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  1. posted by Cubicle Hacker on

    Uncluttering the desk at work is one missing. I’m pretty sure it is somewhere in this office. I used my “going paperless approach”. Got rid of printers and moved everything to google docs.
    I’m super productive now and only spend 5 minutes meeting with my boss every two weeks. Eliminate paper before managing it.

  2. posted by cdelphine on

    heh, another blog that I read just linked to the walker score thing and I got a score of 0. I think I’ll keep my car.

    do you know if shampoo/hair products have an expiration date? I know that makeup does but there is also a lot of old shampoo in my bathroom that I don’t know what to do with.

  3. posted by jenny on

    cdelphine, I don’t think that shampoos generally expire. I’d toss them if they start to smell funky! If you want to get rid of half-used bottles of shampoo (or conditioner, lotion, body wash, etc), though, try your local women’s shelter. If they have communal showers they likely stock them with bottles of toiletries so they’ll end up half-used anyway! I’ve gotten rid of a lot of half-used toiletries at my local YWCA – a good deed AND good for the earth!

  4. posted by Peter on

    That first one about the closet is my favorite. My wife has taken over my closet since we moved in. She literally has over 100 pairs of shoes. I thought rationally, it is not possible she uses all of them. So I tried to go through them with her.

    When I was done, not only did she not throw any out, she realized she was missing a few additions and bought some more for her collection. Rationality never does seem to get me anywhere in a marriage 🙂


  5. posted by Tiffany on

    There’s more information about disposing of prescription drugs at http://www.SMARxTDISPOSAL.com. This has actually become a pretty big environmental issue, as most municipal water systems are simply not designed to get drugs out of the water supply.

  6. posted by STL Mom on

    cdelphine – you can use your old shampoos to clean your tub, sink, and toilet. As Flylady says, “Soap is soap.”
    I’ve been using peppermint castile soap to refill the foaming soap dispenser and clean the bathroom. I’ve heard I can also use it as shampoo, but I haven’t tried that yet.

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