The academic year and hot weather season don’t overlap by much, meaning that a big fan or AC would be overkill. A desk fan means studying at your desk is a bit more comfortable. Even post-dorm, the only AC in our house is a window unit in the bedroom and some small box fans that get moved around as needed. Also, that looks like it is intended to sit right next to a computer, so the fan could be used to direct the computer’s vented heat away from the user.

    But it looks so small that it probably wouldn’t do much.

  2. posted by Gayle on

    The last time I used a desktop fan is actually right now! Even with air conditioning, the old buildings in the heritage part of town where I work don’t cool very well. The desk fan is the only way I keep from physically melting.

    That said, this thing looks horrendous.

  3. posted by Meghan on

    I think the fan is the only part of that thing I would use!

  4. posted by Kim on

    I use a desk fan all the time. My office isn’t air conditioned (we work out of an unused classroom on the second floor of a church building) and my apartment also doesn’t have central air (I have a portable AC in the bedroom). I live in Ohio, with rather hot and humid weather (although, today is really lovely- it’s under 80 for the first time in months!), so without AC, a fan is pretty much mandatory if you want to not pass out from heat exhaustion. I agree, though, if you have functioning AC, it might not be quite as necessary.

    I like the idea of the webcam and microphone with the light, though. I don’t have a lot of space on my desk, so something like that could be useful to conserve space.

  5. posted by [email protected] Awareness * Connection on

    I could see this being helpful in a dormroom and eliminating a bit of clutter. I don’t like that style of fan. I’m betting it’s go those foam rubber safety blades. I’d prefer smaller, hard blades with a small housing over it. USB powered seems a bit silly. That would be a good option, but not the sole means of powering it. This isn’t exactly something most people would be likely to schlep along with them to the library where they’d need to plug it in to a laptop.

  6. posted by JenK on

    I use my desk fan for general air circulation / cooling. But a combo would mean I could situate it for best light or least distracting fan – not a win.

  7. posted by BarbaraB on

    I use a desk fan every day at work. I also have a tower fan under my desk. Both are on right now!

  8. posted by infmom on

    I’m sitting here typing as my fan whirs away. It doesn’t sit on my desk, but on top of my scanner on the catch-all desk next to me (good thing I don’t use the scanner all that often). It was the only place I could find for it. In our not-air-conditioned house, fans are an absolute necessity.

    That said, though, why would anyone want a microphone built into a gizmo that has a fan whirring away in the background?

  9. posted by caffienejunkie on

    i think the idea of the combo lamp is nice, but it’s not very nice to look at and the fan would annoy me – my air conditioning works fine – infmom made a good point about the mic and fan being near each other

  10. posted by Drew on

    Design abomination. No thank you. Ever.

  11. posted by Debbie on

    At least one of my desk fans (yes, I have two) are on at work all the time. I work in a brand new office with hopelessly controlled HVAC. Especially now that our AC has been cut to 20% (that’s TO not BY). So yes, desk fan most definitely used. But the rest of that ugly thing? Ick. (I use big huge fans at my non air conditioned home.)

  12. posted by Rae on

    Hee! I have two desk fans, too. One’s a back-up, in case the first one goes down. I run it pretty much 8 hours every day, mostly for the airflow, but also for the white noise.

    I have to agree about the lamp, though. *shudder* It’s kinda scary looking. I can see where it would be useful for a (probably small) contingent of folks, but not for me.

  13. posted by Stella on

    I would argue that in addition to the 4 functions listed above, they could all be used at the same time. Introducing your instant Mariah Carey music video set, including stage light, wind machine, microphone and webcam to capture the magic!

  14. posted by Deb on

    Yes on the fan. Mine sits under my desk and goes on and off in order to moderate hot flashes. Again, as the rest have said, the appliance is reaaaallllly ugly.

  15. posted by Richard on

    It seems to me that this is more clutter than unclutter. It’s not really a device with four functions. It’s four devices, mashed together in a horrible Frankenstein-inspired fit of madness. If you don’t use all four, then the extra devices are just clutter that you can’t remove because they’re stuck to the ones you do use.

  16. posted by jes on

    Conceptually, maybe. I can get overheated from the output of my computer equipment so fan might be appreciated. Don’t have a webcam right now but might use it if I had & it would probably have to be part of something I needed/wanted. Visually, um only the webcam + speaker bit is ok. But would probably only buy this specifically if it was in the dollar bin.

  17. posted by Mary Sue on

    Last time I used a desktop fan? Um, right now. I work on the third floor of a building, in what used to be a greenhouse. Loads of natural light, of course. Sweltering in the summer.

    Also? You obviously have never dealt with menopausal women. I can think of several aunties who will be getting this for Christmas.

  18. posted by Adam Snider on

    I’m using a desktop fan as we speak. The A/C in my office doesn’t work properly, so I use a desktop fan. At home, I use a floor fan, though.

    That said, that device does look a bit ridiculous.

  19. posted by Peter on

    I no longer work at a desk but, when I did I used a desk fan daily. I forgot to take it when I left and I truly miss that fan. I’d have it on my home desk now if I still had it.

    I use an iMac which has a web-cam and a microphone built in. What I do not like about the Brando 4-in-1 desk lamp is that it is very ugly. If they added a clock it could be Brando 5-in-1 desk lamp. Add a magnetic paper clip holder and viola…Brando 6-in-1 desk lamp!!! I think the possibilities of adding useless features to this lamp is mind boggling and makes it just another piece of pointless land fill clogging clutter that no one truly needs.

    Indict Brando!!! hehe ; )

  20. posted by Chris on

    The idea of a multitasker is something that is simpler so that it can be used in different ways instead of just one way. A knife is better than a butter cutter because it can also be used to cut bread. And it can be used to spread the butter.

    Gluing multiple things together doesn’t make a multitasker.

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